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Flash NON-Fiction 55 below my....


Okay, tell me....just how LONG have Bud and I lived in this house in Texas? Yep, going on seven years!! And I had a revelation!! Of the close-encounter type! Bring on the National Enquirer...no, on second thought, don't tell ANYone. But, realize you saw it here first. I really don't want those overzealous religious 'freaks' showing up in our neighborhood and blocking the streets and driveways, searching for a religious phenomenon that will save us all. But wait, I still want to share this with those who visit me today looking for a show n tell post. A while ago, several days, weeks ago in fact, when I opened our garage door to get the car backed out, I walked around the backside of the car to get into the driver's seat. And, yes, a squirrel scurried down the trunk of the pecan tree which made me look up because of the commotion. The light of day was just right...and the vision caught my eye immediately!! Once I noticed it, Bud was at his work bench in the garage and I told him he had to come look. Hoping he'd see the same as I did, I pointed it out to him with words only; where he was to look without pointing directly to it and not giving him any clue as to what I saw. Sure 'nough, he saw it too. Being that we now know where to look, we continued to seek it out at different times of day on different days. Come early daylight or dusk, cloudy or sunny...he keeps his vigil over our house and yard. And it only took us over 6 years to see it----------

Do YOU see him, tho primitive as it may be?

...if not, I colored in the feature[s] in the bark of the tree to assist you. Look at the primitive outlining I did, and compare with the above, natural, setting. Does it not look like Jesus Christ's image?---

- - -<><><>- - -

today, my 55 isn't fiction

Heart and blood
Hardly an inkling of contrast
One; of kindred resolution
Today I celebrate; with her in mind
Today she celebrates.
We'll ring in the new year, sure--
But also her birth; years past
Together we've a special bond of sisterhood,
A solid institution!!
A sorority of a single kind...

Happy Birthday dear Sharon

sister clipart courtesy of Google images


  1. oh nice - a double celebration - happy birthday to sharon as well and a fantastic new year to you annie
    i like your new profile pic

  2. A lovely tribute - and Happy New Year.

  3. Claudia Thanks for the compliment on my profile photo!! You made my day.

  4. now that's a bond no-one will ever break...

    and your tree... wow. it's a sign i say!!!!!

    happy new year, anni, and thank you for your wonderful friendship, across oceans and time zones. i'm so glad to have 'met' you here!!!

  5. Shadow Thank you my friend...for your friendship through emails and you sharing your accomplishments over the last year...you know how much I appreciate you. I feel blessed. Also, there is more I want to say---check out your comments.

  6. Before you colored him in, I would have sworn it was the old man of the mountains from NH. Nicely done.

    Happy Birthday Anni's sister!

  7. happy new year anni!

  8. Oh Wow! This is a whole new kind of Grilled Cheesus!You have your very own Calvary's Tree right there in your yard! Let's call the Pope! Happy New Year!

  9. I see it - and I could see it before you gave the extra picture!
    Happy New Year!

  10. So many things to comment on - 1st - thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Please come again anytime. 2. Wow! Be careful who you tell about your tree. I can just imagine the crowds it would bring. I met Bobby Vinton once in Branson, MO when he was performing there. Your Secret Santa Santa is adorable. I almost bought the Scarlett ornament the other day. Gone With the Wind is one of my favorite all time films. Jeff Dunham is another favorite at our house. We just watched a couple of his specials again the other night. And last but not least, I love the name of your blog and your New Year's background is great! Happy New Year to you and yours.

  11. Thank you so much for your lovely comment in my blog.
    I wish you a very Happy new year!!

  12. Amazing, Anni! I love it. I hope nobody calls the rag mags!

    I love your new profile pic - really nice.

    Have a wonderful day and a blessed 2011! Can you believe it's been 11 years since all the Y2K hype??

  13. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Sharon!

    Nice 455, Anni!

