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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

All those opposed "Nay"...all those in favor..."Aye"

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Opposed: zero; The "Ayes" have it!!!

OR hands down, the eyes win---

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I don't know about the rest of you, but, for me cats' eyes are hypnotic in so many ways. And, if you pay close attention, a lot of times they're different shades of the coloration. Tahoe's eyes are gold most times, but when she's in a playful mood, there is a hint of a peridot green, like one of my most coveted cats' eye marbles as a kid [which I don't have anymore...they're probably in a landfill somewhere in Colorado]...her eyes turn a light creamy pale green. On the other hand, Winston is blue eyed...but at times they can be an aqua green. Anyway, I thought I could play it safe and use my cellphone camera, since there is no flash, and capture their eyes. Next to my human family, these two jewels are our fur babies. And while at PetSmart the other day, getting their food, Bud was ogling over some kittens up for adoption. Oh boy...I reminded him of his one chore that he loves looks forward to hates [cleaning the litter box]; the fact he'd be changing it Four or Five times a day. As much as I love having pets, they ARE a responsibility that takes away from our time in the day; if we let it get out of hand and over extend ourselves with more than we have time in the day for caring. I feel that sometimes if you have too many you're not really being humane as you're not giving them all the individual attention they need to be happy. Which shows when you have unruly pets. Thankfully, my words put a stop to his idea of adopting a third one. And once back home, I took a vote. I asked Tahoe and Winston if they agreed with me - the fact that a 3rd cat in the house is too much. All those that concur, say aye!!! The 'eyes' have it!!! :::wiping brow::: "Phewwwww, close one"....



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not Kitty Litter Man you #!@!!# cat!!"

"Check out his litterbox.
It must be the deluxe model."

"I don't care what they say...
They don't really want you to think

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  1. What a wonderful bargain ! and it's a very special Santa in blue, that's rather unusual !

  2. I fully agree with you on cat eyes, and I also think it's better to have two cats than 10, in my case we had two but inherited the two cats of my son. Now after 6 years instead of 3 months, I could never give them back to him they would be very unhappy. But the little family goes well together except Pookie and Rosie the two females who hate each other, lol !
    The cartoons are sooooo funny ! I remember we had to put a cover over our son's sandbox because all cats of the neighborhood thought it was a luxury litterbox especially made for them !

  3. Thanks for reminding me... I need to scoop the litter box this morning!
    Cats are amazing - I can sit and watch our act for hours (well, when he is not sleeping that is, but even then he interests me, all the different positions, and just looking oh so at peace!) I miss having multiple cats... maybe some day again!
    The funnies are funny! Thinking outside side the box made me chuckle out loud!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Your furbabies are beautiful and I love the cartoons. Great fun on a rainy Saturday morning.

  5. Great cartoons! We have a cat and love him, but like you say they are a responsibility and I agree that if you have too many it's not humane.

  6. That 1st photo is a bit scary! :D

  7. One day, I will own a cat :)
    Happy holidays!!

  8. intriquing eyes for sure

  9. Thanks, Anni for the laugh.
    Smokey's eyes are gold...I was trying to capture a photo on my phone of him: If I have a full glass of water beside me on the table, he'll drink out of it...well he was sitting there trying to nudge the book off my water that I placed there to keep him from drinking...I took the photo but his eyes were like lights---creepy.
    Mama Bear

  10. Anonymous12/18/2010

    You are so so clever :) Great photos my friend :) That last cartoon is hysterical. :) Love it. Have a great Saturday :)

  11. mirrors into their souls .... :D

  12. I love my kitties' faces too. I have some photos that I took of them close up from a while back but they haven't made it to the blog yet. You have some beautiful kitties.


  13. LOL and MOL!!! Backwards to forward we love the cartoons!!!
    AND you know how very much we love anything about cats!!Tahoe and winston have very beautiful eyes and you are right their eyes are so expressive. Somethings I just wish I knew a 1/3 of what Madi was thinking as reflected in her eyes.
    Hugs Madi and mom

  14. Stopping by from 6 word sat I'd love to have you visit me at

  15. eyes.............beautiful

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