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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


Mom always said "Eat your fruits & vegetables"!
And, you probably cursed under your breath.
'Twas something in your childhood mind reminiscent of...
reminiscent of evil; something called "Black Death"!

Today, in your health conscious diet
you're hearing this and that m'lady & gents,
they're molecules called...ready? Anti-Oxidants;
2011 'tis the year; 2011 -it's a salubrity 'riot'!!
Antioxidant here, antioxidant there.
I can't find 'em anywhere tho.
And, we're so told, they come from where?
'N why are these minuscule treasures coveted so?

A year or two ago, doctors were high on -oscopies
Way back, statin drugs, yep, you don't remember?
This time 'round it's the cure factor of time and age...
Antioxidants!! EAT that fruit bar!!
Trust me...concealed tho they are-
They're the newest dietary rage!!

They're invisible in blueberries, apples, and beans.
Coffee [that's a bean!] is chocked full too.
Eat, drink, to your heart's content
you'll soon be oxidant free..
Comsume 'em all; consume them by any means...
Mmmmm, I do love those berries so blue, don't thee?

You see, your system if filled with radicals
Free radicals, that form ever so toxic.
When there's no more of them-thar anti's...
your system explodes and comes aging and more.
Scary, I know, but hey...antioxidants this, and antioxidants that...
we hear 'bout and see the word of the year here, there, everywhere;
Yet, in our media twisted minds, we don't want to be hypoxic--
So, we eat those nasty veggies, as a toddler, we'd abhor!!

I read that antioxidants are even added to rubber!
Now that's a case to prove...
It supposedly keeps the rubber from aging;
keeping the substance supple and more pliable; 'tis true...
If that's the case, Botox™ beware---
There's antioxidants here, there, they're everywhere!!!
I'd buy an extra pint of blueberries if I were you...
Mash 'em, smash 'em and rub on; daily skin care---
Trust me. What I'm tellin' you now, you'll behoove.
Word of mouth... 'tis true


© copyrighted by
Hootin' Anni

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  1. Lol very well done, Anni! I remember hating peas as a child and mom would forever be after me to eat some. I would place them underneath my plate when mom wasn't looking and tell her I had eaten them all. Of course she would find them when it was time to clear the table...I wouldn't think of that! lol This one time she made me eat the cold squished peas I had put under my plate...never did that again! Ugh! Now I love peas so go figure. xoxo

  2. Anni- you are so clever! Always enjoy my visits here! Always!

  3. Wow and naturally I just left town this morning and did not read this til this afternoon. Why why do I always have to be the last to know.
    Love you telling us though. lol
    That little book with the feet wiggling out of it on your sidebar is just so cute. I love to read.
    Love ya

  4. Anni you are too funny!

  5. MOL Anni you crack us up!!
    I'm off to eat a rubber band and Mom is heading for the fruit stand.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. Ms. A, Madi I've never had a rubber band but it isn't for lack of trying. I keep telling Mom I just want to paw at them to see the jump but she keeps them locked up. However, now that we know they are good for me maybe she'll let me.
    Madi the deprived, starving kitty

  7. It looks inviting-I love those touches of red!


  8. We've been on an antioxidant diet for several years plus a few supplements thrown in for good measure. It's easy since I love fruits and vegetables.