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Afternoon Repose©



Taken late afternoon with the sunlight coming through the venetian blinds onto the dining room wall, against one of my watercolor paintings entitled "Afternoon Repose". If you'd like to view other works I've done, go to the left sidebar near the easel and use the drop down menu.

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Another week has passed. Now, let me think, what have I done this week worth mentioning? Not much me thinks. About all worthy of posting about is my idea that I got when Bud said, "We need something better than this case." A few weeks ago, I went shopping around for a new set of binoculars. The old ones we have are ancient!! And heavy. In fact, they're from a purchase that Bud made while serving in the Navy during WWI WWII the '60s!! They're very good binoculars, but they are very awkward heavy to be carrying around your neck/or on your shoulder and trying to enjoy traipsing around the beaches, swamps, and bird sanctuaries looking for the elusive waterfowl!! Along with toting a camera, a book, a bottle of water and stuff...it was a bit cumbersome. So, one day I decided to look online for some new, lightweight ones. What appealed to me with this brand was the fact they were waterproof. That, well, that is a plus in my book. I found where I could purchase them in town as I don't buy online for the fact that I like to support our local retailers. While out on one of the freeways a few weeks ago, I stopped in. And I tested them. Bought 'em. Then, the last time we were at the ponds [photos of the area are from yesterday and the bird photos posted here and here.]....well, they came with a carrying case made of nylon and it was okay for a while. But, with all the other things we carry around with us, we needed to consolidate it all together. At least that was Bud's idea. And I went with it. Of course, my project isn't quite completed, but I do have all the pieces done and just need to get them put together in a day or two. Hopefully before we venture out again. I tried to design a pattern in my mind to suffice. We needed a couple of 'pockets'. One for the lens cover. After buying this set, the lens cover for the viewer lenses is all one piece. And into the jeans pocket they were carried. Bud had fear that they'd be dropped out of the pocket and lost forever. I added in my design a pocket for the lens cover. Then, we have this smallish handbook of Texas Birds for identification. In my idea for design, I would add a pocket to the back of the carrying case for the book itself. This way, we only have to handle the bag crocheted with soft yet sturdy yarn. Which also in my opinion won't be as 'scratchy' on my neck and shoulders [if I'm the one left to carry them at times] 'cause I often go birdwatching wearing a tank top. Now, when it's done, we have just the lightweight pair of binoculars and nothing else in our hands...making a much simpler time.

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We plan on going into town today, and walking around the annual art festival. This is where the artists do all kinds of things...one of the most interesting for me is the chalk drawing on the pavement. I'm always left amazed with their talents. And of course, walking around viewing the artists' finished works displayed and all the booths with crafts for sale. Oh and not to mention all the fun musical booths with local bands. That's enjoyable also. Not sure I'll take my camera since there are huge crowds at these events...so if I get any pictures, it'll be with the cellphone. I'll try and share on my blog sometime soon. Oh!! I almost forgot! I have also been lookin' around town for new Easter Egg Cups for my newly started collection. So far, I bought TWO....one from Cracker Barrel and the other just this past Friday. I found the cutest, very unique [at least to me] one at Tuesday Morning. They're both really sweet looking. Can't wait to show you later this coming month when Easter gets a bit closer. Which reminds me...I need to get to the job of decorating the house for the holiday. I do like the change of 'decor' with holidays. That keeps me from rearranging furniture all the time like I used to do. Now, the furniture is getting way too heavy to be moving around all the time. hehehehehe Putting holiday decorations up gives the 'change I need'.


  1. What a nifty idea to make something to carry all your paraphernalia for when you're birdwatching! Trust you'll have a blessed Sunday! Anni, you do stunning artwork!

  2. I just completed Tucker's doggie sweater but I don't see me ever being able to design a pattern for anything as well as knit it! Your shadow photo is really pretty! Wish I was there to go to the art festival! Have fun!

  3. Good shadow shot-very moody!

  4. Anni, your posts are a hoot. I love them. and I'm really loving your Easter blog theme here too. great stuff and very cheerful. your shadow shot is wonderful. I like it very much. it's sort of moody and shows off your art work nicely. happy SSS Anni, and I hope you have a super week. have fun at the art festival too!

  5. anni, i love your afternoon repose picture. you are very talented

  6. i love the sun peepiung on my window after some chilly days.

    I just want to share too my entry for this week. =)


  7. Happy Sunday Anni!! It has become obvious to me that you have this r e t i r e m e n t thing down pat!!! I believe I might take a cours or two from your blog then I too will be an expert at retirement. I honestly cannot believe I have 4 days to go. I'm beside myself with glee and once we get past this very cold day (39 here today)I expect Spring will be upon us and what a glorious time to be retiring.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Nice shadow shot. I also checked out the painting. I think you're quite talented. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Nice shadow shot and I love that painting! I poked around your art files a bit... your art is lovely! Have a great week.


  10. Hey Hootin'!
    Looks great around here!
    Hope things are calming down around your parts.
    Take care!

  11. Anonymous3/27/2011

    HA - Never in my entire life would I have thought as much about binoculars as you posted today. It's amazing how you can make a topic that one never thinks of interesting. Ya think you could do one on nuts and bolts? ROFLMAO!!! Love your shadow shots. They are spectacular. Hope you have fun at the festival. I love to see people that can be creative do things like drawing on sidewalks etc. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  12. That's a beautiful shadow shot. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  13. I like both your artwork AND the shadow left by the blinds!

  14. Wonderful shadow shot! I love the painting, too!

  15. Nice, moody ShadowShot Anni! I hadn't thought about it before now, but you're right about the old binoculars...ours weigh a ton!! I should see about investing in some new, lightweight ones as well. Happy SSS.

  16. A beautiful shadow shot and I just adore your artwork! I'll pop back later this evening for a look at your other paintings when I have more time to sit and enjoy them. Have a great week :)

  17. The shadow shot is great! Produce here is expensive too - makes it hard to eat healthy when the stuff that's good for you costs so much!

  18. Anni girl I love your new template design for Easter ! Very pretty and sweet .. now all it needs is a scratch and smell spot for Easter candy/chocolate : )
    I used to have those ancient binoculars too ... I have no idea where they are now .. so most times I just use my camera lens ? haha
    Can't wait to see the Easter egg cups .. I used to collect them too .. but moving so often with the army .. well .. you have to cut down on "stuff" ? LOL
    Joy : )

  19. P.S. I forgot to say your shadow shot is perfect girl !!


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