It was the best of times....


Jellyfish Sting is very excruciating, but not lethal

This one was washed ashore, soon to perish
since it has no means of propulsion, it glides
along the currents and oftentimes found on
the beaches.

I thought its air bladder created a great shadow.

- - -<><><>- - -

First off, I and Bud broke down and succumbed to the 21st century. We've only had camera phones, and cellphones land lines. Now for our New Year's gift to each other we went and done it!! Yep, we got'er done!!! Bought two smart phones, and I tellya, learning all this stuff and being able to peruse the internet with a cellphone is making me giddy with delight. LOL...but I must admit, so far the 'back key' on the keyboard is my favorite! [insert a snort here] Summarizing the year 2010 this week....I think of the opening lines of Dickens' "Tale of Two Cities" ...It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

I've tried to be the optimist....well, I've LEARNED to be more optimistic, let me put it that way. Oh ya, I used to catastrophize all the time, wondering about this and about that and the what if this happened to us...even before it happened, or had a chance to happen. I must admit it really put a lot of stress on my life, living with myself and my eternal/internal thoughts and fright of things I could not foresee. So, now, many years later, I think I've finally come to terms that I can't keep life from happening and the whys and ifs are no longer a burden. Personally, it has helped me a lot to accept things I cannot change. I also must admit I do not see why others are always so negative when all around us, there are others who are worse off than we are. So, for 2010, I feel there were no 'worst times'. And I thank my lucky stars. Granted, I don't like some things [like opening my mailbox this past week to find a jury summons! LOL], but I deal or have dealt with it to my best ability. Of course, I have also learned to find a silver look at the bright side of things I don't like. For instance, sure, I can be unhappy about many things that have happened to us in the past, and as you know, I oftentimes rant about politics and certain political strifes, be it local or country or world wide in the past year, but for me personally, I've had a most contented year. Both of my adult kids are doing well and getting a chance for their dreams...Erik has dropped away from the financial system of his career and has become a full-time professor at a college in Houston while Irene, our daughter, is furthering her ministry and religious counselorship for abusive lifestyles of others; of those inflicted... she had first hand experience in that kind of situation and now she will commit her life to helping others. On Christmas Day, when Irene called us, I talked to both the boys also. Our oldest grandson became a "man" this year; he's now 21 and still has a love interest, the same sweet gal, Shawna. Dillon, our youngest grandson, is in high school and doing well. Oh he let me in on a secret, just between the two of us; he likes dark haired girls and big boobs...hehehehe!! But, his main interest today is Civil War in school. He loves the history. I guess that comes along with the territory...his grandfather, uncles, mother and distant relation were all 'into history'. We, as a family, have been blessed having jobs and steady means of financial stability. Healthwise, we have been only inflicted with flu, everything with my heart seems 'healed', tho I realize I have a heart condition. I don't dwell on it. Bud is stubborn enough to stay healthy. LOL...I'm thankful. As for the rest of my 'immediate family'...nieces, nephews, brothers and sister, they all seem well and happy. I've also learned to keep my interests low key. I've found that I like to drive around the many miles of coast and go birdwatching...just to find species of the feathered friends I never knew existed. I'm more or less a contented 'home body'. I just don't feel the need to go far across the continent to find happiness. 2010 has been a quiet, very peaceful year and I hope 2011 is the same. I've learned that Scarlett O'Hara had the right idea...."Tomorrow IS another day".

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME...happy new year to all!! And as Tiny Tim from another Dickens' character said...."God Bless us, everyone".


  1. i just love the feel of this post, and what an amazing picture of that jelly fish!! i got stung by one when i was a kid. on my leg and it hurt quite a bit. happy new year!!

  2. What a beautiful but sad shadow shot! The colors are so beautiful, but I'm sorry he didn't have long to live. Hope your new year is off to a great start, Annie! Enjoy!


