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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Hey Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go.....

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...a meme where you match photos to song lyrics

Y'all may know by now if you follow my blog some...Bud is a Custer Buff!! Yep, the infamous 7th Cavalry and their fearless leader, General George Armstrong Custer!! Back in 1876 ol' Cus' and most of his men were massacred by the American Indians on the now known Little Big Horn Battlefield [long, long ago by some 30 years or so, it used to be called Custer's Battlefield, but for political correctness, the area was renamed to what it is called now]. Bud was so [and still is] obsessed with the legendary history, my middle older brother used to sing this song to Bud when they both had a little too many drinks. It was funny as all get had to be there. We've been to the battlefield in Montana many many times through the I share photos of the area and more:

:::Shrieks and `Red Indian sounds' in background:::

That famous day in history
The men of the 7th Cavalry went riding on
And from the rear a voice was heard
A brave young man with a trembling word rang loud and clear...

What am I doin' here?

Please Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go
Hey, Mr. Custer, please don't make me go
I had a dream last night about the comin' fight
Somebody yelled "Attack!"
And there I stood with a arrow in my back.

Please Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go
(Forward, HO-O-O-O-O!) Oooohhhh

Look at them bushes out there, they're movin'
And there's a injun behind every one

Hey, Mr. Custer, you mind if I be excused the rest of the afternoon?
(Sound of arrow whizzing by)
Hmm, you're a little bit late on that one, Charlie
Whooh, I bet that smarts!

They were sure of victory
The men of the 7th Cavalry, as they rode on
But then from the rear a voice was heard
That same brave voice with the trembling word rang loud and clear

What am I doin' here?

Please Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go
Listen, Mr. Custer, please don't make me go
There's a redskin waitin' out there, just fixin to take my hair

A coward I've been called, cuz I don't wanna wind up dead or bald

Please Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go
(Forward, HO-O-O-O-O!) Oooohhhh

I wonder what the injun word for friend is
Let's see....friend.....kemo sabe, that's it

(Sound of arrow whizzing by)
No, that ain't it
Look at 'em out there
Runnin' around like a bunch of wild Indians, heh-heh
Nah, this ain't no time for jokin'

(Sound of arrows whizzing by)

Song Link Please Mr. Custer, I Don't Wanna Go. [this is a very FUNNY video]
Lryics copied per word from online site.

Photos: top to bottom-
Some of Bud's MANY books on Custer's Last Stand
Irene at then called Custer's Battlefield [coming out of teepee #14]
One of Bud's framed paintings of Custer's Last Stand
Photo of a post card that Bud has...Native Americans
Bud's Prized Possession...a 7th Cavalry Saddle that I bought him for a gift one year
Another painting of 7th Cavalry [Buffalo Soldier-African American]
"Scalping Knife"
Our Siberian Husky we named Kemosabe...we called her Kema
and last but not least...a peace pipe Bud carved and made the clay pipe works!! Now, where's the peyote?!! LOL

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BLOGversation BLOG HOP

Daft Scot Lass asked me to post where I blog. The WHERE is the key word here...she'd like to know, so I'm obliging. I don't have a laptop, so my hard drive, cable modem, keyboard, and monitor are all in one area of the library in our home. Here's a photo.

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On another political view: from the Washington Post---
    "The Tucson shootings sparked a broad public discussion about whether the political dialogue in the country has become too toxic and overheated. In the new poll, Americans are split evenly on the question of whether the tone could encourage violence, with about half saying it has not gone that far and the other half saying it could or already has. Slim majorities say political commentators on the left and the right have crossed the line of acceptable rhetoric, and almost half say so of the tea party movement. Separately, 52 percent of Americans now hold unfavorable views of the tea party, a new high. Nearly three-quarters of Democrats - including as many moderate and conservative as liberal members of the party - have negative views of the political movement, as do half of all independents"
And, Ms. P@lin's popularity poll points are dwindling to a precious few.


  1. Great post.

    Come link up with me today.

  2. I remember that song even though I haven't heard it in years. I was just watching a special about The Little Big Horn battle the other night. They found a lot of bullet casings and such and decided the battle went a little differently that originally believed. It was very interesting to watch.

  3. Anni, as I was writing the comment I was trying to remember what channel but I'm not sure. It was either the History Channel or Discovery, I was channel surfin and ran across it. It was on last week I believe.

  4. SQ Oh well, thanks for trying to remember. I'm sure after I tell Bud he missed a Custer Special on TV he'll go out searchin' for it. Again, thanks.

  5. MOL Anni what a perfect song!! Oh my stars I haven't heard that one in a long long time.
    What a fine library Bud hubby would be envious. Wonderful pictures.

    We are members of the Society for the Preservation of B Western Movies here in Raleigh. We meet the 3rd Thursday of every month to watch B western movies..tonight is Randolph Scott.
    Madi and Mom

    Madi and Mom

  6. I've never heard that song - pretty funny!

  7. I remember this song, Anni, but I don't remember when it was recorded. Tried to Google it, and got lots of different lyrics sites and youtube videos - Larry Verne did it, and Johnny Horton, too - but no reference to dates except the original battle.
    O well.
    You went to a lot of work to get photos to go with the lyrics! Good post for TTS.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Nice area where you do your blogging! Never heard the song before either. Always learn something new!

  9. I must say that is a song I've never heard.
    What a neat place to blog. I'd probably spend much less time on the computer if I had a desk top...I did just go a week without blogging but the computer was on for other reasons..I do love that I can check my email on my phone anytime, though.
    Love your new look...I finally put out my Valentine flags yesterday...had my Auburn ones up for many many months..I was afraid to take them down until the end of bowl season...they were doing so well, didn't want to jinx it.
    Mama Bear

  10. Mr. G. is also a fan of Custer's history and we visited Little Big Horn too, he has quiet a lot of books about this period.
    Must be the Cowboy and Indian dream of all little boys, lol !

  11. Lovely post! Interesting about the battle field in Montana! My sister-in-law and her new husband will be living in Great Falls!

  12. I so remember singing along with that song. I loved it.
    I am so glad that SP polls are going down. I was so disappointed in her comments.
    Prayers that this great country of ours will see LOVE for all.

  13. A good posting,I like how you did the photos to the song.

  14. That song brought back lots of memories I completely forgot about until now. I have even visited the battle site. Very creepy! One could almost feel the pain of what happened there. Love the peace pipe. My dad [Stony Cree here in Canada]used to have one and somehow it got lost...;( Your Bud did a good job!
    As for your politics...I hope no one votes in that Palin broad! She gives me a bad vibe and she's scary in my mind! Hope your aren't a fan?

  15. We've been to the battlefield twice and I still don't understand why they didn't all RUN!!! Not only did Custer die but along with his men was his nephew, Brother in law and brother... Sad story!

  16. I for got about that song. Thanks for the memories. Coffee is on.

  17. that is a sweeeeet song. and sweeter are the memories...

  18. I'd never heard of that song but watched the video and you're right, it's hilarious! lol Loved some of the cartoons they use in it. I think it's wonderful that Bud is so fascinated with Custer, everyone should have a hobby like that:-)

    Enjoyed seeing where the magic of this blog gets created!! Just don't know what we'd do without our Hootin' Anni:-)

    Ask me if I'm sad that Ms. Palin's popularity pool points are dwindling...NOT! lol xoxo