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Taken with my cellphone camera, 3x enlargement:
A sand dollar [front and back sides, respectively]--

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Found along the Texas Coast, many collect them to make fine jewelry. Necklaces mostly. Which, to remind y'all of one I made with a sea heart bean here. What are called drift seeds...anyway, I thought I'd show you some of my most recent finds while walking the beaches in their more 'natural state'. Before and after [being cleaned, that is]---



     Mary's Bean [Merremia discoidesperma]
*also called crucifix bean

       Jamaican Navel [Omphalea diandra]

                      Sea Heart Bean [Entada gigas]
The last one [above] with me holding it up by the african violets, is the most 'perfect heart' we've [Bud, actually found this one] yet to find -found on a different day!!

              Sea Coconut [Manicaria saccifera]

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Once again, my computer buddy, my desktop, made me feel like a green horn. I have a yahoo email account. And I opted for the new Beta Email a couple of weeks ago, I really, really like the layout and features [new and the older 'improved' features]. Thing is, I was in there cleaning out and deleted emails I no longer wanted and was using the CTRL key on the keyboard [desktop computer] to check off the ones I wanted to delete. For some reason I used my mouse scroll [the wheel] and the font shrunk to the point I could no longer read what I was viewing!! That has never happened to me before!! Naturally I kinda sorta panicked. I was pushing buttons and trying to figure it all out and get my font size back to normal. Well, I learned something that I thought I'd share. Probably many of you know this by now already. But I didn't. Once I learn 'new' tricks, I like to pass them on. And this works on all windows and tabs, not just email. Why, I even tried it here on my blog, and went out on google and opened a page link and the very same....

So, if you have a mouse, and you want the small font enlarged swiftly...

  • without mouse wheel -PUSH AND HOLD CTRL KEY AND USE '+' OR '-' [plus or minus] KEY TO ADJUST FONT SIZE.

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    Bud and I were discussing the frequencies of earthquakes in the last decade. Now granted, the most recent in Japan with a magnitude of 8.9 with aftershocks in the 6 to 7 point range, and I'm saddened by the biblical death toll, yet..there seems to be so many natural disasters and you can't help yourself but think of the Mayan prediction of the world's end in December of the very year; 2012. Actually, researching, it's only the earth's axis and poles aligning, more precisely called galactic alignment. The earth has been shifting for eons...this is not anything new, nor is it something that would predict the world to end. Of course, this discussion in terms of the Mayans and the December 2012 doomsday was imminent after the earthquake and tsunami. But really...huge natural disasters have been around for centuries!!! Recorded history proves this:
    1. Syria, Aleppo - 1138
      Earthquake kills 230,000 people
    2. China, 1290
      Earthquake takes at least 100,000 people.
    3. Japan, 1730
      Earthquake took the lives of some 137,000 people.
    4. Italy, 1908
      An earthquake of 7.2 magnitute and the tidal wave that resulted, destroyed several southernmost Italian cities and towns and approximately 123,000 people.
    5. Japan, 1923
      A third of Tokyo is destroyed and much of Yokohama in an 8.3 earthquake which between 140,000 and 200,000 people
    6. China, 1927
      An earthquake 7.9 - hit Nanshan City and took about 200,000 people.
    7. Chile, 1939
      Some 28,000 people were killed from an 8.3 earthquake in Chile.
    8. Peru, 1970
      A 7.9 earthquake and resulting landslides killed about 66,000 in Northern Peru.
    9. 2004-05: Earthquake of 9.0 and the resulting tsunami creates one of the world's worst disasters. It does major damage to: Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Maldives, Somalia, Tanzania, Seychelles, Bangladesh, and Andaman. Deaths: Between 235,000 and 285,000.
    10. Haiti, 2010
      Earthquate - still counting. Most estimates now exceed 220,000 dead.
    And this is just a small sampling of earthquakes alone. Other natural disasters [floods, volcano eruptions -Pompeii comes to mind- the great tsunami that made the infamous city of Plato---The lost city of Atlantis (fiction or non-fiction depending on who you talk to) famine, typhoons and cyclones, hurricanes, fires, epidemics] throughout history proves it's been happening all over the world...daily, yearly!! Thing is the spoof on 2012's end of the world is getting some people ansy and fears of the end is growing. And of course, the large numbers of deaths has a lot to do with lack of communication with science itself...even tho earthquakes and other natural disasters are not wholly predictable, the means of communication is higher and more profound with less human loss than before. Read more of recorded natural disasters in history by clicking HERE.

    Mt. Vesuvius eruption graphic courtesy of online research.


    1. I enjoy looking at your beach finds. The one heart bean is really nicely shaped.
      The tragedy in Japan is overwhelming, and with the media we have it is brought right to us, where in the past people didn't hear so quickly or have view of it right in their living room.

