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Get down...get funky!!

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...a meme where you match photos to song lyrics

TURN YOUR VOLUME UP....AND LET IT BLARE....get down, get funky...ain't no dance you cannot do---

LINK TO "Little Latin Lupe Lu" ~Righteous Brothers

Talk about my baby, Little Latin Lupe Lu
She´s a hot footin´ baby,

there ain´t no dance she couldn´t do
She´s my groovy little baby, Little Latin Lupe Lu

A Bopa Bopa Lupe Lu
A Shake it Shake it Shake it, Lupe

Watusi pretty baby, c´mon and do the who-chee-coo
Magic love, pretty baby, Little Latin Lupe Lu

If you wanna do the twist,
Lupe Lu can put it down

If you Wah Watusi, she´s the best for miles around
She´s my mash potato baby, Little Latin Lupe Lu

A Bopa Bopa Lupe Lu
A Shake it Shake it Shake it, Lupe
Watusi pretty baby,

[for us ladies]---
c´mon and do the who-chee-coo
Magic love, pretty baby, Little Latin Lupe LOU!!!

LINK TO "Little Latin Lupe Lu" ~Righteous Brothers
[note: From Bill Medley, "This song I wrote when I was probably 19 years old...Lupe was a girl I went to school with, Lupe Laguna." And this next linked video he tells how they came upon the name of the duo...The Righteous Brothers!! Click HERE Little Latin Lupe Lu was the first single the two recorded together!!]

PHOTO CREDIT: Just mannequins and posters in Mall Store Windows!! I had to change the LU to LOU for us ladies. Afterall, fair is fair!! And I must add "Lou" is real nice to look at. And okay...I'll 'fess up here...it's the 'articles' I read, not just the pictures. Ya, right. :::snort:::


  1. Anonymous4/14/2011

    OMG I haven't heard this song in ages and I'm digging it. And your photos with those mannequins (I hope to hell I spelled it right) LOL are the best. This is great and making it fair for all Lou LOL Excellent my friend.

  2. Oh my goodness Righteous Brothers...make me swoon and the song makes me sway!!! Bring on the dramamine....LOL Great pictures.
    Hugs C

  3. I puff puff hurt my back- I've fallen and I can't getup...I can't reach that damn safety alert button....oh well--it's on loop--I'll just jam on the cold grout until someone comes!!!

    Great stuff mi Lady!



  4. Oh I do love the RB. I remember this song and I know back then I could get down and funky. Today if I did that I would not get up.LOL
    Love how you do this.

  5. This makes me wanna shake too, lol. I remember this song..Christine

  6. What a great way to start my day...with a HUGE smile! This is such a fun post, Anni! You've got such a wonderful imagination!!! And yes...I'm right there with you re: "Lou". Ahhhhhh.....

  7. Anni- you are so clever! Great post!

  8. nyahaha...you reminded me the LPs of my grandfather. I don't know the song but you made me dance here hahaha.

    Those mannequins are pretty and perfect for the song.

    Have a great day Anni.

  9. great song! I have been taking zumba classes...I can't dance but I do have fun

  10. Oh, Anni, THIS POST IS AWESOME!!! I love it, and now I think that I can figure out how to join this grand meme of yours. I was having a hard time knowing how to accomplish it. I'll try for next week. I don't really have a Thursday meme anymore.

    Thanks for stopping by to choose your lamp ... the white one is my favorite too, it was my Grandma T.'s and I keep in the the guest bathroom. I appreciated your comments about my broke story, lol.

    Have a wonderful day, Anni!

    Kathy M.


  11. this sounds like fun. There seem to be memes for almost averything. I don´t see much of this in my town. It´s kind of boring.

    Thanks for the nice compliment. Made me glad. :)
    I like to visit your blog too.

  12. One I haven't heard before.

    As for swimming - I almost drowned when I was 10 and stepped into a drop-off in a lake in Minnesota. I have never had any interest in learning to swim since, though it has caused me to be out of step for all these years - but as long as I stay out of water, I'm okay, right?? I don't even like to get my face wet in the shower!

  13. I am not into fashion, my daughter says I am low maintenance, but I like to watch the designer competition.

  14. Oh wow, what a great song Anni! I love the Righteous Brothers but I had forgotten all about this song.

    I'll be humming this one for a long time!

  15. Anni!! What a fun post and FUN song!!! :) I enjoyed this a lot!!


  16. I just love, love, love the Righteous Brothers, Anni.
    Am back today from a month of infrequent internet access, couldn't post often and could hardly ever comment. But I'm ba-a-a-ack!!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


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