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My toast poday is: SPOONERISMS....



Laser etched dolphins in glass [a gift from an online friend of many years] with back-lighting for shadowing Image was 'mirrored' [turned around] to have the ocean waves shadowed differently in the 2nd one...

- - -<><><>- - -


The weather here has been glorious. We've kept ourselves busy with yard work...getting the winter kill cleaned out and raking the dead leaves and pulling weeds from the flower gardens and raised flower beds. Among the bark and dead overgrowth all around, we found plenty of caterpillars. With seeing these little boogers, according to folklore, depending on how large the colored bands are, the longer the winter. Or something like that. Kinda like the Groundhog predicts Spring's arrival, the Woolly predicts harsh or mild winters. Wednesday we had finished most of it by then, and I had called the carpet cleaners to come steam all the carpeting throughout the house. Now we're ready to enjoy the beginning of a great season heading our way. NOTE: I'm posting this early [Saturday afternoon]. Bud and I have been to the beach all day without being on the computer except for early this morning...it's too beautiful a day to be indoors. Now, I'm gonna go spend some more time in the sunshine, reading my book!!!


Okay, y'all know what a 'spoonerism' is, right?
You don't?
Well, since you asked so kindly, I thought I'd give you an example...
...this is a spoonerism:
    Let's use a Cack of Pards for this.

  1. 2 of ♥s becomes a "Who of Tarts"
  2. 4 of ♥s becomes a "Whore of Farts
  3. 8 of ♥s becomes a "Hate of Arts"
  4. Ace of ♠s becomes an "Space of aids"
  5. 4 of ♦s becomes a "Door of firemans"
  6. 6 of ♦s becomes a "Dick of Simons"
  7. or lastly, a 2 of ♣s becomes a "Clue of tubs"

  8. By the way, a "Cack of Pards" becomes a Pack of Cards!!
Most times a spoonerism is just a tip of the slongue slip of the tongue, so to speak, and we all have done it. No doubt a lot of times, in our lives. The other day I asked Bud if he wanted some Jewberry Bluice. Of course, I meant Blueberry Juice. We both rolled with laughter! [by the way, just last week our 1st lady, Michelle, said the secret to a good marriage is laughter...well, we DO laugh a lot. So, maybe she's onto something.] After the giggles and snorts died down, and while we were drinking our bluice juice, the conversation lead to the old classic TV program, Hee Haw.
    Anni: "Remember the program, Hee Haw and the barber?"

    Bud: "Ya, he was a hoot, like you were just now."

    Anni: "Okay, but what was his name? He was so good at spoonerisms."

    Bud: "Don't ask me!! Go out on your Google Search and find out."

Well, I did...

The barber that was so good with spoonerisms on the program was Archie Campbell. When the commercials were over, they'd take us to the barber shop set where someone was in the barber's chair and Archie Campbell, dressed in his barber's garb behind the patron, he would begin his story tellin'. If you didn't pay close attention you were lost. If you were into spoonerisms you'd laugh yourself silly. I went a step further in my Googling and ended up at You Tube to see if I could find one of the Hee Haw ditties....or should I say Dee Haw Hitties? Oh gimme a break. Here is the classic RINDERCELLA [Cinderella]:

Here's Archie Campbell reciting " 'Twas the Christ before Nightmas "



  1. Love your dolphin shadows! How beautiful! Great ones for the day! Hope your weekend is going well, Anni! Enjoy!


  2. The dolphins do leap and play! Lovely little glass figures!


    A seeker of shadows one day
    Did trip as she went on her way;
    She picked herself up
    And dipped from a cup
    Of shadowy lemon parfait!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Listening Shadows

  3. i love glass etchings..
    have a great weekend!!

  4. Gorgeous shadow shots! At first I thought that it's an ice hehehe..

    My shadow entry

  5. The dolphins appear to be riding a wave - from the inside. Spring will arrive here someday, happily near the Gulf the signs of Spring are everywhere!

  6. Beautiful dolphins, and how interesting to see the difference when you flipped the shot.

    Love the caterpillar, what rich colouring.