    2. Well, I learn something new everyday! I have never heard of, seen or found these "Sea" beans! I'll be looking for these on my next trip to a coast! Or can you only find them in Texas? If so, then Texas is where I will need to be!
      Have a fabulouse day, Anni
      Debbie's Travels

    3. Beatiful sand dollars!
      The black heart bean is also very beautiful!

    4. so much packed into this post Annie! Looking at your sand dollars reminds me of vacations to Hilton Head Island as a sister and I were just reminiscing about this over the weekend. Your heart bean is amazing!!!

      Thank God that with the warning systems in place and better building structures and communication and over all travel, more lives are able to be saved than at any other time in history...still the devastation is so deeply heart breaking.

    5. Hi Hootin' Anni,
      Ilike your occupation - senior citizen! You've been blogging along time compared to me.I like the stuff you have here.

    6. Anni, your pictures are just lovely! I love sand dollars...they are so fragile and delicate looking.

    7. Love your sand dollars and sea beads...they are gorgeous little gems!
      I agree with you on the natural disaters, they have been happening for thousands of years, we just got better at reporting it and showing the devastation. When its our time to will happen!!

    8. love your sea treasures and your historical account, too. praying for the haitians and japanese, as well as our own katrina survivors and those from thialand sunami.

    9. The sand dollars are just great! I am so far from any ocean it's nice of you to share. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    10. Love you beach combing finds! That heart bean is so special - our daughter has collected a number of hearts seen in nature. Will have to read up on those sea beans.

      So horrific and heartbreaking to watch news of the disaster in Japan and other areas around the world. You've provided good information on natural disasters though! Thanks!

    11. Love your find!! And thanks of the information!
      Macro Monday

    12. Happy Monday anni.... Love the sand dollars and various beach goodies.... I will not see the beach in person till June and I cannot wait! Also - Thanks for helping put the Japan disaster in perspective as far as all the silly doomsday talk. Nature is doing as nature has always done.....we just have too short a personal lifespan to have a far reaching appreciation that devastating events are really not all that uncommon on a geologic scale.

    13. I enjoy seeing what washes up on the beach, what treasure of nature I can find. Earthquakes are different, nature testing us. As humanity blankets the earth and communicates more efficiently it seems as though they happen more often but you are right, we are just more aware.

    14. Your beach finds are so interesting. I truly like the heart-shaped bean.
      The devastation in Japan is something one can just not imagine.
      Thanks for sharing all of your information that you found on others years ago.
      Have a nice day

    15. I love the sea bean heart...I've never heard of them. Are the specific to your area?

      13 working days to retirement....Whoopee. Today I'm taking my last vacation day of 2011. I don't much about the Mayans or their predictions but I intend to enjoy every moment of retirement.
      Hugs Madi and Mom

    16. I wish we could have some of those sand dollars here. But we don´t.

      Yes, there are a lot of disasters happening right now all over the globe. Not fun. :(

    17. How lovely... I use to have a lucky sea bean which I kept in my pocket!

    18. Hi Anni,

      Wow ... you worked long and hard on this post and taught ME a lot! First, I have never heard of a "drift bean" before. Second, I would have thought that sand dollars would be too fragile for jewlery. Third, you just gave me the tools to fix my husband's FB page, and fourth, it is good to be reassured that the world may last after 2012 afterall.

      I'm waiting to see what March 19th is going bring. That is when the moon will be very close to the earth and the gravitational pull is to be super strong. Not much time to wonder about that ... but you can bet I'll have my camera out that night!

      Best and God bless,


      Oh, Anni, thanks so much for the wonderful things you said about my breadbox pics; you made me feel so good.

    19. Great pictures Anni!

      It is awaful what is happend in Japan...!

    20. Love the details of that beautiful sand dollar.

    21. You always find some great treasures in your beach, mine are usually just a few seashells!

    22. Great post Anni, Love the photos of your beach treasures. My thoughts and prayers are for the people of Japan.

    23. I just love your treasures from the sea, every one of them so fascinating! I never knew there were such things as those "beans" until I read about them on your blog. No doubt the excitement of finding new treasures along the beach never wanes:-)

      Thank you for the info on what to do if ever I accidentally minimize my font. I've written it down in my little computer info booklet:-)

      There was an article in the newspaper yesterday saying pretty much the same thing you mentioned about people panicking because of all the natural disasters happening lately but it's actually been happening for's just that now we have the media coverage to show us while years ago we didn't have the technology. xoxo

    24. I have never seen a sand dollar except here on blogs. Really amazing !

      It's terrible what is going on in Japan, we are really nothing against nature !

    25. Hey Annie,
      I didn't get over to visit you yesterday, but just wanted to drop in before I get to bed. I love the sea bean post. I have always wanted to know the true names and you did it for me! Wow!
      I've found almost the same up at Matagorda beach and Galveston.
      David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston


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