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Note as of 8 a.m. --I decided to play "Meet me on Monday" this week. Scroll down beyond my macro and morsels in this post to view my answers.


I love the smell of tomato plants in the morning!!
[you thought I was gonna say "napalm"?]

A beautiful dianthus in macro. Love the center detail.

- - -<><><>- - -


I remember my dad and his love of gardening. I think it runs in our blood. My grandfather, my father's father, was the same way. They both were always seen working in the gardens or yards. My grandfather's 'specialty' was roses! He'd have the most beautiful blossoms ...and huge they were! He could slip rose bushes too. That, I never did get the hang of it. My attempts turn to mush with root rot! And my father, he was nearly 'carried away' with his gardening techniques. He tried everything. He had a peach, apple, pear, apricot, and cherry 'orchard'---two trees each [three kinds of apples, Jonathan and red and yellow delicious; along with tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, onions, garlic, green beans, carrots, parsnips, sweet peas, grape vines, raspberry bushes, cucumbers, pumpkins and three kinds of melons. I swear he could grow anything he put his mind to...except for one and that was blueberries. He was never successful with blueberries. He even tried and accomplished pineapples...and they produced. In Colorado!! Oh and his flowers!!! Roses, tulips, pansies, carnations, columbine, dianthus, violets, lilies, iris galore, just to name some I can remember as I type. Now, mom, she was the indoor plant lady. She could grow african violets and amaryllis with no effort at all it seemed. Anyway, their yards were a neighborhood showcase of blossoms. Well, I'm not a 'fanatic' like those two were, but I do love to dub around in the yard. I also remember how my dad, with his 1st cup of coffee of the morning in hand would be seen outside in his small acreage, just walking around checking the growth, weeding, spraying for insects, or setting up the irrigation. The fruit of his labors always paid off in a big way. I, on the other hand as a kid, didn't see the fascination 'til I grew up and had my own home. Needless to say, I now find myself outside each day when things begin to take root for the season. I think if Dad is looking down on me right now, I think he'd be proud that I experimented with a pomegranate tree, that isn't one he tried in Colorado, last year and was successful. It's blooming right now!!

- - -

Speaking of food. Have you seen the prices of fresh produce lately?!! Here in south Texas anyway!! Heck, a couple of weeks ago, roma tomatoes were $.70 a pound. This weekend they were up to $1.97!! And the personal watermelons [usually the size of a large canteloupe] are nearly $4.50. Grapes?---over $1 a pound; nearly $2! Apples? Depending on the kind of apples...exorbitant. Blueberries per pint...over $4.00. A pint!!! The local news tells us the price hike is all because of the ice storms about two months ago; ruining all the crops. Ummmmm, let's see---cantaloupe "Product of Mexico". Label on the grapes "Product of Chile". So on and so forth. Ummmm, what has that to do with an ice storm in Texas? Dunno!! And the REAL SAD part of it is, with THOSE kinds of prices, I should easily lose weight...just drinking water. But...so far, no pounds shed. Except for the 'pounds' in weight of my pocket book!! Less and less when I walk out of the store!! Oh oh....got the water bill last week...the cost of water treatment went up. {My son would say "You voted for him". Wonder what that means? LOL}

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I thought I'd try this meme today. I've seen it around for weeks, and I do like to read bloggers' answers when I pay them a visit. So, on with the meetin' and greetin'!....

1. Crunchy or soft tacos?
SOFT, flour tortillas!! [my homemade ones preferably]

2. Do you scrapbook?
Nope, not me.

3. Do you take any daily medications?
Yes, for HBP.

4. What is your favorite sound?
So many...I love the sound of a gentle rain, thunder off in the distance, birds singing, ocean waves, music [especially instrumental], giggling, my cats purring, !silence!, so much I can't type it all.

5. Where were you born? The Cornhusker State USA


  1. you are so clever, the tomato plant photo is such a good idea.

    I have gardening in my blood too, though the only gardening I do is in head head. Too much blogging.

  2. Same here in Australia. The food prices are becoming ridiculous. I remember going down to the market when my kids were little and coming home with heaps of vegies for very little cost.

  3. Morning Anni....mom has a thumb but it is NOT green. I so admire anyone who can grow flowers and veggies.

    Blogger is a booger today it did not post any of my pictures just words. Mom says she'll post the pics later w/o words. MOL

  4. Your post just crack me to laughter Anni, specially what your son just said hehe. Anyway, it's the same thing here in MI. One apple is a $1, and hubby who grew up in a farm can't picked one apple from the display hahahaha. He said that's too much!! I told him I think we have to revive the apple orchard that you guys didn't take care for the past years!! Great post Anni. Happy Monday!
    Macro Monday

  5. Gardening is a love/hate situation for me. As is composting, mowing, weeding, trimming, edgeing, leaf blowing, watering, hosing, tilling and the like. I would rather be in awe of people with green thumbs. Keri


  6. Both of my grandmothers were amazing in the garden! Neither of my parents could grow a darn thing. My FIL was a master at everything veggie and floral! I am searching for my elusive green thumb and Hubs is trying his best to get some blueberries going. And YES...the fresh produce prices are ridiculous--another reason I am working on the veggie garden again this year--that green thumb has got to be here somewhere!

  7. Hi, I am a new follower from mondays meet me bloghop. I look forward to coming back and reading more about you. I wish we had the climate here in Norway to plant more kinds of fruit. Hope you come and visit me too.

  8. Hi Anni, did you notice that my last comment to you said Sunday when it was actually Saturday....got confused on vacation.
    I loved reading about your parents and their love of gardening...and you have green tomatoes already?
    I think the increase in prices is all about the price of gasoline to transport everything....I saw a similar sign at a fast food place, saying tomatoes were effected by the freeze and wouldn't be added unless requested...
    Thanks for playing MMOM...I enjoyed reading your answers. I might try the Macro Monday sometime...need to reed the definition...I use the Macro setting to do close ups of flowers..is that what they mean?
    Mama Bear

  9. Beautiful shot of the dianthus blossom. Happy Macro Monday!

  10. I love a lot of the same sounds as you do :) I especially like laughter & rain. Have a great week!

  11. Your one gusty lady to grow pineapples in Colorado. Last year for the first time we grew artichokes and did quite well and we're doing them again.
    Yes everything is going up and once again we're doing a garden but the weather in North Idaho hasn't been all that springy.

    Coffee is on.

  12. Tomato plants? Jealous! I thought the first photo kinda looked like a green spider, lol.


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