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roses are red, my love....

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I have two Don Juan Climbing roses. One bush is being trained to twist and meander through the Texas Sage Bush along the back yard privacy fence. The other, is right outside our library. I get to see it in full bloom through the window as I sit and type on the desktop computer. The scent is indescribably wonderful. A luscious, spicy, rose-rich fragrance. And the buds are formed nearly hybrid shape instead of the old english kind of full blossoms. Blossoms are on single, long stemmed stems. The color is a deep velvety dark red. I think of my mom a lot when summertime comes around and these climbing roses bloom. Her favorite was Blaze. While she had plenty of them in our yard when I grew up, her climbing roses were planted long before this species of rose was introduced to the retailers in the late 1950s/early 60s...and I just KNOW this would be her favorite too, if she could see mine right now.


  1. I love roses, and I can almost smell those beauties.

    My roses are finished now, and will be resting over Winter until they bloom again at the end of the year.


  2. absolutely stunning. although i must admit i haven't smelt a rose in ages, these blooms you get in shops don't have a fragrance anymore, have you noticed?

  3. I used them for my wedding bouquet.

  4. They are beautiful! Ours are nowhere near blooming, so thanks for sharing yours!

  5. Anni your roses are gorgeous! You are an awesome photographer!

  6. Beautiful enough to paint!

  7. Those are sure some beauty you have and you did a great job of taking photos. I can almost smell their rich aroma from your description.
    Have a nice day and I hope you have time to stop and smell the roses.LOL

  8. My grandmother would LOVE your roses! She had quite the green thumb when growing did my FIL-and his roses were gorgeous too. Me, I'm still working on them!

  9. I know that there are different kinds of roses, but for me a rose is a rose and this one is real beautiful !

  10. Anonymous4/12/2011

    I'm jealous! Those are beyond gorgeous! I have a few rose bushes, but they never seem to quite produce. :(

    Here returning your FMBT follow. Have a great week hun!

  11. Sniff sniff we can smell their lovely fragrance up here and what a beautiful color.
    Hugs M&M

  12. New follower. When you get the chance please follow me back..

  13. Hi Anni,

    These are so pretty! I really enjoyed reading about where they are and about your Mom's favorites. The post below is great too, including the info on getting rid of the ad-ons.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday,


  14. They are simply luscious...and so favorite is Peace though..I've always been partial to yellow ones but I'll take red anything since it is my favorite color...I bet you cut these to bring inside.
    Mama Bear