  3. A beautiful shadow of the jelly, we were at the Aquarium of the Pacific last weekend and watching the jellyfish float in their tanks was the best part.
    I enjoyed your reflections on the year and I agree, compared to many in the world we bloggers have little to complain about.

  4. Anni I am so happy you shared this with us today. I can you see being content with all there is around where you live with the birds and wild life.
    I too would love to live near the ocean.
    Just had to stop by and thank you for being such a good friend this year and I am looking forward to getting to know you even more in 2011
    Happy New Year

  5. Neat jellyfish shot!
    Congrats on the new phones. I still have the plain version, but someday...
    Sounds like your family is doing well, that's a blessing. My family is filled with history buffs, especially the Civil War.
    Happy New Year to you!

  6. Happy New Year, love you.

  7. that jellyfish, I thought was a toy balloon :)

  8. A beautiful lacy shadow! I've only seen Man o' War deflated. For something that's so painful, they are certainly beautiful.

    I suspect that learning to be optimistic is something we need to revisit constantly. Thanks for visiting last month.

  9. That is gorgeous!

    Shadows at Nostalgic Marveling, please come and see. Happy new year!

  10. :-) Ms. Anni thanks for sharing how wonderful 2010 is to you and your family.. I am following you..can we xchange links or can i add you link to mine???

  11. Cinders1/01/2011

    Happy New Year, Anni! You have mail from me (check your "junk mail") Linda

  12. It's air bladder does indeed create a great shadow. I like that the jellyfish is sparkling! Happy New Year!

  13. Yes I learned too, that you can't carry the misery of the whole world or even only of those living close on our shoulders. I fortunately have always been an optimist, but had also hard times of depression. Now I am happy with my life like you !
    wow you have already an old man as grandson ! Mine is just a month old, lol !

  14. learning to be optimistic is the best thing anyone can ever learn. so rewarding. that jellyfish is quite a pretty thing the way you've captured it. even if painful.

  15. Hi Annie you are braver than I am...thus far I've avoided the smart phone...I'm still getting used to the Smart Car!!! LOL

  16. I just saw Winston and Tahoe playing in their kitty play cube!!!
    It looks like they like it!!
    We bought the Diva a play tunnel for her b-day...she hates it!!!
    LOL thus the name Diva

  17. Anni

    You are right you do not need to stray far to find peace and contentment. We cannot escape our selves, so might as well make peace with it, and enjoy the small pleasures of life like watching the birds.

    May creativity continue to surround you this New Year, and may you be filled with peace, joy and love. It was fun getting to know you through this blogging passion that we share.


  18. Anonymous1/02/2011

    First my friends, I've been well. Just busy with the New Years stuff that goes on and taking down all the Christmas decorations and watching football all day yesterday :) We had a rash of jellyfish over here for a couple of days. Glad I only go into the Pacific on a boat LOL :) Smart phones huh? What kind did ya get? I couldn't live without mine. :) Hope your year is off to a rip roaring start :)

  19. That kitty cube looks like fun. One of our cats would like it. The other one would be scared of any little noise it might make. Silly girl!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  20. When I was in elementary school, I was obsessed with this jelly! They are so beautiful, but I hope to never come across one while swimming!

  21. Jellyfish always look so alien to me and I hope to never meet one! lol I have heard how painful it is to get stung by one...ouch!

    I used to be so much like you were, worrying about everything even before it happened, and I'm so glad that we both "outgrew" that! lol I find that as I get older, I no longer let the small things stress me out and have the attitude that what happens, happens and there's not much you can do about it so to just accept it.

    I had quite the giggle when I read that your youngest grandson likes dark haired girls with big him fall in love with a blonde that's flat as a pancake! hehe

    Isn't it a wonderful feeling knowing that your kids are happy and doing what they want to be doing with their lives:-)

    May 2011 be another stress and worry free year for you!! xoxo

  22. What an interesting photo this is! I guess I haven't seen many jelly fish close up!
    I love the color, it looks like glass!

  23. Your jellyfish is pretty enough to hang on a Christmas tree. Bravo!


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