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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Those were the good ol' days.

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic this morning. I even went as far back in time enough to actually put a photo of myself as a kid for my profile!! I realized when I came into my blog admin I didn't have a post ready for Tuesday. We weren't home much yesterday, shopping, driving around the islands birdwatching, just taking it easy...enjoying the wonderful weather here. Oh well. It won't 'kill me' that I didn't get online to take time to prepare a Tuesday post for the memes I participate in weekly. So, in order to call this 'Ruby' Tuesday, I'll add pink to the photos' frame backgrounds, and call it sufficient. Thing is, today is my favorite aunt's birthday. She passed away several years ago tho. She was the last of the previous generation to leave us all behind. As I said, she was my favorite. We were always very close. She always told me in secret that I was HER favorite too. She had five sons while two [twins] died in infancy. Being that she had no daughters, I was the chosen one. We always got along well. She doted on me. Altho, I left Nebraska at a young age, age 6 or there 'bouts, we always kept in contact. She'd send me gifts, we'd visit even up to after I married Bud. We'd talk on the phone, share name it. And, to be honest, I think Mary [Aunt Mary] was my father's favorite sister too. He had another sister, but she was much older than the other two in his family....Mary and my dad were nearly inseparable. Anyway, thinking of her this morning made me want to boast about our relationship a bit...and I got in the mood to share a bit. The two photos are of my father, and of Aunt Mary. Then...being that I mentioned Nebraska...this is the house I lived in from birth, up to the time we made our nomadic trip to Colorado. Yes, I did attend kindergarten in Lincoln, Nebraska. Believe it or not, it was called "Clinton" Elementary. I even myself...boy have times changed, huh?!! to attend class. Who would've known we'd have a president with the same name after I grew up?!! Eerie. Anyway, walking the few blocks from home to school, I had to cross a busy street...the street was actually cobblestone! I can hear the traffic traveling over those stones in my sleep!! Awwwwwww, to go back to the more trusting days of yore! Heck, even today, I feel now I'm not all that safe walking by myself...imagine, walking at the age of five to myself?!! That's what you'd call the good ol' days!! I guess. Of course, in the future I'll look back to this moment right now as I blog as 'the good ol' days''s just a frame of mind. My cousins, from Aunt Mary, tell me the school still stands, tho the cobblestone has been removed and covered with asphalt today. I can remember a time I really didn't want to go back to that school...I cried and insisted to never return. My mom got the 'niddy griddy' from me eventually and found out I did NOT like the 'milk break'....they'd deliver milk to our classroom, and invariably the delivery man would set the crate of milk glasses [yes, they were GLASS back then] on the steam radiator..............making the milk terribly warm by the time our milk break would come, and I don't like warm milk. Even to this day I won't touch warm milk. In fact, the icier the better. It's just a nasty memory I think. But, once the teacher and mom found out the reasoning behind my hate of school, I wasn't forced to drink the milk. And I returned happy as a lark. Loving school from that day forward!! My home in Nebraska still stands. As does my aunt's home. Of course, when we left for Colorado, dad sold the house...but, my Aunt Mary lived in this house on Madison Avenue for decades. Only to be sold when she became unable to keep it up by herself. My grandfather lived with her for years...she was a widow around the age of 50 or so, being that her husband was wounded in WWII and suffered from his wounds only to die at a young age also. I remember staying overnight at her house a lot...she had an upstairs room made up just for me. I so often remember waking up with the smell of breakfast being cooked downstairs and the bed being by the window and a huge walnut tree just outside...and cardinals singing to me each morning. She ended up selling it, moving into an assisted living home in Lincoln and died years ago. By the way, the stories my grandfather could was coming to Nebraska in a covered wagon in the late 1800s. I swear I could go on and on with my nostalgic look back in time. But, I'll stop here. There is a need for me to get busy for the day's work. I'm gonna make sure I get outdoors and spread ground pepper in my rose gardens and tomato 'patch'. Yep, I do that and it works. You see, the neighborhood cats love to use our yard for a litter box. Putting ground pepper on top of the soil works...keeps them boogers from diggin' and poopin'!!!


  1. I love nostalgia posts! I, too, recently lost a beloved aunt--my favorite.
    She was such fun to be with. I visited her every October along with my two sisters--it gave us a chance to return home again and spend time with a loved one.

    Thanks for the memories!


  2. Hi Anni, I enjoy reading your memoirs, and I smile a lot too. And yes how time change so much, I used to walk alone, going to school, now a days they don't do many walking hehe. Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a delightful read! Thanks for sharing your Aunt Mary with us!

  4. Hi Anni, what a wonderful post. I enjoyed your memories very much. I have a very special auntie too, though we are not in contact as much now. As I was reading about your milk story, I remembered "vacuum cleaner milk", which is what the milk from those little cartons tasted like to me.

    Since you have this all done already, this would be an excellent Sepia Saturday post. Those folks are so nice! (I can't remember if you go there or not?)

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. I love walks down nostalgia lane! My favorite aunt is my mom's sister- Betty (Jean). My dad only has one sister (and 3 brothers) and her name is Betty (Lou)too.

  6. Anonymous3/22/2011

    So I caught ya sleeping and then you come up with this beautiful read. I love the walk down memory lane my friend. You da bomb!!! And so was Aunty Mary :)

  7. How gorgeous!

    Would you come and see my Ruby Tuesday ? Have a lovely evening!

  8. LOL_- Peeper pooper stopper--LOVE the Blog,


  9. I can't believe you are able to come up with a post every single day! I'm doing well to come up with one a week these days.

    What in the world was wrong with that milkman that he put the milk on the heat? And once the teacher know, why didn't she change it?? Nuts! I'm not crazy about milk at all, but warm milk = ewww!

  10. What great memories! I like the pepper tip too. Never heard that one!

  11. Clever, Anni, your addition of pink in the frames!


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