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You didn't think I'd miss talking about President Obama's arrival in Tucson, did you? Why it was like seeing my 'home town' once again. Anyway, on to last night's speech-------
From the beginning with the music, the introductions, the student body president of UofA, the boy who perhaps saved Congresswoman Giffords' life, the entourage of guest speakers, from UofA's director, the Governor of Arizona, some of President Obama's cabinet....along with the First Lady, husband of Gabrielle Giffords and the parents of little 9 year old Christina Green....I even spotted Senator McCain and his wife there---------what our President said last night was quite uplifting. At first I thought there was a bit too much cheering at such a somber occasion, but then, after only a few minutes of listening and watching the large crowd of thousands that gathered, I realized that this was just what the city of Tucson needed! He raised their spirits and delivered, leaving no stone unturned. At the point where he orated his thoughts on the little girl that lost her life, I think in the back of his mind he was thinking of his own small girls...while talking, the TV camera followed the reactions of Christina's parents and grandfather....they were all nodding and applauding him as all the others. In a sad situation such as this, with many many standing ovations he carried the evening and in my opinion his eloquent words mixed with scripture and applauding the heroes that tackled the assassin and perhaps saved lives of others crowded around on that particular Saturday. He touched the heart of a broken nation, and perhaps those words of asking not for any more political finger pointing and blaming each other...and those words spoken by ALL the speakers last night...they "were stitches that sewed up some wounds" that have been spewing out at the seams for nearly the entire week. Giffords' husband was next to Michelle Obama oftentimes she consoled him by holding his hand during the was good for me; most importantly it was good for Arizona and the victims/victims' families. And before y'all go off on your tangents, perhaps disagreeing with me......Yes, some will say his speech was apolitical....but think about it....the whole scenario from Saturday to last night WAS about politicking and the hatred that ensues from such. AND he IS our elected leader no matter what party he's representing, he is representing our COUNTRY. Once again, I strongly feel that the stabs and jabbing and pointing of fingers lay heavily on deranged minds like Saturday's killer afixed in his brain...followers of such tend to carry out from words spoken in rallies and crowds where political speeches are held. I will again give reference to a non-political event in America's history...the followers committed mass murder...the followers of Charles Manson...he didn't lift a finger to any trigger, but his words were spoken and followers killed for him, thinking in their unbalanced minds their actions were for the good of the world. Politicians and speakers at any event should learn to hold their tongue and speak freely without matter WHICH political party they associate with or if not political, whatever the event is about.

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