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on the first day of School...a memory in 55 words times 2



I found this at Target [or Tar-jay]!! They had all kinds of 'em for Halloween. Of course me and my witch collection, it was a choice of 'necessity'. LOL But, I'm thinking on the 1st of November I may go back and see if they have them marked down a bit...I'd really like to have the skeleton nutcracker...he has legs that are dangling.

She's cute, just like the store promised....

- - -<><><>- - -


It came to me
Recalling my first day for school...
Aged five, my mommy I did miss.
At noon, carrying my brown paper bag,
Walking into a room filled with noise 'n' chatter,
I pulled out a sandwich & apple.
Attached, was a note...
"Remember I love you",
Among the noise; the clatter,
I felt bliss.


...Time passes so fast.
still ev'ry now and then
a memory arises for just a fleeting moment.
A memory, long faded by years...
Like torn and tattered pages of my life's book.
For that fleeting moment I smile!
Quickly opens the flood waters; in the past I look...

Mom, my day is washed with tears.

copyrighted poem

by Hootin' Ann
October 2010


  1. Anonymous10/15/2010

    Love both of your 55's. Filled with love and emotion. Well done. Hey you and Bud gonna run out of living space soon. Cute I must say. Happy Friday.

  2. Love your 55s

    Mine's up too.

  3. Did you have too much blue cheese and your face has turned green?

  4. That little witch is so cute! I love Target. They have the cutest stuff....and different, I get tired of Wally World's same old, same old.

  5. A double portion of goody 55s. Nicely done.

  6. aw...i like them both...those little notes that remind us how special we are...nice. i need to go write one for my boys...smiles. excellent 55!

    mine is up!

  7. I like both. Memories revisited differently...


  8. What a lovely couple of poems! I think everyone comes to realise a few bittersweet memories as life passes by.

  9. *sniffle* great 55! And yes, how ironic we both did 55's on old school days! :o)

    Love your Target find!

  10. Both soooo sweet. Mom's are special. I know my mother misses her's everyday, but I look just like her mother so maybe that helps? Wonderful memories, and I can just hear the crinkle of the paper sack as you reach in to pull out the apple......glad I came over and P.S. I love Halloween too!

  11. to find such a note - in such a moment - sooooo beautiful!!

  12. Anni, I know how you love Halloween. The pics of the cute decor are delightful. I don't think I'm decorating this year. The boys have lost their enthusiasm, but daughter hasn't. LOL Gave her a spider hair clip yesterday and she was delighted. Halloween is her favorite holiday after Christmas.

    Thanks for dropping by the Nook and leaving a birthday wish. I had a nice day. The boys came for burgers, cake and ice cream and we had a blast playing Scrabble. Fun!

    Take care and enjoy your day.


  13. Anonymous10/15/2010

    that first day of school - wonderful memory... and memories are like that, aren't they, popping up out of nowhere to make us laugh, cry, ... nice 55's.

  14. My dear Anni! Thanks for hosting TTS. I really appreciate it. You made us sing with the entry we posted and visited! Visit my new post here:

  15. what a lovely little memory. i hope it warms you on a cold day.

  16. Your witches are cute! I like to decorate for Halloween but my most favorite time is Christmas. I just put a few things up for Halloween and go crazy at Christmas. It's getting cooler here...trees are starting to change colors...and we even have had the heat on a few times.

  17. Anni, those 55's were gorgeous. And so had me looking back, too. Love is truly a beautiful thing.

  18. My mom used to put notes in my lunch too.
    You've captured the feel of kindergarten well here!
    The witch nutcracker rocks too!

  19. Ah sweet yet poignant 55s - I like them both. :)

  20. How cute is she?!? Thank you for your sweet comments on my Haunted House. It was a lot of fun to do and my little one makes us go outside every night and look at it!! Your blog is wonderful! So glad to have "met" you!

