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I started listening to this video and just couldn't stand listening any more than a few's a long 7+ minute video and filled with political blubber....My opinion!!!

This video just makes me ill at ease. A woman who is claiming that all is hunkie-dorie with the use of words....referencing the Duels of long past politicians while a Congresswoman lies in a hospital fighting for her life. It's just beyond me if anyone would continue to follow such a person who makes a speech of compassion and prayer [so to speak] for the well being of said Congresswoman and still turn this into a political stance. Tsk tsk Ms. P@lin...I ask, do you really KNOW what you said in all this. Of course, she literally didn't pull the trigger, but her words and actions are followed by the deranged [as is the result with ANY politician's actions and speeches]. No, I'm not pointing a finger of guilt on, I'm not. I just wish it'd all end and the country would be whole and healthy again. Not in my lifetime I fear. I say I'm not pointing a finger at her, but I have tons of questions floating in my brain now.......
No remorse, no compassion, not one single thing but a well staged, well written [you could see she was reading that's why I ask if she really knows what she stated], lone [she had complete control of this speech allowing no one to ask questions or remark in any way] tactic to clear an image...why, I ask did her FB crosshairs disappear? Why was she afraid for questioning by speaking only on HER online outlet? Why was there reference to blood libel when anyone who has a lick of history sense knows it deals with Hitler and Jews...ummmm, Giff0rds is Jewish is she not? I also allow myself to state unbalanced followers will act on speeches, and or words [it's like brainwashing from ALL those who want and need followers...NOT just in the political field either!!!]...for instance, look at history once again, with Ch@arles M@nson....his followers, what did they do? Mass Murder!! So, so many BLOGgles my mind.

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