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This is the 'book cover'. Upon viewing this, the challenge for this meme is to write a blurb [the inside cover flap] that will entice the reader to drop down their VISA and purchase the book. Enjoying it. It's to be either fiction or non-fiction. Just!! So I thought this week, since I've seen the meme entry last week while visiting a bloggin' buddy, I thought I'd try my skills. Here goes---

book title:
    Experience the mythical and mystical as each one comes to life only by your touch. Go ahead...marvel at their complete composition!! Characters will surround you with adventure...some being impish and demonic. Within the printed archives, you will find some are authoritative as you follow along with their promising grandeur in leadership; falling in love with the love of it all...perhaps a lord dazzling another damsel. Could it be you alone in a garden filled with the sweet scent of white rose blossoms, and the handsome Lord at your side? Turn the next page; taking you into another era and be transported back where you burrow into a surreal love triangle!! Hark....a distant sweet melody of a magical flute? You won't be disappointed...go on...reach out your hand, and caress! Life is too short!!! Live a little, love a lot.....if only for a fleeting moment. (150 - WORD COUNT TOOL)

Would you purchase my book?
New, published May 2011
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Have you ever been so perturbed at the way the inner-city workers function? Have you ever seen a group of street workers on the job with heavy machinery and all are standing around with their bright orange vests and hard hats...all but one?!! The ONE is the only worker actually working!! The rest...from maybe four others to a whole dozen or more...are just standing around leaning on their shovels and pick-axes; gabbing with one another? I think it holds true with EVERY city. It's a shame to drive by them in a construction zone and see this, knowing you're paying their wages. Well, I'm always the kind that writes letters to the editor of our local newspaper, or even now over the years that I've had access to online emails, I email them or I've been known to go out to the city services site and fill out complaint forms. And this past week, I've been at it again. First off, anyone who has been in this town, even the Winter Texans who come here for the winter months from the cold North...they too write in their complaints of the atrocious infrastructure of the city streets. It's always the same ol' story ---the budget is in deficit! But, hey people...they all seem to get pay raises! It makes no sense. Well, for the last few years the street repairs have been only patch up jobs of chuck-holes and in a day or two, the patch work has been kicked out with the high volume of traffic. One street that Bud and I use very frequently to avoid the freeways to get back home is, seriously, A WASH BOARD. And it's been deteriorating for months. This week, I had had enough!! I got online, filled out the form...and gave them my view of the situation. As I've said, I've done this plenty of times....90% of the time, my writing them has been good. Work accomplished. We'll see if the entire street gets a resurface in time. I sure hope so!! But, thing is...if it DOES get the needed repair work, just how many employees will it take? [Like how many does it take to change a light bulb kinda]

UPDATE: As we drove home from the book store, we used the street mentioned above...well, they did do some work on it. But, NOTHING like it should have been done. They only patched the holes...the 'washboard effect' still holds true. And I think of the wear and tear on our poor tires!!

- - -

And to change the whole spiel here, we plan to go see the new POTC [part 4]...The POTC "On Stranger Tides" this morning's first showing. No, we're not waiting to see it later, in 3-D; it's the entertainment value, not the effects we want.


  1. Can't wait for the new POTC movie!!!

    Its Friday's Shoegasm - go link up

  2. Good job on the book blurb - Hayley writes books all the time, you know, and she always has a little blurb to entice you.

    Yep - street hole watchers drive me nuts! They're all usually pretty chubby, too. Not enough action in their jobs!

    I have to give kudos to the street department, though - the other day I called them because on our main thoroughfare there were so many dead trees, which are supposed to make the street more attractive, but have grown up because they are behind people's fences and nobody notices them or cares for them. Within a week, they were out there cutting down dead trees and bushes and cleaning up. I was amazed and pleased. But the pothole issue is really bad here as well.

  3. 'Rollicking good read' is the phrase that came to mind reading your blurb - well done on a great energetic first BBF

  4. Anni — nice try at Book Blurb Friday! Fun, isn't it? Hope to see you back again.
    The streetworker problem seems to be universal. I used to think it was only in Canada, where we have bad winters and frost heaves, but I guess it is everywhere.
    I used to love Mexican road crews — six guys with brooms! At least they were picturesque.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Arrrrrgggg Pirates.... YAY!!!

  6. Hey, Anni!

    Thanks for joining us. I love your story ... I'm trying to figure out how it works ... is it like a pop-up book, where you can actually touch the characters? Yes, I would buy it for sure, and thanks for the blogger's discount too.

    I do know what you mean about the frustrations of bad roads. Still, I can't complain too much, because that is one thing that Oregon does take care of pretty well.

    Have a great weekend,

    Kathy M.

  7. Anni,
    So good to see you again. Book Blurb Friday is such a fun meme and every picture presents its own challenge. Good job on your first, with the statues coming alive with just a touch and living out a story with you in it! Very imaginative! I like it!


  8. Hi Anni! Welcome to Book Blurb Friday. I'm so glad you participated and hope to see more of you. Great blurb! You caught me with the first sentence and then kept me hooked. I'd love to read more of this. For some reason, it reminded me of Fantasy Island (remember Mr. Rourke?), kind of the same "dream it, live it" sort of thing. Very enticing.

    As it happens, my hubby and I saw the new Pirates movie just this afternoon on IMAX in 3D. WOW!! Loved it! We read a review of it before we went that gave it a C+. The critic complained that Captain Jack wasn't "fresh" anymore and the plot was absurd. Well, duh! If Jack Sparrow changed he wouldn't be the Jack we're all paying to see, and we loved the goofy plot. Of course it was campy. Just the way we like it. :)

  9. Hi Anni
    Great to have you with us for the Book Blurb Friday. This sounds like a book and a half! Your blurb really entices the reader to find out more - well done.


  10. wow - you pack a lot into a blurb!

  11. This was a pretty interesting approach to what I thought was a difficult subject matter. Great job!

    I love Jack Sparrow, so I'm definitely looking forward to another run of Pirates of the Caribbean-I hope it's as good as the others.

  12. I'm impressed that you have actual road workers. In my city, we have lots of equipment and flashing signs and backed-up traffic...and no workers. Very frustrating. Great blurb! Sounds like you have an exciting cast of characters!