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It's "TIME" for Christmas...

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Santa Detailed---he's holding a clock in full view.

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Oftentimes the shorthand version of the word "Christmas", XMAS, is frowned upon. And it seems through the eyes of the uneducated -they feel it's sacrilegious to utilize the shortened version. I say 'uneducated' because people are probably not aware of the fact that XMAS really IS Christmas. No, really. It is. You see, in the times when you see XMAS- The Greek letter "X" is Christ. [or more technically, Xristos, Greek for Christ] Each Greek letter has a word association. A is Alpha, B is Beta, etc. etc. [x is Chi in the English translations] If you've done enough reading and research, Xian literally represents Christian. So, in all reality, XMAS is not a sinner's [i.e. 'unchristian'] version, nor is it incorrect. The Greek word for Christ begins with the letter Chi, which is written identical to the roman letter X. So, as a form of shorthand, some people replace "Christ" with the first letter of his Greek name, X. Note that this abbrevation for Christmas came about long before cell-phone text messaging, though the latter has greatly increased the usage of the former.


  1. Thank you Anni for clearing this up! I always felt AWKWARD to write it like that except for on my "Xmas" Boxes... Now I don't feel so bad. I LOVE your Santa!!!
    Hugs to you,

  2. lovey ornaments
    I love it!

  3. well, glad I popped in cos I didn't know that. I also like the clock, very cute

  4. I've read this before and am glad to have you passing it on again.
    That's a really neat Santa!

  5. Beautiful! Love it!
    Beautiful decorated blog also :)

  6. Oh! That Santa is so lovely. A Jolly Old Elf, indeed!

  7. There's a lot of hype on FB about this subject of late. I had heard this before and someone posted it this week. I still don't like the way it looks, though. Thanks for educatin' us!

  8. Oh how grand! And a Santa that has a Clock! Nice! He's a handsome Santa too. Wishing you a grand week! Cathy

  9. Pretty ornament and great shot. Thanks for the info on xmas...very interesting!

  10. Wow Anni I love the clock and I had now idea about the X....thanks for sharing and happy Monday to you all,
    Madi and Mom

  11. Great post, Anni! I've always wondered about that although I suspected that the X was biblical.

  12. Great post. Now I hope people are cleared up that Xmas is also Christmas. Thanks for sharing this one. Happy Monday!
    MYM-Town parade

  13. Yes it´s soon time for christmas !
    Cute Santa watch !
    Thank´s for your comment on my cat :)

  14. Annie your blog background is so beautiful - you are ever so creative with each season. :)

    That's a lovely little ornament and your writing about xmas is ever so interesting.

  15. that´s a lovely santa. I often write xmas, but mostly because I am lazy. The swedish word is "jul". :)

  16. Wonderful details!

  17. Thanks for stopping by the other day.
    You have a fun blog. Yes, I did know Xmas was for Christ, though it sure does get tossed about as other things.
    Merry Christmas! :0) David/ Tropical Texana

  18. Hey!! thanks for this useful info....I am not a christian but yes never knew why Xmas is used :)


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