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Migrating Monarch
on seaweed

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As I mentioned last Sunday, Bud and I planned on attending the annual Art Festival downtown. We did go and walk around and enjoyed all the artwork, and the artsy crafts that were set up all along Shoreline Drive. First off, we went into the city's Art Center to view all the work in there. We began viewing the hall of students's work. For me, some were very good, while others were funky 'picasso like'!! I swear when I view some of Picasso's works, I always think in the back of my mind 'just what was he on?'. As with some of the kids' work. But, all in all, it was still enjoyable. While perusing the local members' art work in watercolor, oils, acrylics and crafts of clay, figurines and bowls, in the back hall we had a gifted little young gal playing on the grand piano. It was quite wonderful. Of course, there are not to be any photos taken....but, you know me. I saw this one in particular that I couldn't get over. The whole thing was made of natural materials. The Egret, believe it or not, was a hollowed out gourd. With the artist's skills of painting the gourd, it was phenomenal to say the least. It all looked so very natural; in coloration and 'feathering'!! The eggs in the nest were immature whole gourds. Along with driftwood and branches to make the whole effect very believable. I don't even think I could begin to know just how it was all put together, but it was perfection---
Blocks of artists' stalls selling their wares and creations were aplenty. In one area, more or less centralized, we attendees had the pleasure of eclectic styles of entertainment. While we were there, there was a mariachi band serenading us. To my pleasure. I like the rhythms and timing of this particular genre of music. It reminds me of the times we vacationed in several cities on the ocean/and gulf in Old Mexico and at our evening meals, we usually had the mariachi bands going around to the tables and entertaining us. So cultural. And while we lived in Tucson and took many trips across the border towns [when it was safe for Americans to do so], we'd always make sure we'd go to the outdoor cafes and have a cool, icy, margarita while listening to the local mariachis.
Under a tented area along Shoreline, we had one artist that I paid particular attention to while he was giving us some visual art work. He was painting, in oils, a silhouette of an old, masted sailing vessel. I had to stop and watch his brush flow with ease and the work becoming a reality! The reason I had to stick around a while, my next painting project that I HAVE IN MIND is also of this very subject. Well, not a sailing vessel but a shrimp boat. Actually, a partial shrimp idea is one of a battered boat that has been through a storm at sea. So, I kinda got some 'pointers' from his working on his recent art. It was fascinating and educational for me.

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For the rest of the week, Bud finally got to repairing some damage to our kitchen floor tiles. While cleaning out the dishwasher several months ago, he dropped a heavy stainless steel skillet on the floor and cut a tile. Like I said, it's been months ago. I finally convinced him, it was time to replace it. While we had the tiles replaced shortly after we moved in, the workers left behind a few whole tiles and some spare pieces. Thank goodness Bud saved them in his 'come in handy' stock pile! Since his hands are so arthritic, I took the liberty of tearing out the piece. He drove to Home Depot and got some tile adhesive. By the time he returned I had the area all cleaned and ready. It's funny, you don't realize just how much you use a certain area in the house 'til you have to wait 48-72 hours before you can walk on the area again. I finally, just for my sake, had to sit a stuffed bear on the tile to keep from walking on it!! To Winston's curious ways, he wasn't sure he wanted to eat at his dish with that unnatural creature invading his territory! It was a hoot. I picked up Pillars of the Earth once again. I never finished it a while ago 'cause I began reading My Thomas...Pillars of the Earth is good, but it's difficult for me to visualize the violent acts and corruption for some reason, without getting all twisted and bent out of a calmness that I need at night since I read before I go to bed. I will continue and finish it this time!! In hopes that justice will be served to William Hamleigh.......he's one, while I'm reading this, that I'd like to jump into the pages of the book and 'with the flick of my knife, change his religion'. Better yet, castrate him!! Pure EVIL!! [If you've read the book you know what I mean]. Oh and movies, Bud and I bought the previewed rental movies [2 for $20]....RED and Despicable Me. We've watched RED, which we've seen at the theater. But, as of this post, haven't watched Despicable Me. Then, other than the unending season of yard work day in and day out...and going to the Post Office to get Irene's birthday gift sent; late!, that's about it for the week.


  1. Hi Anni

    I love your Easter blog header. What a great photo of the Monarch butterfly. We get a few here but in New Zealand, we had dozens of them.

    Glad to hear you got the floor tile fixed. I can imagine Winston's consternation at the stuffed bear. Mitzi is scared of an open umbrella. she thinks it's going to "get" her and hisses and growls at it. Hilarious. Bella gives her such disdainful looks at her performance.

    Glad to hear all is well in Anni's world. That craft fair sounded fascinating. I love them.

  2. The art show sounds like a lot of fun! That Egret is amazing and I would have enjoyed watching that man paint although I wouldn't have learned a thing. I'm quite jealous of you talented folk that can paint and draw!
    You will love Despicable Me!

  3. Sounds like a busy but fun week, I can't comment on the Butterfly as I'm still missing pics on some blogs - love your Easter visuels1

  4. Beautiful monarch, I haven't seen any here yet. Wow, I think I would have risked getting thrown out for taking pictures-that egret is something!