  14. OH MY STARS Anni we see it....and we thank you for sharing but we fear you may have hordes of folks on your street this evening.
    Happy New Year to you, Bud, Winston, and Tahoe from Madi and her peeps

  15. Now that's amazing!
    My best to you for a very Happy New Year, Annie!

  16. That tree is amazing - wonder what He really looks like - hmmm.

    We got a good covering yesterday and it's very cold today - about 6 degrees! It's drifting down softly right now. The mountains have really been hit, which is good for us in the future. But we are happy for a bit of moisture down here. And the girls love it - the littles area amazing out in that cold. I'll be sure to post a few pics next time. I almost got slammed yesterday morning when I was turning left and the person who was supposed to stop went right through the intersection - scary, but okay!

  17. Happy birthday to your sister! Makes for a double celebration.

  18. WOW, that is amazing! Did it form from where a branch was cut?
    Thanks for visiting.
    ~ Julie

  19. saltbox No, I don't think so, it's been there all the time, and we just now noticed it.

  20. I have no idea of how Jesus looked like, as he lived in Palestinia he probably had an arabic look and certainly not blond curls. That's an amazing face you found in your tree, I would rather say scary !
    We will start our New Year's Eve (only the two of us) in an hour, I have ordered a japanese menu, it looks great, now I hope it also tastes great! The weather is so bad and cold that we prefer to stay inside and watch TV, lol ! An old couple ...

  21. smiles. happy birthday to your sister...there is a special bond that resides between siblings...

  22. Happy New Year, ma'am. Thanks for all the visits. (And you don't want to know what I saw in your tree...it wasn't religious, that's all I'm tellin. ;-)

  23. Anni...
    Thank you so much for your wonderful support.
    You are One Classy Lady.
    have a Kick Ass 2011

  24. happy birthday to Sharon,
    lovely 55.
    best wishes for 2011.

  25. That is incredible...
    Wishing you & your family a great new year…
    filled with peace ☮ love ♥ happiness ☺ good health and fun!

  26. Oh, yes, I saw it right away.

    Lately, I've startled some birds in the garage when I've left the door up for a time and gone out there. Yesterday, I heard a pair of Wren cursing me out when I disturbed them...there are little pieces of insulation on the floor...guess they're padding there roosting place wherever it is.
    Happy 2011 Anni!
    Mama Bear

  27. What a wonderful birthday tribute! Happy New Year!

  28. He has brought forth another image to be shared ... I so love it when these are found, He is watching over us. How fortunate for you, Anni.

    Thank you for your wonderful friendship, look forward to many wonderful moments with you to come.

    I wish you the best of joys, life & loves this New Year.
    Hugs of love,

  29. I can see Jesus in the tree. But get this are old neighbor basement the wall some how got wet and on wall was Jesus and the other wall was the devil.
    He tried to get local paper to come out and unknown what happen.
    Best to you the up coming year.

    Coffee is on.

  30. wow, thats great!!!!
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!

  31. Now you've done it. People will be arriving by the thousands, at all hours of the day and night, people seeking miracles, people praying, someone will probably try to chop down your tree!! You are the chosen ones, clearly...but chosen for what, I am not certain.

    Happy birthday to Sharon from me...and Happy New Year as well.

    My 55 is at:


  32. Mmmm..I do see a close resemblence! Uncanny!

    Happy and healthy 2011!

  33. Anonymous12/31/2010

    Your stump story reminds me of my Aunt Suzanne in Texas (You texans have such vivid imaginations!) She would bring old barn wood in the house when we came to visit and would have us each study the pieces of wood and tell what we saw in the grain. It really was fun and curious to see the different things that each person saw!~ What we do for entertainment!

    Bee Blessed in 2011!

  34. Hi Anni, thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. Your tree image is a most unusual Show N Tell... I love it when Nature creates Art for us to enjoy in a most special way... so have the pilgrimages to your front yard begun yet? *wink* Have a wonderful start to this New Year, may it be all that you Hope and envision it to be... Dawn... The Bohemian

  35. OMGosh, Anni...I am dumb struck. That is amazing...There's so many things that remind us Christ is with us daily, minute by minute. I have a string to pull to turn on the light in one of my closets..the other night, I pulled the string and, somehow, with the shadows and all, there was the perfect Christian fish shadow on my floor. HE just lets us know in so many ways that HE is near.
    HE chose your tree! AWESOME..
    Happiest New Year and I just want to say that I have so enjoyed being blogging friends with you...and if we ever get back to CC, I'm gonna take your sweet self to lunch. :))
    hugs, bj


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