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Around the riverbend....

Naturally, I'm fully awake way too early today being that the clocks were set back an hour for going back to the standard time now instead of daylight time. Oh how I wish it'd either be set ONE way or the OTHER year 'round. After all, the sun knows no difference; you have the same amount of sunlight time on any given day being on regular time or daylight time. ....and 'they' say people like it? Well, I don't, the hour screws up my whole system. And takes weeks to get into the 'swing' again.

Well, I'm back from my blogging break. I think I'll feel up to doing some daily meme-ing again starting tomorrow with my macro monday. I finally had to break down and buy some herbal tablets to conquer the flu. One kind that was recommended. It worked wonders compared to the OTC drugs purchased to break up the infection. The herb? Well, it is Echinacea. The wonder, organic way of treating what ailed us.

After the two of us starting feeling much better, we tried to get into a walking routine again. Tho slow at first, we are beginning to do it daily again. At first we tried to stay away from crowded areas in case we still had contagions. One day this past week, we took about an hour and a half drive up to Victoria Texas. It's always such a pretty drive along the proposed #69 freeway to Houston...with a cutoff heading toward Victoria. We ended up eating lunch there, going through one of their fantastic bookstores, doing a little shopping and ended up walking around the town's small zoo which is located in one very LARGE, beautiful, heavily treed city parks along the Guadalupe River.The park is fantastic [wishing there was one like this locally]; with over 500 acres of hilly, canopied walkways, twisting one way roads, a large rose garden, a 27 hole golf course, and about four or five miles bordered by the river. It has lakes, duck ponds, picnic areas both situated in the greenery or along the river bank, the small zoo, ball stadiums, etc. etc. It's a great urban 'jungle' of pleasure. I took several photos of the animal exhibits at the Texas Zoo. It was in dire need of some repair work and cleaning up if you want my opinion...nothing like the beautiful Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. But it was still a good outing for the day...cool, Autumn, dry air with cloudless skies [It's been cold here a couple of nights...overnight in the high 30s low 40s!!!!!]. Photos will show up here, no doubt, for the "Camera Critter" meme on Saturday. LOL As for today, I did post a couple of close-up photos of the roseate spoonbill bird that is so prominent in the Texas Migration Trail....a beautiful and ever so unique bird....LINK to my two photos HERE. They're found on my 'new improved layout' on my photo blog. Another day this past week, we drove up to the county fairgrounds about 30 miles from Corpus. This was the time of year for the Peddler's Show...with crafts, art, local foods and much more for the buyers. I, of course, know right where to go to find the pecan brittle. There is no other like it!!! It's so fine, tasty and sweet. Full of calories I'm sure, but oh so worth the wait. The only other place you can buy it is online. Unless of course you want to drive up to a small country town between here and San Antonio; off the beaten path. I also purchased three dip mixes for snacking. They're costly, but oh so worth the price. This year I bought, Ragin' Cajun, Smokin' Chipotle, and On the Border [with dried jalapenos]. The dried mixes of spices make fabulous chip dip [or great with pretzels] when added to mayonnaise and sour cream. Other than those two purchases, we just walked the vast fairgrounds [both the humongous buildings filled with vendors and outdoors on the parade grounds] and tried to get some ideas for crafting for ourselves. We haven't gone to the beach for over a week...I'm getting withdrawal symptoms....but after we figured we weren't contagious any longer, we did walk around the large mall here in town. Bud bought me the cutest pair of french wired Cloisonne earrings!!! They are small, cute and colorful geisha girls...dressed in red kimonos. I'll have to photograph them sometime and share. For the week, that is just about all we've accomplished. It's good being a bit more active. Hey, it's boring being sick...word search puzzles and Sudoku and crossword puzzles along with reading gets mighty boring after a day or two!! And I'm ready for a fully prepared three course meal too....Marie Calender's pot pies only taste good the first couple of times. roflmao.

note: picture of fairgrounds from online site.


  1. Glad you are feeling better! The Peddlers show sounds like I would love it.

  2. I will be sure to eat lots of pie for Mr. Turkey.

    I wish they would pick a time and stick to it too.

    Glad you are back up and feeling better.

  3. Morning Anni we have been so concerned about you and Bud we are glad to hear you are among the living again...do you think it was the flu or just a bad bad bad cold.

    Great post we've missed you,
    Madi and Mom

  4. M&M ---I think it was flu. LOL But the symptoms were so similar to a bad, bad, bad, cold....your guess is as good as mine.

  5. hi anni,
    thanks for dropping and leaving some commenst. have a blessed sunday!

  6. Good Morning Anni. Sorry to hear that you were sick, but glad that you are much better now. Have you taken the Flu Shots yet? I don't take them myself. The girls will bet getting one free at School on the 15th. It's been cold here too. Personally, I like the Daylight Savings time and wish they would leave it like that all the time. LOL. I need that extra hour of sleep myself. But either one, I'm like you, just leave it one way. Glad yall enjoyed an outing to Victoria. My hubby used to go there sometimes in the big truck. One of their Terminals was located at Katy, TX and he has done some runs there to Victoria. We don't have anything worth going to here in our town and we have to drive a good ways to go to the Zoo. The nearest Zoo is located in Memphis, TN. Then I think there is one in Little Rock, AR, as well. I hope you continue to feel better and take care of yourself. Being sick is no fun at all especially if you have to take care of your ownself. Hope you have a great week. GOD Bless you and yours.

    Love and hugs,

    Karen H.

  7. Anni - my shopping is done, except a few stocking stuffers! :)

  8. Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better!

  9. Glad to read that you are both better.
    I hate this daylight saving thing too ! We had it last weekend ! In Egypt we had the same time as in Belgium and when I came back on Sunday there was one hour difference ! We fell back ! The cats don't complain, and I don't really care either because I get up when I am awake, saving or not saving, lol !

  10. Anni Love your header saying eat more pie. Glad you are back in blog land. Take it easy.

  11. So glad that you are both on the mend. It's the pits being sick and I agree, reading etc as much as I love to read gets old after a while. Back a few years ago when I had some surgery done I watched so many reruns of Murder She Wrote that I almost gag when I see it advertise now! ha! What makes me gag even more is how they try to do a Maine accent, yikes, we don't really sound like that do we?!

  12. PS I HATE this time change, wish they would leave it alone!

  13. Anni, glad you are feeling better. We too had the crud. It was miserable. Sounds like you had a fun time finally getting out and about. Can't wait to see pictures!


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