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Ken Follet's PILLARS OF THE EARTH. Let me tell you my opinion. First off, I know this was a special HBO program....made from the book. And how often I find myself saying after seeing a movie taken from a classic or best selling book...."The book was better." Well, honestly, I haven't seen the made for TV movie/series...but I would think that this time the movie would be better!! The book...over 900 pages long...was just way too repetitious. By that I mean, a lot of happenstances throughout the novel, happened over and over again! Of course, I do realize that the book is a fictional recount of England's history [a favorite era to read about for me...that's why the book was recommended for me to read], but to go on and on and on with the same ol' scenarios for 750 or more pages, I was really wondering if it would ever end. And me, I stopped reading the book about 200 pages into it and began reading another book. When I finished that one, I tried to delve into Pillars of the Earth once again, determined to finish it come hell or high water. Granted it, at times, had my complete interest...for a few times I was held captive to the point I had to continue turning pages and reading way into the wee hours of the morning. It's all about politics and government and the churches of England. Kings, Earls, Priors, Monks and fair damsels in distress [more like rapes!!] Too many characters...both shady and saintly...a step mother that was a witch [supposedly], half brothers, bastard children, incompetent leaders and conniving priests and wicked goings-on to further their leadership and properties. Battles that were written nearly the same from one year to the next. One other thing....tho the book itself isn't all that bad, I felt a bit perturbed the ending was so short. To drag me through the years of getting a cathedral in the county for decades only to have it burned down, ravaged, and torn to where there was no money to rebuild...over 3/4ths the entire book...all to end in the last 50 pages or so where everyone aged 20 years or more?!!! For the 'good' to live happily ever after?!! And the bad getting their just rewards...the rapist DOES get hanged....by god that was a relief. And one main character was nearly written out of the whole story after he left for Jerusalem to have just a few lines at the end that he died?!! No, it wasn't all that good for me to make it in the realm of best seller. But it was, and still is a popular book.

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We interrupt this blog post for a 30 second commercial from You Tube. It's hilarious [at least it brought back fond memories of teaching MY kids how to drive manual transmission years ago] Ahhhhhhh, the good ol' days:


  1. What gorgeous flowers, I can almost smell them from all the way down here in NZ.

    Haha, on the video. Brings back lots of memories.

  2. That is funny! Looks like me when I learned to drive a stick!

  3. That is a gorgeous shrub...the flowers are so stunning. I love the commercial...it gave me a good laugh!

  4. Hi Anni, I like to read books of that era too. So I didn't wait for come hell and high water to set in. I read it through and sometimes I am very tempted to just skip some chapters and read the last chapter but thought about, there might be some twist and turn somewhere I missed it. I read it straight and yes it's very repetitious, and of all the character that is presented in the story the one that I can't forget is the one who died at the end and was the name Tom? By the way, is that flower Jasmine? I love the smell of that flower so sweet! Macro Monday

  5. Wonderful post.
    I like that commercial it reminds me of when my hub tried to teach me a stick shift pickup.
    He said that I gave him whiplash.
    To funny
    Have a great day.

  6. That is a funny video. I remembering learning to drive a manual on the column in driver's ed....I could never see that "H". Shortly after we were married B taught me to drive 5 in the floor....finally I could see the "H"!

  7. Beautiful white petals!

    Happy Macro Monday Anni

  8. Lovely photos, I bet those flowers smell divine.

  9. That video is really cute!

  10. Anonymous5/03/2011

    I love the flowers. Are they edible?

    Have a good week, Boonie


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