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A 'shadowy' existence - amongst the dust?


Broken shell washed ashore..
with a bit of seaweed clinging..

- - -<><><>- - -


Well, with Spring just around the corner here in Coastal Texas, [the trees will be budding out in a week or two] it's time for me to start preparing for the annual Spring Cleaning inside before the weather turns ideal in a couple of weeks. I tellya, I've really been lax at keeping the house dust free this past year. And it shows. I just know when I begin the ten room chore, I am gonna find all kinds of webs in the corners and around the ceiling and light fixtures. Yep, that's just how lazy I've been this time. I never kept up with it for some reason...and I'm gonna pay the price. A couple of weeks ago, I started decluttering some things. Books, clothes in the closet, shoes, and such. But nearly not enough. It's time!! And I'm pretty sure, I'll begin in a day or two. When I look at all the dust accumulated to the point where I could write volumes in it, I know it's time. I may seem to have fallen off the face of blog world for a few days, but you'll know where I am. And sure, I'll keep posting with posts that are pre scheduled in draft, but I probably won't be around to do much visiting each day.

Now, back to writing about the past week in summary. The only thing that got accomplished outside the house this week was...I had gone to get my hair trimmed and thinned out for Spring. That's always a given these days now that I am trying to keep my hairstyle short. While the ground is still under a bit of winterkill [the grass mostly] there is a lot of work to do outdoors also. I cleaned out one of the rose gardens, but only of weeds. The bushes will need trimming back once the weather begins to warm more. I accomplished making some meals to freeze so when I do start house cleaning, I won't have to prepare full meals...just get something out of the freezer and reheat. We went for a couple of walks only because of nasty weather. One day along the beach...........FINALLY!! Combing the area of our two hour walk, I found very few items. But it was still just so very nice to be able to get outdoors and walk in what lately has been a so very absent sun. We both sat on the jetty for a few minutes and just watched the sea birds and listened to the pounding surf. After that, we stopped at our favorite bookstore and searched for some bargains. I found three. One that I have been wanting to REread...Grisham's "The Client" [I, personally, think this is his all-time BEST novel], "A Woman Called Moses" about Harriet Tubman, and one genre I don't really read a lot of, but the title was a subject I've always liked to read about and that is Jack the Ripper...the book is a Sherlock Holmes novel, "The Whitechapel Horrors". Yep, I'm gonna keep myself busy, reading, cleaning and eating in the next few days/week. I'm sure I'll enjoy the eating best of all. LOL But, once the house is cleaned from ceiling to floor, I'll be very pleased to have Stanley Steamer come out and shampoo the carpeting throughout the house. It too is in dire need.

cleaning equipment graphic courtesy of Google Images


  1. All the best with your spring cleaning! It's a job and a half, but so worth it once you've caught up!

  2. Love the horns on the shadow shell. The beach is a never ending source of shadows and fascination.

  3. That's a sweet shadow the broken little shell casts. All the best with your spring cleaning! You'll feel so much better once it's all done, and then you need to reward yourself. That's what I do to motivate myself :)

  4. oh, spring feels much,MUCH farther away up here! Love your shell shadow.

  5. Laura Ya, by the time Spring hits most in the North, tho the calender says it's Spring still...we DO have Summertime temps down South. And, I can't wait!! LOL

  6. Very interesting shell.Maybe you could get some shadow shots of cobwebs in all of your cleaning frenzy.

  7. Mississippi Artist Ohhhhhhhh, you have me rollin'! What a great sense of humor.

  8. Thanks for your comment of my SSS. Yours is also cute. Happy weekend.

  9. How lovely to know you are enjoying yourself at the seaside. Love your shell shadow, from the shadow alone, for a moment, I thought it was a crab.

    I went down to the sea this afternoon too and the water was so warm that I am planning to go down again today for a lovely swim.

  10. What a sweet little shadow...it looks like it should have a face :)

  11. Such an interesting and fascinating picture of the seashell!
    Have fun starting your spring cleaning!
    Have a fabulous day!

  12. Very nice photo of the seashell and its shadow! Enjoy the spring cleaning extravaganza!! It will feel great once you're done!

  13. Love the shell shadow, Anni. Envy you the early spring, too, but a wonderful thing happened this morning. When I let the dog out, I could hear birds chirping in our big trees overhead. First morning in a long time, so the birds must think it is spring here despite all the snow. I really should get feeders, because there's nothing for them to eat that I can see.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  14. Hi Anni
    you are the ambitious one. It's almost spring there? wow, your winters are short, I love hearing how it is in other parts of the country. and one of the best things about blogging is learning how it is in other parts of the world! We had a super cold week here is Wisconsin, but tempuratures have moderated now and I can sense a shift towards spring. I'm loving your shadow shot. it's unique and a treasure. have a great week Anni, and happy SSS!

  15. Budding trees is still a far future event here! I am contemplating a major declutter job which MUST be completed before July, but it's not February yet, so...!

    Enjoy spring!

