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"A Pillar of Fire by Night"....

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The rocky ledge runs far into the sea,
and on its outer point, some miles away,
the lighthouse lifts its massive masonry,
A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day.

             ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Most of last week's daylight hours were spent in the garage. Weird opening line, but true. As I mentioned last Sunday in my post I wasn't online much during the week because of an ongoing wood project. And I asked Bud to not use nails or screws putting it all together. In other words, I wanted it ALL wood! Which, of course, took a lot longer in time frame than it would have if he were using screws and other hardware. Well, I suggested that we make ourselves a little "lighthouse" shelving unit. And by that I mean LITTLE as in small. While cleaning the house entirely, I started moving my glass dolphin collection from the kitchen counter top to other areas in the dining room. Placing some on corner tables and others along the window sills so the light could be caught through the glass. But, thing is, I had a few extras with no place to put them unless back on the kitchen counter top [the kitchen and dining room has an open counter top seen from both rooms, dividing the rooms plus wooden upright beams for added decor]. That's where my idea of a lighthouse wooden shelf came to mind. I suggested that Bud make it. He said it'd take two of us to do it. His hands are now quite arthritic and I'm still amazed at what he can accomplish. We drove to Lowes and bought the needed lumber and wooden dowel [remember, I wanted no metal hardware in this - the dowel is to peg the shelves together]. Well, let me re-phrase this, I didn't want metal in the wooden part, but there IS metal in the light fixture itself...just not the wood.

- - -

I took it upon myself to tear apart an tealight lamp and turn it into an electrical light fixture. I tore out the candle holder with a hacksaw and built a small receptacle for an electric light...with the on/off switch on an electrical cord. This will be the light on the top of the lighthouse.

- - -

I measured wood pieces and marked them, Bud cut and sanded them. We both put them together piece by piece allowing the wood glue to hold the dowel in place...while measuring, marking, sawing and sanding another. Once the shelving unit was complete and dried, we then tackled the top fixture. The wooden platform and 'railing' on top of the light house. Bud took a smaller piece of dowel and cut, drilled holes into the platform, measured and glued it all together. He used very minuscule dowel [about the size of a toothpick] to attach the dowel railing to the upright 'stanchions'. [photo above shows the unfinished wood...had to test it to see how it looked in the room] After it was completely dried overnight, I took it outdoors and stained it. Two coats. Waiting another day for that to dry completely and then varnished it with valspar spray varnish. The next day, it was attaching the light fixture. It's done. An open lighthouse with shelves. It's a five story lighthouse now, [approximately 5 feet high and about 1 foot wide --also, it's a corner shelving unit in case I want to move it sometime into a corner on the wall] - holding the rest of my dolphins. I apologize in advance of the poor quality of the following photos. They were taken with my new cellphone that has no flash...

Finished railing on light platform

Dolphin on a shelf

Lighthouse ala Dolphins

- - -<><><>- - -

Today, the 18th of March, is our annual ritual of celebrating sisterhood. My sister and I, over the years, have toasted each other and sent a small gift to revel in being sisters and best friends!! Even if we're not living near...we go out at a synchronized time [taking into consideration the time zones] and lift a glass of champagne [we both have identical glasses also] and sip to our ya ya sisterhood!! Happy Sister's Day Sharon!! With all my heart!


  1. How lovely your shelf for display and that you are talented to be able to do that yourselves. And I love your sister celebration. That is a wonderful idea.

  2. Being a lover of Lighthouses, I LOVE this! How creative are you, Anni?????!!!!
    Have a fabulous day!
    Debbie's Travels

  3. You and Bud are very talented!!! Absolutely a beautiful week's work.

    Happy Sisterhood day to you and your Sister.
    Madi and Mom

  4. It turned out beautifully! Hubs can build anything too! He's most proud of the dobro he built from a cherry log- it's gorgeous and the sound is incredible.

  5. What a wonderful idea! It's so rustic/chic. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh, Anni, it really turned out beautifully! You and Bud work so well together:-) Leave it to you to think of such a perfect idea as a display for your dolphins. I love it!!

    I love the Sister Day tradition you and Sharon share, so very special. Have a great weekend my friend!! The snow continues to melt over here so there is hope that Spring is on its way. lol xoxo

  7. So impressive! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my office chair. Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi
    I love the shelf for the beautiful art work. Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner. I have a sister too. It is a great gift to have someone that shares our history.

  9. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and visiting. It was nice to see you visited. I also raise a toast to you and your sister. Cheers! Susan

  10. Hi Anni, That shelf looks very nice with your collection of dolphins. Thank You so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend...Julian

  11. That looks great!

  12. Lovely idea, gives a nice cosy light x


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