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Remnants of a Sand Castle [with a moat]. In your imagination, in the shadows of your mind, can you almost hear the clanking of the silversmith readying the knights shining armor for battle; hear the heavy thud of the draw bridge being lowered over the water for the army to go out and protect the king, mounted up on their war-horses? Can you almost picture the guards atop the turrets surveying the forests beyond for the enemy? ---

- - -<><><>- - -


Where the heck did the past week go?!! It's Sunday, already? My goodness. Well, yesterday, we went and spent the day at the annual Navy Air Show on the base near Flour Bluff [between Corpus Christi and the island]. It's been years, I tellya, since we've been to one. I think the last time was about 15 years ago, in Tucson at Davis Monthan Airbase. Since it's a 100 year mark for the Naval Aviation, we thought we'd go see if there was anything done in a special way this year. There wasn't anything special. I really enjoyed the walking around the huge tarmac with all the planes and helicopters on review....some very different from the ones that are shown on the Air Force airbase!! But, thing is the winds were so dangerously high throughout most of the day, that a lot of the show was canceled and they 'rigged' up a lot of different stuff to keep us there...didn't work. Eventually the crowds dwindled. I have some photos, but they're still in the camera's chip. I need to get them uploaded. Most of the week was spent outdoors. Other than getting my posts ready for my blog, you wouldn't have found me inside the house much during the early part of the day. I pruned the pomegranate tree from the bottom up. There was quite a lot of root growth...shoots coming from the ground. As I said a few weeks ago, it's now budding. I think I counted 24 blossoms. Last year, the first year planted, there were three fruits. This year, if all goes well and the birds don't get to them before I do...we'll have a gold mine in bearing fruit. Considering it's only year two. A couple of our tomatoes are huge and both are turning color...a pale orange right now. As I like them on the 'green' side of ripeness, I'll be chowing down on the first one of the season in a few days!! Irene received her gift in the mail...she loved it. I can now tell you what I sent her. I found this most adorable salt and pepper shaker set. [she has a small collection] As her favorite movie of all time is Wizard of Oz, the set is of the Wicked Witch of the West and her Ruby Slippers...crushed by Dorothy's house. Irene was thrilled and sent me a text with the photo that I share here. Baseball season is in full swing. Poor Astros. Houston needs help. Seems the only one on that team worth his wage is Hunter Pence. Not to forget the Texas Rangers. Their standings' average is the highest in MLB. [top standing for the AL West =batting .875!!] Way to go. The long time rival with the American League, right now, with the series for the Yankees against the Red Sox, I'm watching. The other two teams of 'mine'....the Rockies [top in NL West!!!] and Diamondbacks...they're mediocre; next to bottom on the standings for the Western Division. Time will tell. I love this season. The farm team for Houston Astros here in town has begun playing. I think I'll try and convince Bud to take me to a game or two. I finally finished getting the house decorated for Easter. It's not much. I brought out my egg cups and placed a few plastic eggs and a couple of rabbits here and there. That's all. Oh and speaking of fruits and veggies and gardening....this is the peak of blackberry season, so I purchased some fresh pints and made a blackberry pie. It's delicious!!! One evening this past week, after dinner was complete and dishes were done, Bud and I finally sat down and watched Despicable Me. In so many ways, it was not at all what I expected. In fact, I think the movie title was misnamed. I feel the main character played by Steve Carell was supposed to be the 'despicable' one?!! Am I right? He was supposed to be the criminal mastermind of the whole story? But, throughout the movie I didn't 'see' any characteristics of him being all that nasty. In fact, I saw him as a scorned child with his flashbacks, and his sweet demeanor with the Minions and the adopted girls of his. The son of the banker, "V" was more vile. Completely wrong with the movie's title. Sweet movie, cute in so many places [the girls and the genetically altered Corn Pops™, the Minions, were sweet]...but still, all in all, not what I had pictured in my mind. Just a one time viewing movie. Oh, and it's my understanding that you can get a Minionator/translator app from Best Buy so you can know what the Corn Pops™ are saying!! My opinion still stands with this tho....it's a typical, redundant Hollywood flick with no variation in storyline.

poster graphic of NAS air show courtesy of NAS.


