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Mommas, yep, but I didn't see any Papas!!!

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Yesterday, we went driving around the Mustang Island, bird watching. We, of course, ended up around Port A [Port Aransas] and Aransas Pass [the area with the vehicle ferry boats to transport us over the ship's channel]. Anyway....we got to a favorite bird watching spot for us, the Paradise Ponds. Tho the vegetation was yet quite a bit into winter kill, it was still a fantastic hour we spent there----there was quite a lot of heron activity yesterday. ONE was busy collecting tree branches [yes, BRANCHES] for nest building., while others were either foraging for foods or nesting already, high in the trees. Tho the nest of the one heron that was building, was clear on the other side of the tree line [invisible to us on the pond side]...she did come down and back out into the open to collect branches. I think I happened to get some incredible photos of her. This one photo on the right, in particular, just doesn't do justice to the photos I captured during our stay there. And since they're so much better than this one, I published them all on my photo blog...COLORS OF THE WIND. The photos are so clear, and so vivid with color [with this photo, the 'ruby' is part of her beak], I know it's worth a click of your mouse to stop by. Take a look; I don't think you'll be disappointed. We stopped here with all intent on scouting for birds, but the ponds were also very active with turtles too. I even captured a little turtle porn that I'll share soon. So much going on there yesterday it was a very pleasant outing, we ended up at the golf resort beach and walked quite a long distance, and next went to the bird reserve.......except for when we had to wait for nearly 1/2 hour for the ferry to carry us across I didn't care for that...bad timing on our part!!---the ships have the right of way, and we had to wait, with our cars idling 'til the tankers got through first! Oh, and while some of you are still being hit with snow storms...it was 80 degrees down here...and a wonderful, wonderful sea breeze!! A perfect day. This link that follows in bold text will direct you to the busy momma bird!!! It will open in a new window/tab. GREAT BLUE HERON NEST BUILDING.


  1. Anni a truly beautiful picture of this gorgeous creature in his own environment. I'm heading over to see the others at your photo blog.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. Lovely...it is National Geographic quality!!

  3. M & M Nat'l Geographic? Whoa...you filled me with delight you two!! That is such a compliment. Thanks.

  4. Such a wonderful picture! It's beautiful there. We would visit Ron's mother in Corpus Christi and marvel at the wonders there about! Wishing you a grand day! Cathy

  5. What a cool thing to watch, I love the herrons. they are such elegant looking birds.

  6. now you've got my interest piqued... i'm off to the other blog.

  7. What beautiful photos of the Heron. It sounds like so much fun to ride a ferry.
    I'll also take your 80* since we are sitting at 11*. BRRRRR
    Thanks for sharing your day.
    I truly enjoy it.

  8. oH, I do love Port Aransas, which is where family lived until a few years ago.
    So glad you had such a good time.
    Of course, being tourists, we never minded waiting on the ferry. We always saw so many things, just waiting in line.
    Thanks for taking me back in time for a great memory.

  9. Mornin Annie. I can't wait till the Herons begin building around here! We discovered a big rookery last Spring for the first time, and I was so amazed at how those huge nests can stay up in those bare trees. It will soon be time for the Bald Eagles too.
    Yes I'm sorry to see Andy leave too, but somehow it will all work out.I think it's time while he was doing well, and his family needs him now. I am SOOO ready for baseball! I actually go into withdrawl after the season is over. LOL It will be a different year for Jorge Posada too being the DH, but I really like Cervelli. Oh my, I could go on and on!.
    A Yankee fan from Texas? You go girl!
    Have a wonderful day. I like all your Roses!

  10. Thanks Anni for playing the Monday game. I heard later that Java has decided to keep her MMOM blog hop going.
    I loved reading about the bird watching and the road trip. I'm going now to check out the other photos.
    Mama Bear

  11. I checked out your photos - they are beautiful! What fun you must have had!

  12. I'm surprised the heron didn't take wing and fly away when you approached, but I'm glad it didn't! (Maybe you shot with a telephoto lens?)


    A seeker of scarlet, they say,
    Is likely to savor the day
    If painted in red
    Or ruby—instead
    Of shades of monotonous grey!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    A Hint of Ruby

  13. this blog is marvelous!
    Glad I found you through FMBT... hoping you'll stop by and follow me back


  14. I like the long. spindly yet strong legs of the water dwellers. Not dainty as it looks, that bill can go down into the marsh far enough for a great meal. A fine looking avian!

  15. GREAT shot!!! Did you just "hang around" all day and watch--it would have been interesting.

  16. It sounds like you had a wonderful day!
    I hope our weather turns soon to have warmer days chasing nature.
    I'm going over to check out your other photos.

  17. What a great picture! I am your newest follower from FMBT. Love your blog! You can fine me at:


    Have a great day! :-)


  18. I taught my students children and adult that we are lucky to be in Auckland which is one hours' flight away. But we are sad for the people of Christchurch and the precious buildings.

  19. Wow! Great photos! I checked out your other blog too. Wonderful shots!


  20. Turtle porn? That I gotta see! LOL I would sit there all day to watch a heron build a nest, it must be so fascinating. You really got some gorgeous shots of them.

    As for your 80F temperatures....ppffftttttt:-)~



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