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Nighttime fountain colors - -

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I'm posting early for Wednesday...

Right at the end [or beginning, depending on how you look at it] of Texas' Interstate Highway #37, where the pavement ends and the Bay waters begin, you'll find a newer city fountain along the 2 mile walkway---this is near the cultural center of the city. Across the street from the fountain is the Bank Center, the indoor arena, the Auditorium, the Harbor Playhouse [live amateur theater] the Federal Courthouse, the Art Center, the science museum,--near the area, IN the bay [as you can see with the blue lights in the background to the left in the top photo, behind the palm trees] is the World War II aircraft carrier that's now a floating museum, the USS Lexington, and the lighted gazebo in the background of the photos is one of several along the walkway. And on the back side of the gazebos is...the Gulf of Mexico. At night, the fountain glows with beautiful colors---------Here are daytime photos, if you'd care to see....LINK


  1. So very lovely, thanks for sharing.

  2. I had to go look at the daytime shots. Wow, what a different in how it looks. Lights on water at night is always a winner. :-) Happy Holidays and I'm so glad this is your favorite meme. That means a lot. Keep getting wet!

  3. Anonymous12/21/2010

    beautiful captures. happy holidays.

  4. Just gorgeous. Love the arc of the lights.

  5. I also had to go to look at the day shot.
    It so beautiful at night.
    Thanks for taking us on an early morning walk.
    Have a great day.

  6. The water is lit with lovely night lights! Very pretty photos!

  7. Anonymous12/21/2010

    OMG What a difference the night makes. Beautiful. :) I went back and looked at the day time views. I can't decide which ones I like better so I'm just sticking with both sets :)

  8. Anni, the fountain looks pretty at night with the lights and reflections. A pretty place for a walk.

  9. Great Christmas shots.

  10. Oh girl, the blue lights are just beautiful!

    Well, be headed to Brownsville for my Daddy's memorial on the 12th after the first of the year. I'd love to be down there to see the Christmas Boat parade, but sooo not gonna happen.

    Ya'll have a beautifully blessed holiday season! :o)

  11. There sure nothing like that here in my home town.

    Coffee is on.

  12. Thanks for following mommy Time Out

  13. Oh you always have the sweetest knick knacks and these Santas are divine! Your yummies are making me snacky. Yum!

  14. Anonymous12/22/2010

    I'll bet that's gorgeous. We have something here called the "Magic Tree" which perhaps I should share pictures of next week...hmmm. :)

  15. Very lovely fountain's a long one :)

  16. oh, how beautiful this must be in person. I love your pretty city.
    When all the grands were little and we took family vacations to CC and Port Aransas, we ALWAYS went thru the Lexington..a high light on our trips. I may have mentioned that we were on it one time while they were filming PEARL HARBOR. We had such a good time.
    So many things to see in the bay area.

    I hope your weather is good and that you and hubby enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

  17. Anonymous12/22/2010

    Watery & full of lights... I love lights! =)

    Merry Merry Christmas & Happy Happy New Year! =)

  18. Hi Anni
    The day time pictures are pretty but the night time is so dramatic!! Lovely indeed.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  19. very pretty thanks for sharing

  20. Note: Through Admin, I deleted her advertisement!! signed:Hootin' Anni

    Robin also added to her comment "Lots of festive lights on your blog this week. Merry Christmas."

  21. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday.

  22. That is nice with lights in it!

  23. I like the purple lights, always like the color purple when I was little. Now my little girl students tell me it is pink an dpurple. I am still young at heart.

    Merry Christmas, may you get lots of snow.
    Let it snow, let it snow.

  24. Anni,

    I had the same guy posting this kind of comment. I had word verification, and he stopped.

    But some one else did the same again. He did about 5 and he stopped.

  25. Lovely night shots. Merry Christmas.

  26. Great capture of the lights, Annie!
    Happy Holidays!

  27. Beautiful lights! I can't wait to hear who wins the beautiful scarf. Sorry I've been absent all week!

  28. Cool! And, I love your not an ad disclaimer thingy! Thanks for participating in Wordful Wednesdays. See you next week!