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HELP! Anyone know this it coral?

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On the beach, I think I found a piece of coral. And researching the species of corals online...I am not totally sure---if anyone KNOWS the kind it is, please let me in on it!! Anyway, the macros are truly MACRO because of the fact it is a SMALL piece... I can hold the tiny piece in my fingers. As you'll see below. Okay, so the closest I could come to by reading different sites is that it's either coral OR anemones. LOL I also read that there are indeed coral beds in the Gulf, around Texas...near Galveston. Perhaps, in my imagination, this got washed a couple hundred miles along the sea to Corpus? Did it come from Galveston? Probably not, since the currents don't come in my direction from Galveston, Texas...this is no doubt from the Old Mexico peninsula or maybe around Monterey?

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Oh, and for my next trick!-------you see by viewing with me through my car's rear view mirror that the surf is creepin' up on our car!! When we I parked on the beach....I parked facing the beach's access road. There are some days that the sand from the high tide the night before has washed in and it's really really soft. Especially if the beach hasn't been grated by the city crews yet. One could get stuck in it as easily as you can a snow drift! Trust me, I've seen so many [especially those with 4 wheel drive vehicles] gallivanting and showing off with their driving skills, only to get stuck in the soft sand and having to get out and dig out of the mess they got themselves into because the more they try and spin and rev up to get out, the deeper down in the soft sand their vehicle goes!! In fact, I have seen several having to call the emergency beach vehicles to help PULL them out. And rumor has it stated that that mistake of yours costs up to $300 for their help!!! Anyway, I usually park facing the 'exit' when I'm driving so to make a quick getaway. LOL But, this time, it was kinda an eye opening see, me thinks I parked a bit too close to the surf. Well, not at the beginning of our adventure that day....but by the time we got back to the car, she was having her back feet wet as the tide came in and out. Poor thing. I tellya, if we had walked more than an hour this fine day, we'd had come back to seeing our car floating out in the Gulf waters!!! Trust me, we high tailed it outta there in no time flat. I know I learned my lesson...just 'cause it was low tide upon arrival, doesn't mean it'll stay low tide forever. FROM NOW OWN...PARK CLOSER TO THE DUNES ANNI!!! Oh, and yes, in case you're curious----I got my a$$ chewed on a bit from Bud...he thought I was stupid. I wouldn't admit tho, that he was right this time. Of don't think I'd actually come out and say he was right, do you?


  1. in homer simpson's words... i may not always be right, but i'm never wrong!

  2. Whatever that is, is cool! Such a little piece but those details are amazing.
    Don't tell Bud he was right - :)

  3. I don't know if it is or not but it certainly is lovely! Cathy

  4. My son would know what it is, he is collecting pieces for his salt water aqarium. I am glad you did not get caught in the sand there. Looks kind of close though.

  5. Anni that is one tiny piece of coral....I love the little imprints in it....
    OMC you are a daredevil thank goodness your wheels didn't end up on a sand dune like the piano in Florida....careful or Bud will suspend your driving privileges.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. Sorry don't know what it is but it is really cute! Let us know when you find out!

  7. Hi Anni,

    I don't know what you found, but it sure is dainty and pretty. I'm glad that the water didn't snag your car. We haven't been able to park on the beaches in Oregon for probably 40 years! In Washington, though, the beaches are state highways. It is funny how each state is different.

    Have a wonderful week,


  8. I love the little piece..It looks like it has a mouth..I'm thinking anemone. I have never seen a piece that looks like that...I'll be interested to know if you find out...glad you got back to the car in time.
    Mama Bear

  9. I don't know if this is coral, but it is absolutely gorgeous!! Love your roses too :)

  10. You really were able to get some great macro shots of that little piece of coral, wow! So fascinating all the designs on it. Hopefully someone will be able to identify it properly for you.

    Oh dear, it's a darn good thing you got back to your car when you did! Yikes! And of course not, you should never tell a man he's right! lol xoxo

  11. It's a coral. Where ever it comes from doesn't matter it's already on your hands and you gonna enjoy it. Look at the detail it's pretty cool. I haven't seen corals for a long time now, I used to see it everyday since my hometown in the Philippines is very close to the sea. Happy Monday!
    Yellow Flowers

  12. Oh Anni, what a great find. Excellent shots, it looks like coral to me.

  13. Lovely details of the tiny coral!

  14. Not sure what it is either, but it is soooo neat.
    Don't admit that he was right. Sorry to hear about the a$$ chewing. I get them from time to time also.LOL
    Have a wonderful day.

  15. How come he didn't tell you not to park there in the first place? He should have known about the tide...right?...;}