The shadow of her[or his] smile.....


On my lunch break this past week, I walked around the marina on a sunny, balmy afternoon. This heron actually let me walk up close and personal!!! [one of its toes was missing]

- - -<><><>- - -

A little bit over a week of 2011 taken from me already! Where did the week go I wonder? Not that it went by fast; it didn't for was just the idea of having all those beautiful gorgeous days that I was cooped up in a courthouse with no windows, nothing but pure boredom. As y'all know I had received a jury summons around Christmas and the New Year weekend. So, early Monday morning, when I normally would be in my room, on the computer, I had to jump in the shower and get ready to mosey on down to the county courthouse. Around this neck of the woods, if you are not selected first off, for the scheduled trials of the day, you are to remain for others throughout the week, or until all jurors are properly selected...and then, afterward the court clerk will pick a handful of jurors for backup if no one shows or if there are dismissals of other jurors who aren't liked. So, it made for a long week...for me. I feel as if I've been on a long road trip and not being home much except for when it's dark o'thirty only to eat, sleep and start the rigmarole over the very next day. It really puts a damper on my lifestyle. Not that I have anything better to do, it's just that the complete boredom of it all tends to wear thin, and after a while the book I take with me tires my eyeballs and I feel the need to jump up and run around the courthouse parking lot just to get some movement in my system...I hate having to sit, sit, sit. No jury duty for's over for another two years when the whole spiel begins anew. Maybe it's every three years that the summonses go out, but no matter....soon, I will no longer be eligible because of age. Yippee...if ever I look forward to 'old age', it's because of this. I've been selected to sit in as a juror three times in my life, and I've learned that no matter, it's the one who hires the costliest lawyer who "wins", guilty or not guilty. Money speaks volumes...I can't say too much good comes from our own justice system. Even if the verdict is guilty, it seems parole or bail is often the way out without serving the time for the crime. The justice system really is all about who has the most money. Anyway, come Friday afternoon around 2 the clerk released those of us left in the central jury room to go home. Yay!! I was like a kid released from school for recess. Oh ya, I know, it doesn't sound like I'm much for one doing my civic duty and handling it very well...yes indeedy....just give me some WHINE with my dinner, thank you very much.

- - -

On a happier note, I must tell you this little ditty. Our neighbor right next door to us has the cutest little dog. I love him to pieces. Well, the Sunday before I had to report to court, a bunch of cop cars were parked out on the door. A crowd had gathered, but I didn't want to go out and see what was going on at the time. And I haven't had a chance to talk at all with the neighbor...but during all the hoopla of the cops and crowds, Bud and I saw from our front room window [all during the Cowboys last football game of the season]---we saw the animal control truck pull up by our mailbox, they had, on long chains, two pit bull dogs......I was worried that they had attacked our neighbor's little dog, or worse someone's child. Well, all week when I got home in the evening, I would ask Bud if the our cute little furiend had been seen out and about. He usually has the run of the 'hood! LOL Bud would sigh and report "No, he hasn't been around. I bet he was butchered by those loose dogs." Well, I felt sad all week and at times I would catch myself thinking of the cute little booger...gone for good. Coming home Friday afternoon, nearing our driveway and fumbling for the garage door opener, I spied him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped out of the car and walked out of the garage and whistled for him to come see me. He came running up to me. I checked him out good, for wounds or stitches...nothing in sight. He's alive and well. I feel good all under. Bud heard my whistle and came out to greet the both of us...he was elated to see him as well. I still haven't had a chance to talk with his owners yet, since they both work long hours each day and keep indoors mostly on the weekend recouping from their work week, but I will let them know just how worried the two of us were. What a relief.

- - -

Okay, so this weekend I will try and catch up on my visitors. I thank you all for being such faithful friends while I was tending to the summons of doom. I have just a few menial plans for the week ahead. I am going to clean out and 'gut out' the DVDs and VCR tapes that we haven't watched in years and instead of trading them in at Half Price Books this time, I'm going to get them sent over to the Women's shelter...they can always use those for their entertainment at night when the doors are closed and they're locked in for safety. Then, I am going to do the same with my books...get them cleaned out and take them in to trade in. And after catching up with everyone here, I am going to get outdoors!!! Cold front coming in from the Canadian Arctic or not!!! I've been a shut in far too long. As I type this at 4 a.m. Sunday morning, we are receiving a vicious downpour and it just started tossing a hailstone or two. Hope this doesn't last too long.


  1. Glad you found Bud. He is adorable.

  2. Lass Well, I found Bud over 40 years ago...the dog's name is Snickers. LOL

  3. I would have a hard time with jury duty too. I'm not the most patient when told to sit and wait. So far, I've never been called.
    Glad you neighbor dog is ok!
    That artic front came through here. It's 0 degrees here this morning. I'm not looking forward to heading out to work!

  4. Hi Anni! I love your heron shadow shot-it is amazing how close you got. I really like seeing herons but I have never been that near. Your jury service week sounds a pain. I am pleased you now have your time back to yourself! Glad also that your little neighbour dog is safe and well! He looks very cute.

