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"...tis now the very witching time of night"


My show n tell will follow my Halloween Treat - Flash Fiction 55 follows Show n Tell-----

It's now my favorite month of the year. Well, ONE of my favorite months. I love everything Halloween. And for decades...practically my whole life I've celebrated with decorating, parties in my youth, costumes and CANDY CANDY CANDY!! So, to begin the month of All Hallow's Eve, I will be giving out weekly; a TREAT. This is the third annual Trick or Treat-fest for me at Hootin' Anni's!!! Today, my first treat, is this:

If you'd like to grab the treat you're more than welcomed to it. Click on it...when the page opens with the Halloween Goodie, right click and save it. Next week, I'll have a new treat. Five in all. A new one each Monday. A link back would be a sweet treat for ME...but not obligatory.

- - -<><><>- - -


I like the cute, AND the 'gory' of Halloween. This time my project is a bit on the latter. It's all from the Dollar Store...total spent, $6 with tax. I found a rattan wreath and then brought it home and 'washed it' with light gray acrylic paint. Not overly done, just in places here and there. I also bought a roll of wired ribbon with deep blood red and orange metallic edging. Along with a skeletal 'reaper' and a pumpkin. For added color I purchased two picks of Autumn flowers. After the gray paint dried, I wrapped the ribbon around the entire wreath and used what was left over to tie a bow to add later. Then the placing of the reaper. I had glued his hands to the pumpkin and allowed that to dry first, then used craft wire to attach the pumpkin and reaper. The next step was to place the flowers at random and lastly adding the bow....


title: William Shakespeare's Hamlet

- - -<><><>- - -


Walking the back roads of Edinburgh one day; a hike--
I met one lad with a doodle sack.
You'd expect a bag full of crayons or the like...
Take another guess, 'nother whack?
A windbag ...
You wonder; who's polluting the air, him or me?
'Tis a bagpipe.
I kid you not...
indeed, quite melodic...yes-sir-ee!!

- - -

Well, there IS an Edinburgh Texas....but more than likely nothing NEAR Scotland.


  1. I LOVE your Halloween blog decoration Anni! Beautiful! and scary and cute! :)

  2. i love "The Spirit" you have about this time. very cute ideas. rose

  3. how do you do this? every year you decorate, and every year its different, and every year they are beautiful!

    but a bagpipe melodic? not so sure about that *grin*

  4. nice. love me some bagpipes...think i might as sat a spell and listened...love the festive header...nice 55.

  5. a melodic windbag! loved that!

  6. Bagpipes make such a beautiful haunting sound.
    Nice one.

  7. You really love your halloween. Great decorations.

  8. I can't imagine that Texas is very much like Scotland - but the sound of the bagpipes is the same everywhere!

  9. Funny, we have so much in common, but the love of Halloween is not one of them. I do really enjoy watching you enjoy it though : 0 Sorry I haven't commented recently - we had to give Jeffie his wings. : (

  10. Your post is a treat. Great for halloween!

    Here is my Haibun in 55 words!

  11. Awesome project! I just love all the choices at the dollarstore and frequently go there! Also, your flash fiction/Edinburgh story is great! Also, i went to your photo blog and that was great, too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog as well--it's been a while since I've been able to post!
    Hugs, Lana

  12. I love your creations! Yes, Halloween is fun to decorate and play, isn't it? I think I have more fun than my kids do! This wreath is adorable, I mean, spooky!! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  13. Thanks Anni for being the first comment on my blog!

  14. we saw a bagpipe player in the farmers market in Kansas City. he wore a kilt and all!! he was very good and being a street performer must pay well because his bucket was full of money that day

  15. Heheeh Anni, love to see how much you enjoy Halloween too. Spooky stuff!

  16. You certainly are decked out for the Halloween festivities already! Very nice gift you have up. The wreath is just too ghoulishly cute! I loved the 55!

  17. That wreath is awesome! Hallowe'en must be amazing at your home!

    Loved the 55! A windbag indeed! lol!

