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maneki neko
"beckoning cat"

A bit of history:
A common Japanese sculpture, often made of ceramic, which is believed to bring good luck to the owner. The sculpture depicts a cat (traditionally a Japanese Bobtail) beckoning with an upright paw, and is usually displayed—many times at the entrance—in shops, restaurants, pachinko parlors, and other businesses. While it is believed that Maneki Neko first appeared during the later part of the Edo period (1603–1867) in Japan the earliest documentary evidence comes from the 1870s, during Japan's Meiji Era. It is mentioned in a newspaper article in 1876 and there is evidence kimono-clad Maneki Neko were distributed at a shrine in Osaka during this time. An ad from 1902 advertising Maneki Neko indicates that by the turn of the century they were popular.

Pronounced Mah neck ee neck oh
From a site online, I quote:
    A long time ago, during the Edo period (17th Century) of Japan, there was a poverty stricken priest, who was the keeper of a run down Temple in the Western part of Tokyo. The kind priest shared what little food he had with his pet cat and companion Tama, whom he cared for despite his poverty. Life was very difficult for the priest. The cold winds whistled through the Temple and chilled his old bones, rain poured in through the dilapidated roof, and he ached with hunger and exhaustion, yet he always remained dedicated to his duties, and grateful for what little he had.

    On one particularly dreary day, the cold was cutting through his damp clothing like a million tiny knives. He went to make himself some tea, in hopes to warm himself, when he was crushed to see that he had no tea to make. His good nature turned to utter despair and sadness, and he slumped down in a corner and began to weep.

    Concerned, his beloved companion Tama went toward the man to see if he could possibly comfort him. The priest exclaimed in frustration "Oh Tama! I am so very poor, and yet still I keep you! Could you not one day, do something for this Temple? Do something for me?". His head fell into his hands and he wept quietly until he went to sleep.

    Tama was puzzled, and decided to go to the outside of the temple for a while. He sat in front of the door and began cleaning himself, as cats do, licking his paws and rubbing them on his face.

    Just then a very wealthy and powerful man was passing by the Temple as the gentle rain grew stronger and a violent thunder and lighting storm erupted. Large droplets of icy rain poured down and pelted him as he took refuge by a large tree. "This place will provide adequate shelter until the storm subsides" he thought. At that moment, he noticed a cat in the doorway of the old temple, cleaning his face with his paw, gesturing as though he were extending an invitation. This gesture puzzled him so, that he just had to have a closer look at this cat, who seemed to be beckoning him forth.

    Cold and wet the man quickly approached the cat and entered the building. Moments later, the tree he had been using as shelter was struck by lightning and caught fire. The tree broke with a loud crash and flaming pieces of it�s shattered trunk fell precisely where the wealthy man had been standing.

    The man was extremely grateful to the cat, for having saved his life. He was immediately compelled to find the owner of the cat and reward him. He entered the Temple, looking to find Tama�s owner, and found he old priest, living in such deplorable conditions. He soon befriended the priest and showered him with gifts. The wealthy man used his influence to bring many wealthy people to the Temple, and it soon became very prosperous.

    The cat had not only saved a life, but also relieved the priest of the burden of his poverty. When he died, the cat was honored by being buried in a special cemetery, and a statue was made in his likeness, reflecting the beckoning, raised paw that had brought so much good fortune and prosperity to his owner. As word of the events spread, people began placing figures of cats with raised paws in their homes, shops and temples, believing it would bring the same kind of prosperity into their own lives, that Tama had brought to the Priest.

Once, on National Geographic Channel, they aired a whole hour's program on these cats and the collector's phenomenon that they've become. While at a trade center during the holiday season, I found one and brought it home with me. I have him as we enter the kitchen from the back entryway off the garage. So far, the luck is working. LOL Most are 'solid' but others found are coin banks...this one is a bank. Contrary to most beliefs the cat is NOT waving, it's beckoning!! They should all have at least ONE Japanese 'coin' in the front with either the right paw raised or the left paw, and it's said they should have a collar and bell. Right paw brings wealth, while the left paw raised is believed to bring prosperity to an establishment. It is said that the banks always have the left paw upright.

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I was searching what movies were being played at the local theaters this weekend for a break after cleaning and packing the decorations of the season away. Needing a bit of time off to soothe my sore back, I wanted to see a movie that isn't being shown here. It figures. "The King's Speech". Oh well, guess I'll just have to purchase it after it's released on DVD. Which is okay. Anyway, I was looking at the 'coming soons'. And, lo and behold, Johnny Depp's photo caught my eye. LOL....There will be a new animated film coming out to theaters March 4th 2011....

