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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Tote that barge...lift that bale---

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...a meme where you match photos to song lyrics

Ol' man river,

Dat ol' man river

He mus'know sumpin'
But don't say nuthin',

He jes'keeps rollin'

He keeps on rollin' along.

Song LINK: "Ol' Man River" from musical Showboat [original recording star, Paul Robeson 1936 - YouTube version I chose: Frank Sinatra]
Photos: all along the river in our city: Nueces River
near I-37


  1. Thanks for sowing this song in my sleepy head! I'm on my way to bed and I hope it and your beautiful images play inside my topknot as I drift off. Thank you and Good Night!

    P.S. I love your blog-look; it's definitely the cat's meow!

  2. that looks like the river to spend a lazy sunday afternoon next to...

  3. Beautiful photos of the river Anni, it looks so relaxing as it rolls along. I especially like your first shot with that gorgeous blue sky in the background. Blue sky is something we haven't seen much of here lately.

  4. What a beautiful spot in your area! I love the song you put with the pictures. I can just hear it now!

  5. Yay!!!! Ol' Man River makes me think of a lazy spring/summer day....and it warmed me all the way to the bone on this very cold (22 degrees) morning!!! I nearly threw my shoe at the radio this we didn't know..the DJ says winter is has just begun..

    Madi and Mom

  6. PS Old Blue eyes can belt it out too!!!
    Now if we just had someone with a Dean Martin song today we'd have a full 'Rat Pack'!!!

  7. M&M Mom? I think we DO have the 'rat pack' back....I believe it was Rinky Rimes that has a Dean Martin Song today. roflmao

  8. It was a moving ceremony...

    Your river pictures are fantastic... Loved them!


  9. Good Morning Annie...
    All I can say about the write up today?

    Amen and Amen all the way down the river. I love it and I will keep on rolling right along with you here at Hootin Annie's. Love ya sweetie.

    Thank you for the beautiful write from your heart today. Couldn't have been written better by anyone else.

    Hope you have a gorgeous day sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  10. Anni, I just love Paul Robeson's voice.
    Frank Sinatra, he was good, too, LOL. Excellent choice of song.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. Beautiful song and shots!! Happy New Year! real life keeps me away from blogging but I always come back :)

  12. I wish I would have watched President Obama saying that speech, I'm sure I would have loved it as well. He has to be the most articulate president I've ever seen:-) Let's hope that politicians around the world heed his words. They must stop getting the people riled up into a frenzy whenever they have a political much hatred can be caused and unfortunately some individuals take it into their heads to act on it.

    Love your pictures to Old Man River:-) xoxo

  13. Your post is very nice ! and you are right.

    I love the song Ol'Man River' I even loved it when I didn't understand the words because my English wasn't good enough.

  14. Love the pictures and the peaceful song.

    I don't know if it's been as cold on the western slope as over here, but any way you look at it, coming home from a length of time in Hawaii would be shocking to the system! Dwight and I have been homesick for Kona this last couple of weeks!

  15. Such beautiful river scenes! Thanks for sharing!