a walk around the refuge in town



Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge
[birding trail - West Oso Bay in Corpus Christi Texas] The raised board walk goes across the vegetation so we're not messing with the eco-system...walking from the parking lot over a small creek/foot bridge, across the board walk to the covered observation deck at the bay's shore.

- - -

some of what we watched---
ducks near the shore, heron with fish in mouth, island of white pelicans and herons

- - -<><><>- - -


I've not been online much this past week since Bud and I have an ongoing project of shelf making. I'll show you from the beginning to the end once it's complete. Let me just say, it's gonna be "seaworthy" [small] to fit into our dining room decor. Speaking of dining rooms....I made this great big recipe of one of my favorite foods...Japanese Chicken Teriyaki. Yum!!!! And a large pan cake with white icing...great served cold with fresh strawberries. While eating our dinners this past week we've been watching some Spring Training Baseball on the MLB network. That is 'yum' too. In a whole 'nother way. It's so good to hear the sound of the bat making contact with the pitched ball and soaring to a home run spot outside the ballparks!! Anyway, back to the project... I've acquired several hand blown glass dolphins of many colors and sizes and they've been strewn around the counter-tops, etc. for several years and with cleaning the house this Spring I suggested a small shelf to get most all together in one area which will eliminate the usage of the kitchen/dining room counter-top. I'm always having to move them around to clean around and under them. Which got tiring...well, not tiring per sé, just a nuisance. I'm pretty sure it'll turn out okay. And it will serve a purpose. That is all I'm asking. Also, we've been going for several long walks along the beach. It's just too gorgeous weather-wise to be indoors, blogging. One day I found a few sand dollars, and a drift seed here and there. Also, to a few parks within the city that are known for birding. Of course, we now won't go back to the gulf waters and beaches until after the end of March because of diversified college/high school, and student's Spring Break. The kids always congregate to the beaches. The last walk we went on at the beach was Wednesday morning and the city crews are preparing for the 2 to 3 week influx of revelers. I took Winston in for his exam and yearly inoculations...they did me a great favor while we were there...there was a huge hair knot between his front legs under his chest...and it was way too close to the skin for me to even think of cutting it out...now he is once again knot free....that goes with the territory of having a long haired cat. He so enjoyed the attention he was getting from all the vet's staff. I've been taking photos for my blog...of which I will share. For instance the photos of the wildlife refuge above in my Shadow Shot Sunday section. Seems I have more photos right now than blog space. I could be doing three or four blog posts a day if I took the time to publish all the photos. So, I hope you're looking forward to some picture posts...parks, birds, water, projects, etc. etc. etc. Well now, I best get back to helping with the dining room shelving project. Y'all have a great day!!!


  1. Hi Anni,
    Thanks for sharing your pictures, I love the shots of the boardwalk in particular...all those straight lines of shadow are really effective. Winston is GORGEOUS...all that grooming is obviously paying off :) We just did the shelf thing in the kitchen, so much easier...enjoy the weather xx

  2. Ahh, reminds me of holidays, you know, those things we used to have before we had children :D

    Nice shots. You have me wanting to visit a few boardwalks I haven't seen in a while.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I doubt I'd make art out of the entire photo, but take elements of it and design something :D

    (off the edge, ut learning to fly)

  3. That looks like a lovely place to walk and see some "nature in action."
    I need to get out more now that it's almost spring.

    I also could use another shelf for all my "stuff" - someday!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a Hootin' Sunday.

  4. P.S. Winston is adorable! Glad he is now hair knot-free.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful....
    I love long, peaceful walks too.
    Have a good week ahead!

  6. That wildlife refuge is a pretty place - and yes ,I like picture posts!

  7. That looks like a perfect walk out to the water's edge. Not only are you not messing with the eco-system, the eco system doesn't get much chance to mess with you either ;)

  8. Wow too pretty site... Thanks for coming by...See you...

  9. what a lovely place to walk and see all those beautiful birds

  10. MOL Anni
    The one thing my hubby fears the most about my retirement is all the things I'll think of for 'us' to do!!!
    Happy Sunday,
    Madi and Mom

  11. You do live in a fabulous area! Beautiful photos of those ducks and herons and pelicans! Glad Sir Winston has been deknotted and looking good!Blessings for a fabulous Sunday!

