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Cats and Christmas...

weekend funnies now hosted by Gattina


"Tahoe's" [one of our cats] six words for this week are:
"PURRRRfect! Comforts of home are best!"

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Our kitty...Tahoe
on her favorite afghan! Once I brought this out for the season, she made a beeline to it and laid there for hours. She's once again laid claim to it!

Full view of crocheted afghan
Santa's Hat* [62"x80"]
Stitches: double crochet
pattern: my original
* Copyrighted. Last year, when I showed off my work,
some asked, but no....
The pattern is NOT for SALE

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  1. Good Morning! Love the afghan, I can see why Tahoe loves it! I can't wait to pull out the holiday boxes... this week had been too crazy! Stopping in from 6WS
    My 6WS

  2. the best indeed!

    have a great weekend!

  3. My Christmas throw blanket is my favorite too! I have to try to keep my cats off it so I can actually use it this year. Love yours! So cute!

  4. Cats! Ours loves Christmas with all the different things to investigate. The Santa Afghan is adorable!

  5. It's well known, cats always choose the best places or in a house !
    the cartoons are hilarious !Fortunately it didn't happen (yet) in our house !

  6. Anni, the afghan is cute! Your kittie found the comfy spot. Great photos and funnies.

  7. Beautiful afghan santa. no wonder your cat claim to be hers


  8. Hi Annie! Love the cartoons, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your beautiful Santa afghan even MORE!!! I take it your kitty does not paw and claw away at it? I'm afraid mine would! What afghans I do keep out, I have to keep a close eye, and I'm thinking Santa should leave a new scratching post of some kind at our house this year!.. Have a great weekend! ~tina

  9. Happy Six Word Saturday!!!!

  10. What an usual Afgan, really beautiful and I am sure must have been a lot of work

  11. That is too cute!! That one comic with the nutcracker is super funny!!

  12. Anonymous12/04/2010

    awww nice place to lay for her! i like that name, too! my cats are named... Kit, Chloe, & LiL MaN! =)

  13. Anonymous12/04/2010

    btw, where do you get all these cool templates? i like how the comment section changes to a pic when you mouse over... neato! =)

  14. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leave a sweet comment :)

  15. when I was in Primary school, our first tree was fake and the base was a pot. Dad wasn't well off, so we slowly accumulated the decorations, one year, the tree toppled and broke all the baubles. Dad didn't buy breakables again.

    We were the first few houses in Borneo with a tree. Dad went to England and started this tree when he came back.

  16. Hi Anni and what a beauty Tahoe is...and she has good taste. I'd nap on that afgahn too.

    It has been snowing here today totally a surprise...they said we might have a flake or two after dark. It started at 2 and was still snowing at 5.....LOL So much for weather forecasting.
    Hugs M&M

  17. the afghan is lovely, I can see why Tahoe has claimed it :)

  18. Such Christmas spirit in your household, Anni, even down to your kitty. I love that Santa that your cat has claimed. Beautiful work...no wonder you don't want to let out the secret. Leave it in your will!

  19. 'Goes straight for the nuts' bwahaahaha!
    I love the permission text of this cartoon.

  20. Tahoe has wonderful taste! She knows something beautiful when she sees it.

  21. What artistic work and creature comforts! Tahoe seems purr-fectly content. Your other content on your post seems a perfect match for the holiday season.

    Many happy ones!

  22. Great shots. Kitty has a found a nice place for it.


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