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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Blogger Back up....finally.

Talk about jinxing Friday the 13th, huh?
I got up this morning and tried to log in, only to find that My Thursday Theme Song post had disappeared along with all the comments!!! Bah!!! So, I just now go online and actually got to 'log in'! Yay....I republished my Thursday post. --found posted below this. [I also noticed that all that played yesterday with the meme...their Mr. Linky Links disappeared on the meme's hub page. How unfair.] But, then to think about can't complain 'cause it's a fee free blog outlet. Stillll--------Bah!!

PS: My thanks to all go out for those that wished Bud and me a happy anniversary Wednesday and Yesterday also. Seems my little thank-you graphic disappeared from my post too.

I'll have a little WHINE with my crackers thank you very much.



  2. I have had the same problem. I get an error that said my page is broken.
    Blah to the 13th, I am going home and put my head under my covers.LOL

  3. It's a bummer! I lost posts on all my blogs too. I'm wondering if they are working on getting them back or if this is it. Enjoy those crackers and whine, I'll have some with you.

  4. It has frustrated me no end today and I have lost some of my comments! :(

  5. Oh jeesh, I just lost my comment! I'll have to whine too! Happy belated anniversary to you and Bud! It was awful waking up to find my post gone, poof, not there! Thank goodness, it was back later in the day. Frustrating to say the least!

    Have a great weekend on the coast! I'm not too far from you!


  6. That's what I kept telling myself--it's a free service...but still. I always have a little whine with my cheese. LOL

  7. Happy Belated anniversary Anni! I couldn't log in all day Wed, or until 6:50 tonight, Friday!! Blogger has been out of commission. However, it has let me get the painting of my dining room almost finished!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Cheers, Anni, I think I'll sip along with you...and toast you and Bud!

  9. Hi Anni,

    Thanks for the laughs. Cary'll like them too.

    Sorry about all the stuff that you lost. I lucked out all the way around. I posted my WW post at 7:31 and Blogger took off everything that was posted at 7:37 or later. Then, I couldn't post on Thursday, so I got a day off. Then, I couldn't post on Friday morning, so I got another day off. I did post last night, and all was well.

    I feel sorry for all of you guys who worked so hard and lost it all. Still, Blogger didn't do it on purpose to hurt us, and it effected those who work at Blogger too ... and as you say, it is free. I think they do a great job overall. There are so many blogs now; many more than there used to be.

    Have a great weekend; I love your bird photos and look forward to your shadow shots.

    Take care,
    Kathy M.

  10. I know...we really shouldn't complain but when we want it, we want it now...
    How you doing? Did you have a super anniversary?
    Mama Bear

  11. I didn't realize it was Friday the 13th until a friend pointed it out!