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Springtime is Bustin' Out all over.....

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When I went out to do my annual ritual of sharing the 1st rose blossom of the season with my daughter [years ago, when she was small and still at home, I'd pick the 1st blossom and put in on her pillow before she woke up each it's just a photo but still I share it with her]....I looked around the yard and saw a lot of new birth! If y'all remember a few weeks ago, we had an ice storm and a lot of winter kill this past it'll soon be the 1st day of Spring, so I thought I'd take you around the yard, walking with me, and viewing what I saw this morning...Ready?

The first rose blossom of Spring--

Don Juan [pink]...
I have a couple of red Don Juan's also

"Tombstone Rose"
[Rosa Banks Rose]

Tho, the Tombstone Rose is just beginning to bloom, it's always LOADED with miniature blossoms. I'll take a photo later in the month to show you how heavily it blooms!!

tomatoes are setting on!!!

rich,fiery orange
Pyracantha berries

Iris --a gift from DAWN

Pink Dianthus


  1. How wondrful it is for you to have the first touch of Spring. Autumn is here now, the leaves are sgtartring to trun

  2. Just love the Tombstone Roses...a first for me [not much a fan for flowers] as I have never seen these before? I miss flowers beautiful smell...allergies prevent any further sniffing. Won't be seeing flowers here until the 3 feet of snow goes! Great shots by the way!

  3. Oh goodie spring has sprung in TX so we expect it will be here very very soon.

    Mom and Dad love fresh tomatoes....

    Happy Friday,
    Madi and Mom

  4. Fabulous! I would love to take your spring and fall and our spring and fall! I can hardly wait to see the iris bloom again.

    Re your comment - I think the $40 was the emergency roadside service in action. I was sure happy. I didn't have a receipt (or keep it) from the previous one for $48, or I could have sent it, too. I don't even remember the name of the outfit - it was in FC. I don't think he gave me a receipt, or I probably told him I didn't need one. Anyway, it was Geico, which we just joined, and I am happy that I'll get it back. I have to find a better way to hide a key - or wear it as a necklace. This is ridiculous!! The locksmith suggested taping it with duct tape to the back of the license plate. We'll see. But getting the phone number on my window is a great idea - thanks!

  5. Me again - I am really disappointed with NCIS - I can only remember one or two that I really enjoyed - the thing that gets me the most is it seems that Zeva's and Gibbs' voices are just flat - no inflection most of the time. Tony isn't as funny, Abbs isn't as fun, I don't get what's going on half the time. Really sad. I guess they should have quit while they werre on top. Do you watch the LA one? I rarely know what's going on there either. Maybe I've just lost my brain??

  6. What a happy sight! I can't wait for Spring!

  7. Beautiful roses..loved all your colours!
    You have got a nice blog :)


  8. I can't believe you have tomatoes Iris have been up for a while now...I enjoyed seeing your blossoms and blooms.
    Mama Bear

  9. Such gorgeous flowers you have blooming in your yard and I really love the idea of sharing the first rose with your daughter all these years:-) Beautiful tradition!! Well, it's snowing here again and I just took pictures to put on a post I'm working on...totally depressing. lol I haven't gone out in 4 days because the weather has just been that bad and the roads weren't safe to be on. Think I'm going to move in with you:-) xoxo

  10. Oh, those are wonderful blossoms! Enjoy!

  11. Pyracantha berries, love these berries. Is spring really here?