  1. Super sand castle!!! You have had a busy week, tomatoes looking good. And now it's almost Monday - enjoy the week.

  2. Great sand castle and its shadows!

    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  3. Wow, someone put a lot of work into that sand castle... even knowing that soon it would just become a ruin... ;) Beautiful pictures, and yes they evoke the same kind of imagination as larger scale old ruins do for me!

  4. how lovely, makes me miss the beach! lovely shadows

  5. Hi Lady A,
    Now, you make me drool of your sand and the sun. I love playing in the sand when I was lil girl. As an asian in heart, this will always be miss.

    Thank you so much for dropping by in Stockholm and hope to see you more & vice versa.

    Happy SSS...

  6. What a fantastic sand castle with wonderful shadows. Yes the imagination does take over when seeing that. Thanks for stopping by to see my tree reflections.

  7. Your shadow castles make me homesick for the beach! I <3 these pics!

  8. HI Anni, wow this is grand.. hope we'll have a chance to enjoy the beach on of these April days too... thanks for the comment so much appreciated... All the best.

  9. O, the sand castle brings back such sweet memories of my grands building one on the beach at Port Aransas. We were just talking the other day about missing our trips there. Once my brother and sister in law moved, we quit going. Now, we are thinking of renting a condo on the beach either this summer or next. If we do, you can bet I'll call you.:))

  10. That was quite a sand castle! Bummer about the air show. Our family enjoys going to them, but we haven't been for several years either.

  11. thats a beautiful castle... missing the beaches.
    have a happy week :)

  12. Maybe there live little King Arthur. ;-) In Finland just begin in TV Merlin and Im watching it. Thanks for visiting in my Kuusela.

  13. Great ruinous castle! I could imagine the occupants you described going about their lives in this sandy world, little suspecting that the next high tide or rain storm would wash it all away...

    Thanks for the visit!

  14. That's one amazing sand castle! I'm really taken by the precision of the walls.

  15. Great shadows from the castle...and yes, we can imagine all of the activity going on inside :) When we go to the beach, we love strolling down it in the evenings to see all of the kids (and big kid's) works of sand art!!
    Too bad your air show wasn't nice....that's a bummer :( still, it sounds like you had a nice week...and heck, with tomatoes around the corner you've got it made. We barely have buds on the tree right now!
    HAve a super week Anni!

  16. Morning Anni...ah to beach, the sand, a shovel and a bucket...now that sounds like retirement. Maybe I'll try my had at a sandcastle in a few weeks. My B would have enjoyed yesterday's tour at the Naval facility.

    Irene's b-day present is adorable. My daughter watched Wizard of Oz for the first time at 2 y.o.
    Many said it would scare her but nope she was mesmerized. We bought our first family pet the next year. We knew the pet would be named Toto. No matter the bred, size or sex. Toto the mighty mini Doxie with a Great Dane attitude lived with us for 10 years and made us smile every day.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  17. what an impressive sandcastle, lovely shadows too

  18. Lovely sandy shadows. I haven't seen the film yet.

  19. Anonymous4/10/2011

    Sandcastle shadows - I like! Also loved your imaginative word picture with the knights and turrets... Happy SSS :)

  20. nice fun shadow shots- I love coming across remnants of a childs work!!

  21. That is too bad about the air show! Glad you've been able to be outside all week! Looking forward to the photo of the blooms on the pomegranate tree! So enjoyed that sand castle - oh, the memories of childhood!! Have a blessed Sunday!

  22. Oh so nice post....thanks for coming by.

  23. Anonymous4/10/2011

    Sandcastles bring back some good childhood memories. Thanks for the memory :-)

  24. I love it in Despicable Me when the little girl says, "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" Lots of cute lines and I did like the ending...but, yeah, probably won't watch it again.

    Love the pictures and writing about the sand castle---there is much in simplicity, isn't there?

    Have you ever hear of Trinity Mother Frances hospitals and clinics? Birdie is applying to their sport medicine grad program in Tyler, TX. Just thought I'd ask all my Texas friends if they had any info about them...

