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Sleepy, serene shore lagoon...

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I mentioned yesterday that we weren't home much on Monday. Being that most of Texas now has classes being held again and Spring Break is over, I was 'dying' to go back to the beach. When we arrived we walked only a short time. The city crews were busy using their backhoes and graters, the large noisy equipment, cleaning up the debris and remnants of the long week prior, we didn't stay long. It was windy and the seaweed was quite prominent along the shore where they hadn't cleaned up yet. Besides, when the seaweed is washing ashore, I like to be there at low tide only. Well, it wasn't low tide, so there was hardly anywhere to walk comfortably. We hopped back in the car and drove along the island's highway. The overhead, hanging, electronic signs along the causeway warned us drivers that the ferry to cross the ships' channel was having an hour or more delay for crossing, so we opted not to wait for that..we ended up at our 'usual' place in Port Aransas hoping we could catch a glimpse of the progress of the great heron's nesting that I posted about on my photo blog HERE. We saw one humongous nest, and the momma was sitting on the eggs. But while there, we saw ducks on the pond--- Did I ever mention in my posts how I love this area? I love the swampy, Louisiana Bayou, atmosphere. The green mossy water, the huge trees, the whole feeling. I was just telling Bud that the only thing missin' is the gators! Maybe a cottonmouth or two. But we can be happy there AREN'T any. Bud and I stayed here for about an hour or so. Just looking through our binoculars and searching for, and finding a bit of wildlife. All of a sudden, out of the serenity of the day, a loud call came...the trees became a vicious turmoil of ruckus. Bud, having the binoculars, searched the branches. I, with the naked eye, could see where all the hoopla was taking place. We spied two Black Night Herons. By that time, we were the only two people left in the area, and we got a chance to talk quietly and just watch. Of course while aiming for the two herons, I spotted another bird...a young'un. A juvenile white ibis. This is such a 'cool' place to spend some time on such a gorgeous day, no matter what time of year, there is always something to watch. Not only this area in town, but there are several birding spots to go and visit. All too soon, we left and drove back to Corpus while just enjoying a quiet wonderful road trip. My kinda day...




  1. Hi Anni!

    I just love the beautiful birds around our Gulf Coast Area. I have a pond in my back yard and I am always amazed with the beautiful ones that come to visit. On the otherhand... Like you mentioned... I'm not too crazy when the Gators and Cotton Mouths come calling as we have them too, lol! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  2. Once again wonderful photos!

    It's a shame when others leave the beach in a mess! I get rather upset / angry with all the people that come for the day or week and leave it looking far from it's best! Your lucky to have other great places to go to!

  3. Hi, Anni...glad you had a good day watching wildlife.

  4. Anonymous3/23/2011

    Wow I feel like I'm on a safari with Jane Hathaway LOL :) How cool these are. You know I don't have the patience to do something like that LOL Thanks for filling us in and the photos are spectacular :)

  5. What a beautiful bird! Sounds like you had a full day, Anni!
    Have a fabulous day!
    Debbie's Travels

  6. OH MY STARS the Heron is beautiful. I've never seen a Black Night Heron.

    I'm glad the Spring breakers have released their hold on your beaches.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. Very handsome heron... enjoyed your blog...

  8. Wow, I have never seen a Heron that color before, gorgeous! I love Ibis :) I miss seeing them all the time when we lived in Florida

  9. What an awesome day you two had! Proven by the awesome shots! :)

    WW: Creative Play

  10. Oh how relaxing that sight is.

    Come see my watery Wednesday, have a lovely day!

  11. It looks like such a peaceful place to observe nature and spot those birds. Sounds like a great day!

  12. The Gulf Coast sea birds must be plentiful and beautiful. I would love to walk around this marshy area...splendid captures, Anni!

  13. Beautiful duo...great photos.

  14. Gorgeous shots!

    Watery Wednesday t my page, please come and see.

  15. What happened to your blog ? I thought I found another Anni !

  16. Gorgeous shots! And thanks for visiting!


  17. love to see the birds. Tey are hard to catch when sitting in trees. Hiding among branches.

    Love the juvi:)

  18. Isn't it nice to have such wonderful rewards in your area...you don't have to go far afield. And it's nice that you and your husband enjoy each other's company so much! I know so many couples we don't like to spend time together. Sad.

  19. Wonderful captures from your day trip!
    It must be lovely to have such a place to go on a regular basis to enjoy the amazing wildlife.

    Thanks for your visit. :)

  20. This was so lovely and interesting! A real lesson about nature in all of its glory! My MN heart and soul cannot wait to get outside and see something similar with my own eyes!

  21. Great captures of the heron. Looks like it is a beautiful place.

  22. Beautiful photographs! I love wading birds...they are my favorite subject to paint.
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  23. How interesting! I wonder if they partied with all the kids on spring break last week....hee, hee. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the week.

  24. we are finally starting to see the return of some birds here. hopefully spring is on its way... although.. it has been super chilly this week. i hope they don't decide to fly back south ;)


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