Mission Bells in Shadow



This is the bell tower at San Juan Capistrano Mission in Orange County California. We flew into San Diego one year in mid March to rent a car and drive up there to witness the swallows arriving on St. Joseph's Day [March 19th]. I scanned this photo from our trips' album. circa 1990s

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To be honest, I can't even remember Monday. LOL Tuesday, we walked the beaches and enjoyed the larger than normal whitecaps on the sea. A storm was brewing out there somewhere. I found a couple of goodies that I'll write about in a day or two when I have a bit more time...and AFTER I get them cleaned up for show n tell. Right now they're still covered with sand and seaweed. They're more 'mythical' than the sea beans I have readied to show. These that will be coming to a Hootin' Anni blog soon will be a bit on the 'oddities of the sea'. Along with more sea beans [drift seeds]. Okay, that covered the first two days of the week...now, on to Wednesday. I got several e-cards from blogging friends; thanks!! And e-cards and texts from Irene, Erik, and our grandsons. My sister called us and we talked over the speaker phone along with her hubby, Al, and Bud and me. Had quite a conversation. Of course Al...flattery will get your EVERYwhere with me y'know. Just before we all hung up he said "Anni, you have to be an angel to put up with Bud for all these years!". Bud agreed. Actually, I agreed too. roflmao. Bud took me out for lunch to Logans. It's more or less a steak house. And after being a little adventurous in my order, I ordered the steak with cheese and bacon. It was so tender and juicy I foundered!! Along with the two sides of house salad with a vinaigrette dressing, I ordered something I've never ever had before. I think it's more or less a 'southern item'....like grits...but the 2nd side with the steak was french fried SWEET POTATOES!! OMGoodness, were they ever heavenly. Crisp outside, moist and delectable texture inside. And they were topped with a drizzle of butter and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon! What a great compliment with the salty cheese covered steak! Of course, at Logans while waiting for the meal, we can dine on all the shelled peanuts we could ever think possible. They have buckets of them on each and every table. Later that evening we had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Bud had surprised me with a wonderful gift. I really don't want to tell you here, let's just say it goes around my neck. And something I've wanted ever since we moved here. That'll be all at the moment. I know it's kinda teasing, but I want to show you later. A very good day/evening. It rained Thursday afternoon, so nothing much got done. Friday...we were walking early 'til it got way too humid and the sun came up to melt us! We stayed home and read our books. Enjoying the A/C and along with that running...we had all the ceiling fans at high speed. Saturday, I spent all day catching up on laundry. Most of the week evenings, we watched baseball on MLB or Fox-Sports-Houston. Oh ya...I almost forgot, in the past several years, my favorite drama on TV [y'all know it's NCIS -Tuesday on CBS] 'killed off' one of my favorite characters...Mike Franks. But thing is, I've been sorely disappointed in this past season. Next week, this coming Tuesday, the season's finale will be aired. Who knows what'll come of it all. I hope NEXT season will be better.

After several months of drought conditions, Thursday afternoon and into the early evening hours we HAD A NICE RAIN STORM! All too quickly it left our area and blew out into the Gulf. I loved going outdoors afterward and drinking in the cool, fresh, fragrance of rain on such a parched soil! The grass is greening up again instead of the soil that was so deeply cracked from lack of moisture. We can water until the cows come home, but there is nothing like a good steady downpour to quench its thirst.

note: rain photo borrowed from our newspaper


  1. Love that photo of the mission bells, it is gorgeous.

  2. Your dinner sounds fabulous! I like the photo of the storm too! We're STILL having showers here and we're not a winter rainfall region, so it's quite odd! Greetings from a rather cloudy and cold Johannesburg!

  3. Those are both great pictures!
    We love Logans too - their rolls are the best.
    It's raining again here. We have had more than our share, but I must say it's nice and green!

  4. Very pretty bells, hope you have a great week! Sweet potato chips sound yum, you are making me hungry x

  5. The bills photo is gorgeous. We also had storm last week, but we still have rains until now. Happy SSS.

  6. Well, where to start? I love the bells. I have done a lot of traveliung, but I have never been to San Juan Capistrano on March 19th. By the way, My name is Joseph and yes, my very devout Catholic Italian Mother, who I miss dearly since she passed in 2010, named me after Saint Joseph. She would pinch my dimpled cheeks and make creampuffs for me for dessert that day.
    I need to take lessons from Bud. Champaign and strawberries after the cheesy steak and sweet potoato fries? The guy is on to something. Of course I got my reward because it was my birthday on Tuesday, May 10th. (I'm now old enough to retire but see no end in sight)
    You've brightened my day by your post and allowing me to mingle in here and return the conversation. thank you for that and for the great shadow shot.