    There's a great children's book on Spoonerisms called "Spooner or Later" by Paul Jennings, Ted Greenwood & Terry Denton.Very funny.

    Great post Anni, enjoy the sunshine and keep laughing ;)

  7. Oh, I don't dare show this to my husband or he'll spoonerism me to bits. He loves the things. Almost as much as he loves puns. January of last year we went to the Mayan Riviera with my brother and his wife, and it wasn't long before my sister-in-law and I realized we had created two monsters by bringing our husbands together. "You know, Kay," she said, "I love you but I'm really glad you don't live near us." LOL
    -- K
    PS - beautiful shadow shots, though, Anni.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Such a pretty dolphin glass. I remember those fuzzy caterpillars. Never could remember how they predicted the weather though! Happy SSS to you!

  9. What a lovely gift from your friend! And I laughed reading your piece about spoonerisms! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Reading a good book in the sunshine sounds lovely to me :)

  10. Too funny! I love the glass etching too-looks like ice.

  11. Hi Annie,
    I've seen laser cut glass for sure, but nothing like this piece!
    I grew up watching HeeHaw and remember always laughing my self silly! Where have all the great shows gone?
    And then, there's you, you rubbing our noses int the fact that you get to enjoy the sunshine and surf!!!!!
    (long sigh) I do love Belgium though, with all the green, and history, but I sure wish the sun would come out a little more often!
    Have a fabulous day, Annie! And throw a seashell in the ocean for me when your out there enjoying yourself!
    Debbie's Travels

  12. Love your picture ! we are still in winter, I am so fed up !

  13. Your dolphins are beautiful And,Thank You sooooo much for sharing this You Tube Post!!! I grew up watching Hee Haw and very much enjoyed hearing once again Archie's Barber Shop Tales. i have watched several of them and actually laughed out loud at a few of them. Again, Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Lovely shots of that glass sculpture. Not always easy taking photos of things like that and getting it to show up the way you wanted to!

  15. I love the funnies, Anni! And you got a great shot of the monkey. Have a great day!

  16. Anni this is hilarous.....you have an amazing mind....Thanks for the lol today.

    Oh my gosh Madi is my favorite land creature...and Dolphins my favorite water creatures.
    Hugs madi and Mom

  17. PS one thing on my bucket list is to swim with the dolphins....but I have to wrap my mind around wearing a bathing suit first.LOL

  18. Your shadow shot looks pretty Anni how are you?

  19. I love dolphins! Great shadows!


  20. Love your dolphins!! learned about spoonerism today, thanks ;)
    Got back from my leave, my almond tree greeted me with beautiful blossoms...!! Happy weekend!

  21. the dolphins are so wonderful
    what a wonderful piece

  22. I love your posts each Sunday Anni. you're a real hoot. nice shadow shot too. and I'm loving your roses here. have a beautiful week!

  23. Hahahaha! GREAT post - I love it! Wishing you a Funderful week! xx

  24. I love your dolphin paperweight! (and I remember that funny skit of Rendercella!!)

  25. What great shadow shots! I love that you showed it in both directions.

    You are too funny. I've never heard of spoonerisms! Thanks for the lesson and the laughs! Have a fun week!


  26. Hey, just noticed on your profile occupation...retired, I love that!!! Don't think I'll ever retire, love what I do too much, however, I may slow down a tad...I said MAY!!!

    Found a bunch of them crispy caterpillars today while out chasing the stick, Scratchy has me well trained!

  27. Great post--so funny. Lovely etched dolphins in the glass--very pretty. Hope you had a great day in the sunshine reading your book.

  28. So you're all prepared for Spring. In spite of several days of torrential downpours, all the trees here are in riotous blooms. I love the yellow one I'm using for awhile for my header!

    Nice dolphine shadows!!

  29. I have a record album that belonged to mom and one of the tracks is Archie Campbell doing "That's Good, That's Bad"...I remember playing it over and over again, it was so hilarious!! I actually remember him doing this skit on Hee Haw and was amazed he could get through the whole story without slipping up! lol

    Oh phooey to you about your hot sunny weather!!!! LOL It's sunny here today but only 0F with strong winds. You better watch out or I'm gonna move in your backyard! lol xoxo


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