Mark your calender ----March 4th. Hopefully it'll be the release date.
This'll be a perfect flick for Bud and me!!! Bud loves Westerns, and I love comedy [and J.D. of course]
More trailer clips and background and cast/crew can be found at THIS LINK

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Today is Jury Duty Day. I have to report at 8 a.m. Hopefully I won't be needed --or in any case, hoping that if chosen, one of the lawyers doesn't like me. "Anni, you're excused, go home!"


  1. Love your macro photo but the story even more ! I didn't know that and it was very interesting for me to read, because since a couple of years I see these cats but mostly in gold a little everywhere and my son brough me one when he was in Thailand. I always wondered why the cat lifts his paw and thought it's just a gadget. I tell you blogging makes you wise and wiser, lol !

  2. interesting, i didn't know about this kitty cat...

    and may jury duty turn out to be how you wish it to be!

  3. i sow the trailer and can't wait to see that movie... i love johnny depp since pirates of the Caribbean.. ;-).

  4. I've never heard of these cat figurines - very interesting!
    Hope the jury duty goes well, and quickly!

  5. A lovely cat indeed, I hope it will bring you luck to!

  6. Wonderful picture and narrative. Thank you! I particularly enjoyed the transition the photos took! Wishing you well! Cathy

  7. Very interesting! I had no idea!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Very interesting story about the cat. Thanks for sharing. LOL, I also want to see "The Kings speech" but its not playing anywhere near here.

  9. OMC Anni I have the very same Japanese cat on my desk. One of my grad students is married to a lovely Japanese lady. I have lots of cat things in my office. As soon as their daughter started to talk, she called me Miss Kitty, Kitty and at 6 years old she still does. Everytime the go home to visit g-parents they bring me a gift. My Kitty was one of those gifts. I named her after the little girl.
    That is too funny!!!

    Yes Madi is like the proverbial 500 lb gorilla she goes anywhere she wants. I've never quite understood how folks can keep a cat off of something??!!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  10. This is a lucky wealth cat. In Malaysia, many business owners have a lucky cat with a mobile waving hand, sitting near to the entrance door or near the cashier counter. It is hope to bring in good fortune.

  11. Anonymous1/03/2011

    I though the first shot was a mask, now cool it's a sculpture!

  12. Great shots of the Japanese Pot, love your new design too:)

  13. Very interesting story about this beckoning cat - had never heard of it before. Had a nice visit to your blog!

    Thanks for your kind comment on mine and I'm pleased to meet you!

  14. that's an interesting post about these nice Japanese sculptures ....
    happy New Year !!

  15. This little guy reminds me of the period my daughter went through the stage; everything Japanese. Anime to Fruit Fashion.

    Your macro photo has inspired me. I think I will learn a lot visiting here!

  16. Anonymous1/03/2011

    You don't like jury duty? I love it. But I never have been on a high profile case. Biggest one was a domestic dispute. Pffft good luck with yours. Those cats are all over here in Honolulu. Cute little buggers. I can't wait for that new Johnny Depp movie. :). GUILTY!!!!!! LOL

  17. Great macro photo study of the Maneki Neko, and I appreciate your including the history.

    Good luck with jury duty.

  18. Very interesting, Anni. I have seen these cats but had no idea of their symbolism or history.

  19. Lots of shops here have this kitty near their entrance, to bring in more fortune. That's what they are called here, fortune cat.

  20. You've captured some great details of this piece. And thanks for sharing the info!

  21. You know, I've seen those cat statues in every Chinese restaurant I've been to and figured they were for good luck but I had never really heard the story behind them. Thanks to you, I now know:-) Fascinating stuff!!

    Johnny Depp sure is easy on the eyes, eh? lol I didn't realize he had made another animated movie, will certainly watch out for that one!!

    Oh dear, I do hope you were able to get out of the jury duty. I was picked many years ago and thought it was a total waste of my time, it was such a boring trial. lol xoxo

  22. Anonymous1/03/2011

    Great information, and photos too!

  23. What a great story! We have a lot of those cats here but I never knew the history of it.

  24. I have often wondered about the story of the beckoning cat, my brother has a few of them in his house and he loves them. Thanks for a bit of history!
    Thanks for coming over to my blog for a visit too! Hope you had a great New Year!

  25. Awesome macro shot. Thanks for the story, too!

  26. I think I need to find a lucky cat! :0) He's divine! Love his eyes!

  27. WOW... can't wait for RANGO!!! Loved the preview thanks.
    Happy New Year


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