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Snow? You've got to be kidding me!! -- a Ruby Tuesday too


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Look closely [enlarge it], in the background, at the Harbor Bridge [the 2nd tallest in Texas] You'll see the ship's "bridge" going UNDER the bridge, on the ship's channel at the city's Port of Entry. Actually, it's the ship's smoke stack you see, but I'd prefer to say its bridge, in front of the smoke stack, is just about under the automobile bridge. It looks like a target - bulls-eye. Title for post: "To bear in with the land" and headfast - headfast is: A rope employed to confine the head of a ship to a wharf to bear in with the land: loosely, to near port for docking.

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I most definitely consider Madi a FURiend of mine. And yesterday, on her blog, she had an award that she was passing on to us who are her blogging buddies. Along with the award there are rules of course. One is to give a link to take you to her blog. Which I'll do right now. Madi the Diva. Rule #2 is to post seven things about me that you don't know. Since Madi is the diva of all cats, I thought I'd share some facts of our two cats [Tahoe is a spayed female. Winston is a neutered male]:
  • Tahoe was adopted in Tucson.
  • Tahoe has a microchip in case she is lost
  • That was her name at the adoption center, we never changed it.
  • BUT!!! Tahoe comes running when we call "purrdy kitty"!!!
  • Winston was adopted here in Corpus Christi from the Humane Society
  • On his CFA registration card, he had the name YODA something or other...a big fancy schumcky name. We thought he looked like Winston Churchill...and the name stuck; Winston
  • Winston was on a TV commercial for the Humane Society
  • When Winston meows, he squeaks

  • Rule #3 is to share this award. If you'd like it for your blog...take it with you when you leave here, with my regards!! After all, anyone who visits with me is considered a friend.

    And I'd like to thank Madi and her Mom for their generosity!!

    - - -<><><>- - -


    I saw this on the online newspage from our local TV news station. I don't want to believe it, but I KNOW it's possible!! [we had about 2" of snow the first winter we lived here on Christmas Eve no less] And here, last week we had high temperatures of the mid 70s to lower 80s!!! Guess we'll be covering up our tender plants outdoors.....


    1. This site is cool. i visit here everyday.
      Just Dreams Hawaii

    2. oooo, you have a tv star in your house, how privileged you are *grin*. i so long for another pudditat, but unfortunately, so do my dogs :(

    3. i have that award to anni!..happy rt and happy love month!

      heres mine..

    4. I like your boat/bridge picture. Not quite easy for the eye to figure out what's what in it. I hope your plants won't freeze! Here's it's raining today but we'll no doubt have more snow yet before winter is over. But at least we know that's how it is so it's no big surprise! Neither for people nor for the plants...

    5. You are a precious friend, love you.

    6. Is that a floating Target store? Happy Ruby Tuesday.

    7. wow! how sweet of you. I really want to grab that Valentine's card.

      Happy RT.

    8. I did think it was Target! LOL
      well done

    9. Oh be prepared to bundle up!!
      Reb Flower

    10. Great post!!!! Love the photos ☺

    11. Hello Tahoe and Winston! Tahoe, you're from Tucson which is where I lived for many, many years before moving here to MS...Maybe it will please you to know that I still support (with a little money when I can get it left over from the monthly bills (HA!), a no-kill, no-cage cat shelter called The Hermitage, there in Tucson. It's a wonderful place in a converted house...and I miss visiting all those kitties!!

    12. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

      Happy Ruby Tuesday!

      Mine's here.

    13. Anonymous2/01/2011

      Hi! I'm your newest follower! Would love for you to stop by my blog as well when you get a chance! Hope you have an awesome week! :)


    14. Anni it is snowin everywhere..........this is the year for snow!! What can you say!!

    15. Thank you Anni for that lovely valentine. It will look perfect as my header this month.
      Loved reading about your furry family members. I did see the ship and it looks like it is going to hit the bridge.
      Congrats on the award.
      Snow? I'm so-o ready for this winter to end...we have ice in the forecast.
      Mama Bear

    16. That pink is a shade of ruby too!


      Tonight, my dear, I’m seeing red—
      Or is it puce or rose?
      Whatever’s going round my head
      Is tingling all my toes.

      My heart, my dear, becomes inflamed
      With passion sore ablaze;
      Perhaps it is because I miss
      Your glowing, crimson gaze.

      Whate’er the cause, my face is flushed
      Like a ripened cherry,
      No longer healthy, but inflamed—
      See the vessels serry*?

      A certain sanguine aftertaste
      Is clinging to my tongue,
      For I have kissed your ruby lips—
      To which the claret clung.

      *serry – (archaic) to crowd closely together

      © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

      Lady in Red

    17. I really hope you don't get snow. We have just a tiny bit, but it's pretty cold - not as bad as other places, but cold. They've called off school for two days now, which I find ridiculous.

    18. Awwww that Valentine is so adorable, I'll gladly place it on my sidebar:-)

      It was fun learning more about your kitties. Sure glad you changed Winston's name! lol

      Yikes, I sure do hope you don't get that snow they're predicting! The temps are still frigid over here, getting so tired of it. Just glad to have January behind us, that's usually the toughest month to get through weather wise. xoxo

    19. lovely card, happy valentine's in advance:)