  21. I came I read
    I read again
    thoughts of love
    flowed within

    a little aww
    I did sigh
    for the tear that
    filled your eye

  22. So sad to start off happy and end up crying.

  23. Love your little witchy and your wit.
    Mama Bear

  24. Anonymous10/15/2010

    Very sweet stuff!

  25. I have not put a note in my daughter's lunch box lately. Thanks for this wonderful reminder, Anni to do so again. We never know how much our loving written words can mean.


  26. I love the flash fiction for today. I can relate.

  27. such a cute new witch! thanks so much for including the link. i was totally lazy this year and didn't get out any of my stuff, so all my witchy items are still packed away!

  28. Great Show and Tell! Do you put a light in the back of her? Tar-jay has lots of great decorating stuff and also Kolh's.

    You are so talented, I love your poems. Also love the headers and buttons that you design, it's not fair for one person to have so much talent!! :o)

    Take care and stop by for some hot spiced cider if you get a chance! I only make it for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  29. Nice, Anni. I used to put notes in my kids' lunches, even after they pleaded with me to stop because I was embarrassing them. They learned to open with care.

  30. Thanks for the memories.

  31. I love them! I think I like your 2nd one best...your turn of the phrase "my day is washed with tears" spoke to my heart.

  32. how beautiful, memories can make you smile and tear up all at your little witch pics too :)

  33. They're all adorable, I love this time of year too! I don't always get all my stuff out, I haven't reached my vintage plastic lamps in the garden shed yet...hopefully soon. Oh I so looove your avatar, it's frightfully cute! xo Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  34. Whoops, I had to come back, I wanted to say I loooved your little memory of your Mom bringing you your lunch, I can just feel your 'bliss'! Your double whammy brought tears to my eyes...but with happy memories, I miss my Mom so much! Thanks for sharing Anni, Big hugs!

  35. Your 55s were sweet! I liked your witch, too. She is cute!

  36. Both 55s are just lovely. Then and now...

  37. Anni....
    Your blog, your post, your Heart is just beautiful.
    I'm very honored to have you as a supporter and friend.
    Loved your 55's
    You Rock The Lone Star State.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  38. How cute! I haven't seen those! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  39. It seems the older I get, the more I remember. Little snapshots of time, mostly the warm, fuzzy times.

  40. Anni - Loving your Alphaba look you wear it well

    what a sweet memory

    Have a great weekend dear

    Moonie smiles

  41. Hi Anni...

    Ohhh...your witch nutcracker is adorable! I have to admit...this is the first one that I've ever seen! She is quite unique! Thank you for sharing sweet halloween nutcracker with us!

    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my Autumn Enchantment table and mantel! I really enjoyed your visit and your sweet note! Thank you!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  42. the holidays does bring up memories of long ago, remember my mother over the small things like you did so beautifully here in your FF55er, the packed lunch and "torn and tattered pages of my life's book....Mom, my day is washed with tears."

    It brought flash backs and tears to my eyes too.

    Lovely 55er


  43. Dear Anni, What sweet poems! I used to write poetry all the time when I was younger. I mostly write songs now. Your poems brought back such similar memories--except that thank goodness, I still have and treasure my mother. Our favorite place to go is the beach. We plan another collecting trip this fall. Funny, I didn't realize you lived on the beach. Hubby, kids, and I are heading to Galveston on Oct.30th to spend the weekend square dancing at the Texas HoeDown. My 18yr.old is the president of the teen club up here in Tomball. All my kids are fabulous square dancers. But the best part is we get to dance on the beach! It will be a blast! Where on the coast do you live?

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  44. I love those costumes and you are right, it would be fun to have some of them around the house.

  45. I love your blog a lot.. First time here.. I am totally impressed with the beautiful colors.. Lovely.. I loved the twin treat..

    Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog..

    --Someone Is Special--

  46. Terrific 55s! I love packing a lunch for my boy so I am definitely looking forward to slipping sweet notes in his lunch box as soon as he's able to read.


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