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This is the 'book cover'. Upon viewing this, the challenge for this meme is to write a blurb [the inside cover flap] that will entice the reader to drop down their VISA on the counter and purchase the book and enjoying it. It's to be either fiction or non-fiction.

Here goes---

book title:
    1959. A black car slowly pulled to the curb. Outside, a blizzard played havoc around the city. Inside, alone. The roaring fire warmed the room. Background music from the 40s played. A fireplace log rolled and crackled. Josephine placed her ivory hands on the chair, briefly glancing at her golden wedding band hesitating for only a second as a picture of her late husband came to memory. Upright, she stirred the blazing logs. The doorbell chimed. She glanced through the lead glass panel to see a dark silhouette of a tall man; shivering. Josie turned the knob. Staggering momentarily, she knew right away who he was. It was instant recognition. During WWII, in 1945, men in uniform knocked on her door on such a night like this. Her husband was shot down over the English Channel; his body was never recovered. This stormy night became a haven of wayward love, Jeremy returned----
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I didn't feel like cooking dinner. Nor did I have the gumption to even take anything out of the 'fridge to defrost, so I did an unthinkable...I bought a frozen pepperoni pizza from the grocer's freezer section. To me, that's a thing unheard of. Afterall, I'm perfectly capable of cooking. In other words, I have two good hands, the knowledge and know-how...yet, laziness took over!!! Frozen pizzas?----Lordy have they ever improved in taste. Either that, or I was so lacking ambition ANYthing would have tasted good. LOL But I gotta tellya, I bought a large Pan Pizza by Red Baron. Wow. Truly impressed. I know now that that'll be a pizza choice if ever we feel like it again someday. Actually, in my estimation, this product was better than restaurant style pan pizzas. The crust was so crispy and just the right amount of garlic...and the big seller....the extra thick crust was cooked...ALL the WAY through! [restaurants have crust that is too doughy for my taste when it comes to deep dish pizzas].

pizza graphic borrowed from Red Baron site
infringement not intended


  1. Your blurb has some great elements--mystery, intrigue, romance, and possibly paranormal (or psychological). Nicely done!

  2. Oh yes!! Very much like the promise that this one holds out.
    (A small hiccup for me in 'golden wedding band' which made me think she'd been married 50 years (O lucky thing I thought, up to such shenanigans) but I suspect that might be a British misinterpretation)

  3. Ooh, love conquers all - or is she deceived in her desperation to see her husband again? This sounds a solidly romantic book, and tissues might be needed . . .

  4. Ooooh, frozen pizza, huh?! Yes, I have to admit, after everything I try to get done on a Friday, things I KNOW I won't feel like doing on my weekend, I am too darn pooped to want to cook ANYTHING; so, frozen pizzas are a Friday night staple around here! There's no denying that some of them are much better than others!! I'm o.k. with them, but if and when I can, I really love homemade the best!... Have a great 3-day holiday weekend, Anni! Enjoy! ~tina

  5. Yes I would buy your book it sounded so intriguing!!
    I have not tried that brand, but I don't usually buy frozen..some taste like the
    Hope that you have a great long weekend.

  6. Of course I would buy your book Anni- and you wouldn't even have to tempt me with a tease like that!

    Ah, frozen pizza, how I miss you.

  7. Hi Anni!

    Your book cover and story are incredible. You ROCK, my friend. Where has he been all this time, I wonder? Amnesia?

    I know what you mean about the newer pizza's. My son and I love Frescetta pizza's too. My very favorite pizza of all is Papa Murphy's take and back stuffed pizza.

    Have a great weekend, and stay safe.



  8. Anonymous5/27/2011

    Hmmm. I'm wondering if she is a floozie myself. LOL I'd sure buy your book Damielle Steele LOL. OMG Frozen Pizza? I'm digging that. Welcome to my world LOL. Happy Friday

  9. LOL Anni today you have a full service post.
    You have intrigued me with your book review. Even though I just had lunch, I hear my tummy call for Red Baron Pizza. If you had a cold glass of sweet iced tea I'd be set.
    Hugs C

  10. Shot down over the English Channel... does her husband look like Glenn Miller? Oh, I hope so. I always wanted to think he survived somehow.
    Okay, back to the husband...frozen like a pizza, knocking on her door. Hmm. Interesting, Anni.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. Anni, Your synopsis has me intrigued. So much to look forward to in "Josephine's Door." Glad that I didn't miss this post.

    The pizza sounds delicious. I wonder if we have this brand in our grocery stores. I will be checking.


  12. I was definitely not expecting the end even though it had that nicely romantic description! Still, it leaves me with enough questions that I want to read it to find out!

  13. I love the effort that you put into designing the book cover. That would be fun. Seems like finally something good has come to the door!

  14. But is it really him? Ooh, I love a good romance, and this sound like just the one I need for my beach vacation!

  15. Sure I'd buy the book! I want to know where he has been for so long. He'd better have a good excuse or that love fest might not last.

    Sometimes simpler is better. After days of visitors and huge meals, we were happy to return to sandwiches and salad last night. Pizza works too.

  16. Great blurb - very evocative.

  17. You've got me sold on that book, where do I pay??? hehe Just goes to show how important a blurb is, if it's interesting a person will want to buy the book just to find out what happens next!!

    I'm not a big fan of store bought frozen pizzas but I will admit there are a couple of brands that DO taste very good. Not so much like the cardboard taste they use to all have. We don't get the Red Baron brand over here, otherwise I would have tried it:-) xoxo