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    'Tis my faith that every flower
    Enjoys the air it breathes!
    ~William Wordsworth, "Lines Written in Early Spring," Lyrical Ballads, 1798

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I purchased three small geranium plants at the nursery. I took all three [two white with a dusting of pink, and the 3rd a hot pink] and added them to one large pot and put in a hanging basket; hanging from the eave off the patio. One of my favorite scents is the smell of geraniums. I haven't had them much the past two decades 'cause they don't do well in extreme heat...AZ and south TX in the summer equals EXTREME heat. But I bought 'em anyway, and I'm happy I bought 'em, even if they'll only do good up until the temps remain near 100 during the days of summer...

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[expanding on my macro photos]

Eavesdrop on Your Soul

As the fresh, clean fragrance of geraniums drifts through the air
I begin to read the day.
On this early morn, I unravel all that surrounds...
Hidden from view, a mourning dove sings its lullaby...
The gentle sea breeze whistles a soft melodic tune...
Nearby, faint chirps from fledglings heard;
momma mockingbird scolds them...
From the distant horizon the sun rises...
Shadows dance a game of hide and seek...
Soft hues of gold and peach tint the hour...
Dispersing all hints of night's indigo blue...
A new dawn, a new day, a new beginning...
My world, I'm with peace of mind...
Impel your senses; begin the day as I do; if only....
You, I dare!

"Eavesdrop on Your Soul"
copyrighted by
Hootin' Anni
© 2011


  1. Gorgeous colors and details of these lovely flower petals. Happy Macro Monday!

  2. I love your hot pink flowers. I'm also trying to grow pink flowers but I think it will take some weeks before I can see the flowers.

  3. Your geraniums are gorgeous! I love the color.

  4. I plant geraniums every year...they do very well here in the heat n sun. They bloom clear up until the frist frost..I love them.
    I love to start my day the way you do...listening to the sounds of nature as I slowly come out of my sleep fog!

  5. Beautiful poem, Anni. It awakened my sense and made me wish I was there in the early morning beauty. But I'd have to go home before it gets hot! ;o)

    The geraniums are beautiful and I hope they give you joy for a long time.

    We had a rather wet Easter week-end, with a bit of sunshine thrown in here and there, but not a lot of warmth. The forecast for this week isn't stellar spring weather, but typical, I guess.

    Have a great week!

  6. Yes, Grandpa D is amazing with the girls - creates fun all the time. And he does take great pictures.

    I'm sure the elk coming down is not a good thing!

  7. Me again - I forgot to say that yes, it did give me a nice break! He's good at doing that for me. Have a great walk in the wind!

  8. Something memorable about geraniums! Hope they last through your intense heat! Enjoying the start of a new day here...

  9. Oh Anni! Your flowers are lovely but that poem stirred my soul!

  10. I love the pink in your plants.
    I finally got a tulip out, It is purple so I am so pleased with it. I have to really watch the bunnies now since they ate them off last yr before they had a chance to bloom.

  11. Lovely geraniums. We hope they flourish where you hung them.

    Mom and I like your Hootin Anni Pirate lady,
    Hugs M&M

  12. Nice collection of delicate images!

  13. Annie we have the same problem here with flowers not being able to stand the heat!

  14. Your geraniums are so beautiful...they were my mother in law's favourite flowers and she always had a porch full of them when she was alive. They grow well over here but again, it's not really safe to leave flowers outside until the start of June. We can buy them mid May but must bring them in the house at night.

    Love that poem you wrote, you are so talented!! xoxo

  15. Annie....These geraniums are beautiful. You take care of them, because they are too pretty to lost in the heat. The colors are especially pretty.