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This week:

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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

They're magical!!

Our yearly purchase of the Holiday Plant...the POINSETTIA
I bought a pink one, but wish I'd purchased the
traditional red. I'll know better next year.

- - -

And, with the beginning of the new week, and themed "Ruby", my Christmas Day Giveaway began yesterday. Look closer...check out the very top widget added to my blog...on the post side. [click on the special giveaway button] You'll find a link directing you to my special holiday page. I'm giving away a gift for Christmas.


  1. Anonymous12/14/2010

    Beautiful. I've seen the pink and white ones. I'll stick with red. Mahalo again for doing your giveaway. Everyone else need not enter as I know I'm winning. LOL. Yeah right. LOL

  2. i love flowers, nice shot Anni. happy RT.cheers!

  3. Very nice plant, but I think I'm with you, next will it will be. Happy RT and thanks for stopping by Driller's Place. Next week will be filled with ornaments and I think the final Tuesday before Christmas will be Santa's week.

  4. Love these plants. you should see the Mall tree.

  5. I like the traditional red better too.. thanks fr the invitation to your giveaway, I'll check it out.

  6. I love all colors of this beautiful plant.
    hugs, bj

  7. dear anni..i guess i am an obstinate person but i must tell you that i like pink poinsetti...they are different..ha!
    and this picture you took is wonderful. with small areas of even lighter pink on the flowers..looks just like an artist's paint brush put them there!
    have a happy christmas dear terry

  8. We had pink ones last year. :)

  9. :-) Wow.. We also have that Flower but in plastic form.. hehhe

  10. Hey Anni.
    Thanks for coming by to wish me a happy one.
    That Thom...

    So, seriously, who cares if the queen in in Haiti. Like she's the first one to notice there is devastation there. Wow!Maybe she should stay there and become their Queen.

    It is so cold here right now there is steam coming up from the sewer outside my window. It's one December, not February people.....

  11. Love the face shot!
    Thanks for visiting my macro this week and the lovely comment.
    I'm a little behind this week. :)