  12. i love your shadow shots!1

  13. Love the pictures.... GREAT post!

  14. I love taking walks with you.....I need to get Smokey in for his shots, too...Winston is a cutie.
    Mama Bear

  15. It looks like you live in a beautiful area. I love birding too (though I haven't been able to do it in some time). Beautiful photos in this post and the last.

  16. Anonymous3/13/2011

    Great photos. Interesting post. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  17. I look forward to your summaries each week Anni! and your shadow shots are extraordinary. I love that second one. and the one with the Heron holding the fish in its mouth. great capture! you are so ambitious, I end up feeling like a slug after I read your post! hey, happy SSS, and happy St. Patricks Day too! have a great week Anni.

  18. Anonymous3/13/2011

    Anni, you just bring so much dayli at your blog, so I can't follow it all ;-)
    ...but just as a little thing; my bigbrother in Texas don't find your politics OK, but I do *LOL*
    Fun and love to you ;-)

  19. Looks like a beautiful place to walk leisurely.


  20. Anonymous3/13/2011

    Great photos of a beautiful place. Looks so serene and relaxing.
    I like the critters shots!

  21. The boardwalk makes some nice, bold shadows. Even the ducks are chipping in with their shadows, too!

  22. Anonymous3/13/2011

    A beautiful refuge!

  23. Love your shadow shots, what a lovely spot. Especially like your shot of the heron with the fish in it's mouth

  24. Hi Anni,

    I love it all ... the boardwalk, your upcoming new little shelf and the part about watching baseball. Do you have it on your t.v. or on the computer? Who is your team, like I have to really ask ... I'm pretty sure it is the Texas Rangers, lol. We are Mariners fans, but that isn't always very rewarding, so I added Boston and the NYY (Cary threw a fit at first, but figures it wasn't a bad idea after all.)

    I'm glad that you had a fun week and your cat is looking sharp! Hope this week is wonderful for you guys.

    Best and God bless,

  25. I love the pictures of the board walk. You sound one industrious lady!

  26. Gorgeous!

    My Shadow post, have a great week ahead.

  27. What a beautiful place to go bird watching! I do it in my backyard-we have a hummingbird nest. It's very grey and rainy in the NW today, so I soaked up some of your sunshine. :o) Returning your visit for SSS. Thanks for dropping by and y'all come back now. blessings on your week, Annie!

  28. Now that looks like a beautiful place to explore! I just love all the birdlife! Birds are so entertaining and I can just sit and watch them for hours! Have a wonderful week ahead Anni!

  29. this place simply invites you to explore...thanks for sharing!

  30. Super shots!! I do love to visit your blog but sometimes run out of time.

  31. All nice shots--I like the way the boardwalk stretches out to the beach--it just seems to be endless. Mickie

  32. Anni, when I was thinking of what to put in for ShShSu, I was tossing up between a seaside boardwalk we'd been on 2 weeks ago, and the bike ride from last weekend. The bike ride won by a narrow margin. I love seeing the similarities and differences between where we seem to hang out. There weren't many birds when we went, the weather was really blustery and cold, but I managed to catch some weak shadows. Hope your dolphin shelves are nearly in situ.

  33. Woof Anni!
    I love your great finds on the beach!
    Now about 2012, it is actually this year. The miscalculation is not the Mayan's fault but the people reading it. It is not the end of the world but just a renewal of the face of the Earth and some planets. As in most renewal some things die (like when your old skin die and new ones replaced it. Nothing drooly scary. What is important is that we live well and enjoy life here and beyond.

    A Superdog musing on his 9th year. Anni, you're invited to my pawty! Just email me your picture: sweepyheaven@yahoo.com

  34. Anni, Winston is definitely invited to my pawty! Please email me his picture! ;-)


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