  5. That crane shadow is almost perfect! Hard to tell where the bird stops and the shadow begins!

    What a cute pup, too!! I'm a sucker for dogs.

  6. That's a beautiful shadow shot of the heron. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  7. Anni, as I was reading this I was wonderful if the storm was getting y'all. It just now blew in here. No rain or hail, just terrible, terrible wind... at 6:35 A.M. I heard there could have been tornados in your area. Hope all is well.
    Glad the pup is okay!
    Take care,
    Ladybug Creek

  8. Cute dog, I'm glad he was okay!

    Lovely heron too and very nice shadow!

  9. Wow Anni you had a lot to share today...must feel good to just say what has been on your mind and heart after an arduous week! The heron photo is fantastic...and what a sweet little pooch, no wonder you're heart was so concerned. I'm glad it all worked out. Enjoy your time, that is now your own again.

  10. Love the critter! I work in the circuit clerk's office in my hometown. When jury summons go out, we start getting the phone calls. No one wants to serve, everyone has a reason why they can't. We get in tons of letters begging to be excused. So, I say you have done your civic duty. Well done! At least you showed up. ;)

  11. BJ No, I can't say I have an excuse NOT to serve, but I don't have to like it. LOLOLOL

  12. Love the bird shadow - thanks for stopping by i have joined your blog. How sweet is that dog!

  13. Anni - the heron shadow shot is wonderful. I live near Puget Sound and often get to see these big sea birds, but not usually so close up. Congrats for surviving jury duty and I'm happy to hear that the little dog was okay.

  14. Good for the heron, to be at home around your marina. You got a nice and special shadow shot of such a visit.

  15. Hi Annie, there's a great blue heron that lives near the pond by my house. He's been named Henry, and I love those days when I see him standing in the water, perfectly still, just waiting. Your guy is lucky to have survived the mishap that took his toe. Great shadow shot.
    It is minus 2 here this morning and so warm by you; it's mind blowing! Have a great week!

  16. I love the heron.I feel the same way about the justice system-though I do feel guilty about it.That precious little dog, I am glad he is o.k.-His owners need to keep him fenced and safer!

  17. Mississippi Artist I don't feel guilty at all....most times my thoughts are justified. And yes...I agree, they have a fenced in back yard, but still they let Snickers run free.

  18. Very nice shadow! Thanks for stopping by!!

  19. My son is in law enforcement here in town and even if I do get a summons to sit on a jury I would most likely be dismissed....... Bummer! I have always wanted to sit on a jury one time in my life....... it is on my bucket list! Now you can cross that off of yours!

    Have a happy pretty Sunday.....

  20. Anonymous1/09/2011

    I've tried for years to get just one great shot of a heron or egret, but they won't let me get this close - very nice shadow shot! And thanks for visiting :)

  21. Anni it was so nice of you to visit my blog site. Your heron picture is amazing. I have only done jury service once in my life and that was about 20 years ago. I was sooo tired at the end of the court case. You have to listen so carefully to all the evidence and then weigh everything up. The responsibility of having someone else's life on the line with the decision you make is pretty stressful too. I don't envy you! Glad your neighbour's little dog made it home in one piece though :0)

  22. Enjoyed your blog. I'm a native Texan and always feared a jury summons there. Now that we live in Oregon I don't mind it so much. You serve only one day here unless chosen for a jury. I can handle one day without too much stress. Boredom is an awful thing to endure and a whole week of it is more than anyone should suffer through.

  23. Love your shadow shot, Anni, nice cross-shadows with the heron.
    Jury duty is bad enough, but having to waste a week and then not doing anything useful? Ghastly!
    I like your idea about taking things to the Women's Shelter. I must try to remember that next time we have a box of "stuff"!
    Dreadfully cold and snowy here. It looks pretty but my husband was out last night and reports it is bad-bad-bad to drive in blowing, drifting snow.
    -- K
    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  24. Nice when the birds pose for us. I find herons to be a bit less skittish than egrets.
    This must be the season for jury duty as I just got my summons. I'm to report in the second week in February, the same week we have reservations in Yosemite. I can postpone it once. I wish they had called me this month when the weather is so gloomy that I hardly want to set foot outside.

  25. great shadow shot and boy am I glad your fur friend was ok.

  26. Anonymous1/09/2011

    "I've been selected to sit in as a juror three times in my life, and I've learned that no matter, it's the one who hires the costliest lawyer who "wins", guilty or not guilty. Money speaks volumes..."!