  5. Annie girl yo are always so busy ! I don't know how you do it .. spot me some of your energy please ? LOL
    I love watching artists paint .. especially old style classical .. just something calming and interesting about it all.
    That egret is such a beauty !
    Ah .. chores and repairs .. that is a whole other long nine yards isn't it ? and why is it we manage to do things to our kitchen floors .. I dropped a glass .. it smashed to smithereens and poor husband was trying to clean it up for me .. we have wood laminate and yes .. dragging broken glass manages to SCRATCH it well and proper ... EKKKK !
    Shadow shot is perfect and I so hope to see lots of butterflies in my garden SOON ?
    Joy : )

  6. Your photo of the monarch is stunning! I hope I recognize him when he finally makes it to Michigan!

  7. Anonymous4/03/2011

    Excellent shadows, I'm looking forward to the return of Monarch's and Swallowtail, if it every warms up!!

  8. Beautiful photo of the butterfly. I rarely have luck photographing those critters. They always flutter away as I approach... That's quite a jam-packed week you've just had. I enjoyed hearing about the art festival. Have a super week ahead :)

  9. What a gorgeous shadow photo of the monarch butterfly.

  10. Thanks for your greeting :-) You call me and my dog for Sherlock and Watson. Thanks for your compliment. :-)
    Do not tell anyone, but it happens that we are helping police to solve very difficult crimes!!

    Little butterfly flights from hide to hide. I remember correctly, this butterfly flies very far?
    Fantastic photo.

  11. Anonymous4/03/2011

    Thanks for commenting on my shadow shot! I love your butterfly shadow - I usually just get a blur as they fly away. And now you have me wanting to go to an arts fair really bad :)

  12. oh, you've been a busy lady! :)
    I love butterflies...
    Hope your new week will be good!

  13. The Art Fair sounds excellent, that egret is amazing! Your Monarch butterfly is beautiful too,

  14. We enjoy going to these kinds of events, especially if they are wildlife artists...I have seen some fascinating art from gourds but nothing on this scale...and the band: when we were in Houston for the Christmas party, there was one of those that entertained us for a colorful.
    I could just picture you and Bud repairing the floor together...Honey Bear and I have done many projects such as that through the years...
    Have a wonderful weekend, Anni.
    Mama Bear

  15. Morning Anni and thank you for sharing the beautiful art work...the Egret was amazing.

    Mom had her first Ruby Throated Hummingbird sighting last night. She was doing the hummingbird shuffle. She has the moves but not the beat
    Hugs Madi

  16. i do so love butterflies. the egret piece was amazing beautiful...thanks for sharing the details of it...makes it even more special.

  17. Anonymous4/03/2011

    A beautiful photo of the butterfly!

  18. Woooo, what a gorgeous butterfly and such a great shadow capture. Loved it!

  19. Beautiful shadows Anni!
    My Shadows, have a blessed Sunday!

  20. That butterfly is a good catch and has a good shadow. It looks a little weather-beaten in the wings; I think it's amazing how they migrate so far when they are so small!

  21. Anonymous4/03/2011

    Love your banner.
    Looking forward to seeing butterflies around here.
    You are a very busy lady. :)

  22. Anonymous4/03/2011

    Whatva beautiful butterfly capture. Boy you were one busy bee :)

  23. Beautiful butterfly shadowshot! And that bird piece of art - at first glance I might have taken it for a stuffed bird. I didn't know what gourd was, had to look it up (then I recognized it).

  24. Love your monarch visitor!

  25. Lovely butterfly photo!

  26. Beautiful butterfly shadow Anni!

  27. Your photo rekindles my desire to see millions of monarchs in their winter habitat in central Mexico. Maybe next year!


    Since shadows are fragments of light,
    Most gracefully they can take flight
    And soar through the air
    (They do this, I swear)
    As though they were some sort of kite.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Gates

  28. Hi Anni,

    So, did Bud like the Alamo pictures, lol?

    I really love your butterfly photo today! Sounds like you have had a pretty busy week. I'm looking forward to going to the festivals around here in a couple of months.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Kathy M.

  29. Pretty shadow - and a butterfly - that is awesome Anni!! The art show sounds like it was lovely - that egret was amazing that it was a gourd! That is why we love going to art shows to see what local talent can do! Enjoy the new week ahead of us!
    Karla & Karrie

  30. I love the shadow shots.

    The art show looks like fun - I know your ship picture will be great.

    I'm glad you got our kitchen fixed - I didn't realize Bud has arthritis - he does so many things for you with his hands.

    I didn't watch Despicable Me with Grandpa and the kids, but they loved it.

  31. Whoa Anni! Your ShadowShots are terrific. And those (macro) lilies on Monday's post are awesome!! So beautiful. Hope you have a good week ahead.

  32. I've always thought the same thing about Picasso, what was he on when he painted! lol It sounds like you & Bud had an enjoyable day at the art festival and that egret sculpture is fascinating and I couldn't believe it when you said it was made using gourds! I love watching artists at work, it always amazes me the talent that some people have.

    Your shadow shot is just awesome. Hopefully that butterfly didn't get scared by his own shadow:-)

    I agree with you, it's so hard not to walk where you're not supposed to...I usually have to do what you did, put something there so I will remember! lol That's too funny about the teddy bear and Winston's reaction to it being there:-) xoxo

  33. it's always pure joy to visit you Anni. I love your summations, and thanks for the tour of the art festival. it was a delight. your shadow shot is perfection. I love everything about it. it's just a fantastic photo. thanks for visiting me, and I hope you have a great week Anni!

  34. Beautiful Monarch shot. Sounds like you had a great time at the art show. BTW, I checked out your photo blog also and was amazed.

  35. Hi! Sorry it took so long to get over here... it's definitely not Sunday anymore!! But I do love your shadow shot!! And thanks for sneaking a photo of the egret...Amazing!!

    Thanks for your input on my photos from SSS : )


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