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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

'nother rant of mine. something I need to get posted---

Long, long ago, [and I've written about this incident before on my blog in short] something was said to me in a conversation that I will NEVER forget!!! The other person who was talking with me, said: "All the homosexuals will, and should go to hell". I got up, walked away from her and remained speechless. Yet, throughout the day, I was fuming. Afterall, I was in a workplace, and I didn't want to make a scene. But as the day wore on, I opened up with the wrath I felt within myself, that was tearing at my gut for the hours that passed. I let her have a piece of my mind. I recall getting into her face within inches and called her a self-righteous bitch! Yes indeed. I felt better, and I continued through a few more years before Bud bought out his early retirement, working with the very same gal. Tho, from the moment the word came from my lips, we no longer were friends we had been before; just co-workers. To this day, it still eats away at my who has such a low mentality, one who has no warrant to decree such a standing of others in such a way. If anyone chooses the gay lifestyle, in all this, in my own mind and my own perspectives, I will accept anyone who will be broad-minded enough to not preach and condemn others of their way of living...I feel judgment is not up to you or me, not us as a society. Of course, in all respect here, I did call names myself; I was just as guilty calling her 'bitch'. Hey, in my way of thinking, even tho some will say a man laying with a man as a he lays with a woman---found in's wrong. Well, in the Bible, divorce is wrong also...but we, as a society, accept divorce as a part of life these days and think nothing of it. Not to mention all of the ten commandments being broken every minute of the day. But.....

In the most recent past, there have been a lot of teen tears me apart. Because, again, the self-righteous who practice the word of love and good...can turn around and condemn as if they WERE god!!

Of course, this is a long video, but I felt the torture all gays go through...and, I wish they'd become more accepted, without discrimination, and if one viewer watches it in its entirety and changes their outlook on what society is doing to them, I feel I've accomplished something....SOON, before more suicides.

As always, with a post of my own humble opinions and strong emotions on subjects such as this, I turn off commenting.