  25. Love the sand castles shadows! Very creative!


  26. I love how you found these shadows around the sandcastle!

  27. Anonymous4/10/2011

    Yum, blackberry pie!
    Love the shadow shots.

  28. Somebody put a lot of time and effort into that sand structure--too bad one wave will make it disappear forever. We have nice warm weather here but the wind has been blowing like crazy. Wish I had a nice sandy beach with the lulling sound of the waves coming in, and a light ocean breeze cooling me. Now see what you've done Anni!!!!! You've put ideas in my head that just aren't going to happen-darn!!!! Oh well, I guess I'll stick with the Spring weather I have and be happy. Sounds like you have had a busy but "fun" week, and yes, where do they go!!!! Mickie

  29. Oh great sand castle, and what wonderful shadows! A particularly like the third one. Thanks Anni for stopping by at my page most weeks, your comments are most appreciated. Hope you have a fab week. Jo

  30. Love the shadows on the sand. Also love your header. Charmaine

  31. Now this is mighty fortress. It should withstand the naval actions of all enemies at sea (I hope, that is!). The craftsmanship here is of the highest order, and was built with pride!

  32. Seeing that sandcastle reminded me of many summers spent playing in the sand and building sandcastles:-) Isn't it awesome how artistic some of them are?!

    Such a shame the Navy Air Show wasn't anything special, you'd think it would have been considering it was their 100 year mark! Also a shame the winds had to act up.

    Omigod, you've already got tomatoes ready to eat? We can't even plant anything in the veggie garden until June! lol You are sooo many months ahead of us.

    It's no wonder Irene loved her gift, that salt & pepper set is so darn cute:-)

    I haven't seen that movie yet, was going to rent the dvd one of these days. I'd heard it was quite funny but then it all depends what people think is funny! lol

    Been raining here all day and 43F...at least most of the snow is now gone, yippeeeee:-) xoxo

  33. Delightful sandcastle shadows! It was almost warm enough today to make one... Have a great week!

  34. Anonymous4/10/2011

    The sand castle shadows are great, I can't wait to go to the beach!

  35. I saw that despicable me movie. It was entertaining and definitely better than megamind.

    I'm looking forward to our tomato garden too. Our weather hasn't caught up to the warmth you have in Texas, so the plants are still only several inches high. Like you, we've been admiring the blossoms on the fruit trees:)

    Fun times you had building those sand castles!

    thanks for the visit and happy sss.

  36. Love your sand castles and shadows! Fun!

  37. Anni girl here I am on a Monday morning trying to catch up ! .. love the sandcastle shots .. I loved playing with sand on the beach as a kid, so yes my imagination was in full throttle : )
    Ah .. the air show .. cool ! We saw the Blue Angels perform years ago on Vancouver Island while we lived there, and they were amazing. But I have to put a word in for our Canadian Snow Birds too .. for the size of our military resources we have an amazing group : )
    I love the "shakers" for your friend !! I have socks like the witch that got blasted by the house .. they have candy corn on them too .. my Halloween socks ! LOL
    Thanks for dropping by Anni : )

  38. Hi again Anni, I'm so late this week at getting around to viewing shadow shots that I went instead to your Monday post and then decided that I was missing something in not seeing your shadow and I was RIGHT! I love your descriptive of the sand castle. and if you think your Rangers are doing poorly, just look at the stats for our Brewers. I'm not as much of a baseball fan as in the past (I'm a closet Cubs fan, here in Milwaukee, and the two teams are arch-rivals). during the summer months we have an airshow here - either the Thunderbirds or some other group. it makes for a very loud weekend but I enjoy watching the show. have a great week Anni! It just wouldn't be a good week for me if I didn't start it out at your place. you're a hoot!

  39. I admire people who have the fortitude to sculpt with sand...because it soon disappears...and all that work is in vain!


    Welcome the shadows surrounding your life,
    Treat them as lover or husband or wife;
    Welcome them in as you would one who’s dear;
    Hug them, embrace them without any fear;
    Honor, respect them, and give them their due,
    For shadow and light are both parts of you.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Deep Shadows Beckon

  40. I love the sand castle shadows, and yes I can hear the clink of armor along with the crashing of waves ; ) Makes me look forward to beach weather!



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