  18. I can see you are a real Halloween fan, Anni!

    I love bagpipes. Is there anything more soulful than Amazing Grace played on the pipes?

    Thanks for dropping in over at my place.

  19. Anni,
    I am responding to the question about where I got my bat wing jar. I got it at Gordmans. They still had a few back at the end of August. You were good to notice the "Sleepy Hollow" reference. That was what I wanted you to notice. The poem and the picture at the end of my last 2 tablescapes, and the one next week, are clues to my next tablescapes. So good of you to pop over. I see you love Halloween as much as I do.

  20. I truly enjoy reading your post, I never know what you are going to do next!!lol
    It is like my morning treat. thanks
    Have a great weekend.

  21. I enjoy Halloween too, Anni, and your post just psyched me up for it! Nice pics and 55!

  22. Running across bagpipes in Texas would blow me away. :)

  23. oh - i like your halloween 55 - the only thing we do for halloween though is cutting pumpkin faces...

  24. Like it... bagpipes are nice, if the person knows how to play them

  25. Hootin' Ann:

    What a nice trick or treat delight, thanks for the button icon, and the great tips on making that floral wreath,
    Love bagpipe music,,,and would someday hope to get to see Edinburgh,Scotland, at my father's request we had the bagpipes played at his funeral,

    Nicely done 55er and the whole blog site, very creative work here.


  26. Love your reaper wreath. It turned out fabulous. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment on my Halloween mantel.

  27. What a fun 55! And your site decor puts me in the mood for the season. Love it.

  28. Halloween was always my favorite holiday when I was a kid. My birthday is 3 days later, but I never even remembered it until Halloween was over and I'd eaten half my candy.

  29. Anonymous10/01/2010

    Love love love the new theme. :) Your 55 is excellent my friend. Those bagpipes when you are close up make a funny noise LOL I guess it's from all the hot air :) Have a wonderful weekend. Your Halloween items are excellent :)

  30. Yes, your favorite and my not. It takes all kinds, doesn't it? Is this your poem from last year, or am I remembering something that didn't happen??

    Have a wonderful week-end!

  31. I swear -- after these 20 years here in Texas I still have new Texas town names, almost daily!

    I LOVE bagpipes, always cry when I hear them, a good kind of cry, you know?

    Off to get my toothbrush before I get one of your treats. :)


  32. Happy October to you Anni!!! What a fun, fun
    month this will be. I'm so glad we found each other before Oct so I can enjoy it with you. Funny Halloween story: My daughter LOVES Halloween too. She gets a big kick out of the little kids and costumes. She inherited a lot of things from her paternal g-ma. One being a set of old fashioned colored pyrex bowls in graduated sizes. She uses the largest one for her Halloween candy. Several years ago some neighborhood childern had come to trick or treat....she was admiring their costumes then reached over to the the bowl of candy...they older child said 'see I told you she had the biggest bowl of candy in the neighborhood'!!!
    That made my daughter's Halloween!!!
    Madi and Mom

  33. I like when a 55 makes me laugh. Polluting the air with his bagpipes. Awesome.

  34. I was sure you weren't in UK _ funny woman!!!

    Love the deco - so creative

    Thanks for the 55 to set the stage for an autumn hike on the moors.

    I know G-Man would say 'kick' something this weekend - LOL

    moon smiles

  35. Thanks for the Haloween treat (well for all f themm actually -- pictures, poems, candy, what more could a person want!)

  36. what's the background of Halloween? I come from cultures where it is not practised.

  37. Your wreath is "boo"tiful. And your 55 is so eerie.

  38. Well, thank you for the treat my dear:-) I always look forward to your treats every year!!

    I love your Halloween wreath, it's awesome. Leave it to you to come up with something like that and only spending $6 to make it! I wish I had half your artistic talent:-) Have you been to Michael's lately? I haven't been there since this summer so need to get in there and see what they have for Halloween. xoxo


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