    ...Interesting readings for a Dane - my english is to bad to tell you how things are going on in danish courthauses, but like yours - no way ;-)

    To your shadow photo, just great, and a missing toe don't need to let life die - last year we had a dove with only one leg, and he/she survived the strongest winter in more than 10 years here on my island, Lolland - came to our bird-eats in the garden and in front of the house 4 months ;-)

  27. What a terrific shadow shot of the heron!! Amazing he let you get so close! Hope you have a great week! Enjoy!



    Heron strutting on the dock,
    Human creatures stop to gawk
    At your vanished, missing toe.
    (Where did that poor digit go?)
    Does it cause you pain to walk
    Inch by inch along the dock?
    And if you are in such pain
    What, then, do you hope to gain
    By your strutting here and there
    Heron wild, O heron fair?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Beyond the Walls

  29. Hello there Hoot girl ! LOL
    You have a great blog here and that picture of the heron is awesome ! I really should get out more into our country side but the snow thing sort of puts a damper on that ! wink wink
    Thanks very much for stopping by my blog and leaving comments : ) I appreciate it !
    Joy : )

  30. Anonymous1/09/2011

    Just after thinking over my comments, I remembered my comics this sunday at my "anjoe legehus"

    Have a nice week

  31. Wow, your shadow looks great!

  32. Luckily we don't work with the Jury system here too much corruption I would imagine, sounds like hard work. Want to change places we are having 37 degrees here and I think that I am melting......

  33. Beautiful heron, and beautiful shadow!

  34. Love your shadow sho9t, Anni! The Shadow of Your Smile was our wedding song 40+ years ago! :)

  35. Mary [teach] How cool is that? To have my title today give you a romantic memory such as your wedding song?!!!

  36. Hello there,
    Love your posts and the dog next door must really be precious. You should post some pics of that little guy (that is if his mom and dad will let you)
    Yes I do walk most days, getting ready to go now (even if it is a cold 36 degrees). I take my camera - always! Love to get outside and soak in the air and talk to God (I call them my God walks) and get a few pics.
    Sounds like you work in a great loc. for great pictures.
    Looking forward to looking more at your blog,

  37. Hi Anni, your justice systen sounds the same as ours, plea bargaining, parole, etc. Although one of our politicians received 14 years recently for accepting bribes. Good job, I say.

    I'm so glad your neighbour's little dog is okay. Those pit bulls are outlawed here now. Can't buy them at all because there have been too many attacks in which they've been involved.

    I'm also starting to suffer from cabin fever. We are having rain and floods of biblical proportions, the lawn is up around the window sills and the weeds are higher than the plants. It's very soggy and as I write this, it has started to bucket down again. Such is life...

    Take care.

  38. Love your shadow shot ...and reading of your jury duties (I have managed to get off the one time I received a jury summons thank goodness!), and of the wee dog ...hnmm, I wonder what all that palaver was about??
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  39. Hello Anni! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your gimp-toe heron ShadowShot is very nice. I was so glad to read that your neighbor's dog was okay. He looks aLoT like our Welsh Terrier,Hootie. Also a very sociable pooch, with such a wanderlust that he needs to have a close eye kept on him at all times! Have a great weekend.

  40. I've only been called once for jury duty - well, twice if you count the one I got out of because I had just that day begun taking care of the grands and they gave me a pass for a month. The next month I went in, was picked in the first 13, but was dismissed when I began crying during the examination. It was too close to home for me at that time and I couldn't do it. I'm glad it's over for you and you didn't get picked for some long trial.

    I'm so glad that cute little puppy is okay. He is adorable. I am very curious about what happened that made the police come.

    I love the picture of the heron - they are such lovely objects for photography.

  41. Wow! So much to share, Anni. I like the idea of divesting DVDs etc. I too am dumping several of ours. I was going to Good Will but perhaps a better idea is to take them to Samaritan House.

  42. Great shot -- a close encounter of the bird kind.


  43. Great heron shot! Thanks for stopping by and happy new year!

  44. What a great shot!! I can't believe you got close enough to notice a missing toe! That's fantastic.


  45. Love that Heron!! 4am!!!! Really!!! Hope your week pans out OK. Thanks for your visit.

  46. Hi Anni,

    Thanks so much for visiting. I love your shadow shot of the Heron, what a lovely place to walk in your lunch break.

    I have joined as one of your followers, your blog is fun to read. And I was happy that the little dog was ok.

  47. How lovely that heron is. I see them around from time to time near where I live but they never allow me close enough to take a nice photo. Very shy birds. You must have a special way with them :)

    Have a great week!

  48. Poor heron...I wonder if he was born without that extra toe...or if he lost it to a hungry alligator or something.

    Thankfully, because I've spent so many hours testifying in court as a forensic nurse on my cases, they never use me as a juror. Regardless, my doctor tells me, because of my extensive back surgery and spinal stenosis, kidney stones, and the diuretic I'm on for hypertension, I shouldn't really be a juror for those reasons.

  49. Anonymous1/10/2011

    I found you again at last - at first I heroneously clicked on the wrong link.
    Nice photo. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  50. Great capture of the heron, Anni!

    Thanks for stopping by for Shadow Shot Sunday fun.

    Have a great week hunting shadows.

  51. What a gorgeous shot of the heron! Great shadow as well!


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