Up in Smoke....

Picture this: Husband and wife at home...husband on couch with Winston [the cat] on his lap. Husband petting cat...wife, in kitchen cleaning the counter off...while husband sings off key----------

- - -<><><>- - -

- :::singing::: "Me-e-e-e and my Winston, me and my Winston...we got a real good thing."

Hootin' Anni - :::smiling::: "That's from an old, old commercial!! Boy that brings back memories from long ago."

Bud - "Julie London sang that on TV."

Anni - "No, that wasn't Julie London!"

Bud - "Yes it was, she was once married to Jack Webb".

Anni - "Well, she was married to him, but she didn't sing for Winston cigarettes, she sang for the Marlboro cigarettes." Anni - :::singing::: "You get a lot to like with a, Mar-r-r-lboro. Filter, Flavor, Pack or Box."

Bud - "No, it was for Winston Cigarettes".

Anni - Go to Google..you'll see I'm right."

BUD GRABS HIS PHONE AND PROCEEDS TO LOAD GOOGLE. He types in "Me and My Winston [sic: 's'] Commercial" and finds a You Tube video of the 1968 commercial....

silence... :::he's thinking to himself now while Anni gloats::: Dang, Anni's right again.

Anni :::looking over Bud's shoulder::: "Now go check out Julie London for Marlboro and you'll see I'm right on that too."


Anni - "You can see I'm right, can't you?"

Bud - "I guess. Don't you ever get tired of being right?"

Anni just smiles.

Bud, not wanting to be shown up says in defense - "She was married to Jack Webb at one time."

Anni - "Uh huh".

Bud - "And she had red hair."

Anni - "Well, when she sang the commercial, maybe...but I've seen her with blond hair too."

Bud - "Her hair was always red."

Anni - "Oh gimme a break, wouldya? A woman's hair color can be changed in an hour's time. She had blond hair too."

Bud - "Show me."

Anni - "Gimme the phone!"

Finding proof Anni swipes the phone window to Bud's face...."See? Blond!!"

Bud starts to speak, but Anni gets in the LAST word..."It doesn't pay to argue, you'll get burned every time {{{snort}}}."

NO...BUD gets the last word: "Well, it isn't PACK or box, it was Flip top box!!!"

photo of Julie courtesy of Julie London dot ORG


  1. HILARIOUS!!!Oh my stars I'm rolling on the floor!!! I'd pay good money to be a fly on your walls.

    Bud needs to learn not to argue with a lady who is armed with a Smart Phone!!!

  2. LOL sounds like me and hubby. how funny

  3. This is so funny....usually when Honey Bear and I do this it is when we see an actor on TV or a movie who we recognize but can't remember their name...Jon Voight is one that gets me every time. I recognize him but his name always escapes me....Before we could look up something instantly, if I knew I was right, I would just bide my time until I could prove it...now it is instantly like with you and Bud.
    Funny, how these commercials were so glamorous. I had forgotten that.
    Thanks for the laugh, Anni...now tell me who sang the Winston Commercial. It kind of looks like Elizabeth Montgomery.
    Mama Bear

  4. FUNNY... This was a very cute post!!!

  5. Oh Anni... How funny
    I just love it when I can prove to hubby that I am right too!!!
    Have a great weekend
    Thanks for stopping by and the leaving the sweet comment.

  6. So funny! Sounds like me and Bob. I tell him I'm always right too, so when I goof up he really harasses me about it.

  7. Where have I heard similar conversation before? Hubby is right on occasion too, lol!

  8. Hi Annie..That is just too funny! Hubby and I have similar conversations when we see people in movies...but usually Hubby is right.. not me. :o)

    Great post!
    Donna @ Comin' home

  9. funny conversation. :) oh my 1968 commercial.. me and my winston, :P

  10. Funny!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to see you again!


  11. Anni, this is too funny!! You and Bud are two of a kind eh?

  12. Gosh anni, i haven't been born in 1968!

    and oh, it pays to argue! especially when hubby is a fighter as Bud is ^_^

    the thing is, arguing or not, it is still an open communication, lol

  13. Don't you just love it when you are right..... do men never learn .....

  14. That's too funny, Bud should indeed know by now that you're always right! hehe I don't remember those commercials at all but I did know who Julie London was as I remember her from the show Emergency. I think her name was Dixie in it. And she had blonde hair at that time. lol xoxo

  15. She was blond on the old show Emergency. Funny!!


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