  16. Cool shadow horn on the seashell. Up here in the Ozarks, it's not quite time to shovel out the house for spring yet.

  17. how cute to see the comment field light up with valentine wishes!
    pretty, soft colors in this shadow shot.

    Thank you for your visit at GalleryJuana.blogspot.com

  18. Your shell picture is so beautiful and clear.

  19. Anonymous1/23/2011

    You are such a Sunday Shadow, Anni, WAW dear friend :-D

  20. Cool shadow!


  21. Lot's of good intentions there! Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, have you read Laurie King's take on Sherlock Holmes? She has written a
    fascinating series of novels about Sherlock of today! Do you have any notions as to who Jack the Ripper was, I wonder...

  22. Margaret Ummmmmm, yes I DO know who Jack the Ripper was...it's a fascinating piece of history how it's still remaining an unsolved serial murder case.

  23. The shell sits forlorn on the sand, its only companion the clingy seaweed. Yet it sits on a beach where you (not us northerners, alas) will soon be enjoying the warm Gulf breezes. A stark shadow that makes long for beach days...

  24. Anonymous1/23/2011

    Perfect shadow. The sun was out yesterday for a bit and I thought of spring cleaning too. A couple of kitchen cupboards and I was done for the day. :) I am never enthused about this job.

  25. Love your shell shadow...how lovely - wish we could walk about the beach for exercise about now...we just have to hop on the treadmill...not quite as fun & no shells! Sounds like spring cleaning is starting off right...that's what I need to do right now - organize...then the cleaning will come after :) Wishing you lots of luck with it this week!!

  26. great shell photo. Charmaine

  27. Hi there Anni !
    Love the shell and seaweed .. perfect shadow shot girl : )
    Also the valentine them is really cute too .. did you say Spring cleaning ? eeekkkkk !!

  28. First of all, your comment today just blew me away - this post was so simple and probably the shortest since my first one. Thanks so much for the amazingly kind words.

    Cleaning - yuck! My house is in dire, desperate need of a deep cleaning - I hate the thought. I have also been very lax with the dust. And the clutter - oh, my. But with the littles here so much, it is a losing battle with clutter especially.

    I can't remember the plot of The Client, but will refresh my memory - I'm on the list for the latest one at the library and looking forward to reading it. Hope it's good.

    I envy you this time of year, but as you know, not later! The sitting by the ocean sounds wonderful. I found a picture last night when I was looking through albums for the one I posted - I found one of what I am sure is the beach down there. I'll have to post it or at least send it to you - from Dad's days in the Navy.

    Have a good week!

  29. Hi Anni,
    Your shell shadow photo is perfect.

    It sounds like you are going to be a busy girl. You are lucky to be getting spring so soon ... we probably will be waiting until June around here. Of all the things you listed of needing to do, we need to have our carpets cleaned the very most.

    I wish I could dip my feet in the warm ocean!

    Take care,


  30. Anonymous1/23/2011

    Just a second or two the shell lokes like a dogs tooth ;-)
    When you finished cleaning your home, you shall be very welcome doing the same at me and Rimkogerens home - and too take care of our garten *LOL*
    May the week be successful with all your plans ;-)

  31. What an interesting shell! I never would have imagined that shadow coming from it. Reminds me of a skull (with horns or antlers, of course).

  32. You sound like you are going to be very busy Anni! I hope the dust goes quickly so you can get back to the important tasks of reading and eating. I love your smoothed shell find-it is so lovely to walk along the beach whatever the weather!

  33. Oh, what a lovely little shadow! Spring is still months away here :-)

  34. Good luck with the spring cleaning Anni. Love the shell shot!


    If shadows could talk,
    Just what would they say?
    If you listen close,
    You’ll hear them, you may.
    Shadows do chatter
    And gossip and talk
    In the store windows,
    Along the sidewalk,
    Over the mountains,
    On prairie and plain,
    Begging for sunshine
    And not days of rain;
    Emboldened by light,
    The stark shadows say:
    “We’re out for a lark,
    Please join us at play!”

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadow Sweeper

  36. Anni....you know my address so feel free to head on up this way once you finish your spring cleaning.
    I agree The Client was Grisham's best.
    Happy evening,
    Madi and Mom

  37. A lovely little reminder of the beach, and a great shadow shot. I wish it was Spring here, it's -22 degrees and everything is covered in snow. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  38. Gonna be quite some time yet before anything buds out here in the heartland, in the meantime we plan for the spring to come, gardening in our heads. Our Mississippi shores are quite frozen right now, nothing but ice for miles awaiting a spring thaw two months away...sigh!!!

  39. neat shadow - thanks for stopping by our blog!

  40. That's a cool shadow shot.
    Spring cleaning - what's that? :)

    Sorry I'm late - had a technical problem...

  41. Ahem...Spring is just around the corner over there, rub it in why don't ya!!! lol It will be another couple of months before I can say that for over here!

    Isn't it amazing how much the dust can collect when you're not looking?? I know how much of a big job it is to declutter and clean a house so good luck with that! Great idea to make meals ahead and freeze them, that will certainly save you a lot of time. xoxo


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