    PS What kind of sheese? I like mine sprinkled with Gorgonzolla right out of the broiler, so it melts. It is so creamy and delicious. We had sweet tater fries one night this week too. Like minds.

  7. Cool photo of the mission bells. I'd love to visit California someday, although I'd never want to move there.

    Have a great week, Anni ~ thanks for stopping by.

  8. I make sweet potato fries all the time! All it took was one taste and I was hooked! Hubs likes them but still prefers the regular ones.

    Sounds like a busy week! So glad y'all enjoyed you anniversary! Can't wait to see your surprise!

  9. I'd say that's a Holy Trinity of bells!


    A shadow’s a wonderful thing;
    O listen! Can you hear it sing?
    It tells of a time
    Before there was crime—
    Trust that and you’ll trust anything!

    © 2010 Magical Mystical Teacher

    Poppy Maidens

  10. Pretty Silhouette!

  11. We went to a few missions last month- aren't they gorgeous? French fried sweet potatoes are my all time favorite-especially if baked in a hot oven instead of fried! Have a great day.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. Nice bell silhouettes this week, and I like the fountain, too. I love it when the swallows get here in the spring, although it is always later than March. This year, I noticed them about the end of April.
    Glad you got some rain!

  13. The mission bells are lovely and I look forward to your oddities of the sea.

  14. Your mission bell photo is beautiful!

    Love the little tease regarding your gift. Build the suspense, so we have to check back to see it!

    The storm picture is Great! I do love storm clouds. They are so interesting. I don't care for the storms at times, but the clouds are amazing!

  15. great shots! Enjoy your Sunday,

  16. Hi Anni! It sounds like an all around great week. I'm happy that you enjoyed your anniversary and can't wait to see your gift and sea oddities someday soon. Love both of your pictures. What a rainstorm! Isn't it great to have BB back? The Mariners are much better this year with their new coach, but have still been losing by one in the 14th inning, with the score tied 1-1 for a longtime. Nailbiters. We think they need a new closer.

    Hope your week is wonderful, and thanks for stopping by to say hi!

    Kathy M.

  17. I would love to hear those mission bells ring. I bet it's a lovely sound.

  18. I'm trying to remember Monday now myself! I guess it was a good day,or I would remember it,right?! Love those bells in shadow. A really perfect composition. Hope you have a good week ahead! Happy SSS.

  19. sounds like a lovely week Anni - you've got us curious about the sea finds...and of course the mystery necklace :) Love the mission bell shadows - love it! Thanks for finding it and sharing it with us this weekend!!

  20. Oh, I love that photo of the bells at the mission! I remember going there as a kid on a field trip... now I want to go back!


  21. Oh fried sweet potatoes are delicious. They are a regular side itema at a local deli.
    I justify eating them because they are sweet potatoes and good for me. LOL All you needed was a slice of cornbread.
    Hot, and humid here today waiting for the next tstorm.

  22. I love that the bell is hung from smallest to the biggest.
    Here on our side of the planet, we are anticipating the arrival of rain. It's been months without a drop of rain here which is unusual because we should have already the first rain of May :(

    <a href

  23. I'm sure you're glad for the rain but after a very wet year here in California, it can stop, no one would complain.
    I haven't been to San Juan Capistrano since I was a child, I keep thinking it would be a good place to visit but we just don't get around to it.

  24. Just wondering how those bells might sound, if you ring them at a time!

    TQ for visiting n commenting on Poring Canopy Walkway Bridge.

  25. Anonymous5/15/2011

    San Diego is a beautiful area.
    Have a great week. Sweet potato fries sound delicious right now. :)

  26. I used to live in the San Diego area from 1974-1984!
    But, sadly, never went up to witness the swallows. But, it SJC was always a 'pit ' stop on the drive between San Diego to LA!
    I love those mission bells.

  27. Beautiful bell shadows.
    The rain after a long drought really makes everything seem hopeful again.
    Sounds like you had a good week!

  28. Thanks for dropping by my site Anni! I love those bells! I has been so hot and sometimes humid here too..you take care,OK?
    Here's my share . Thanks and see you around!

  29. I'm late. Sorry about that. BUT I do love that shot of the bells!


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