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1. Have you turned the heat on in your house yet this fall? Heat? Turn it on? Ummmmm, not here!! The 'heat is turned on' when we open the door...it's 80 degrees here in the Fall!! Question is: Have you turned your A C off yet? We haven't...it's running 24/7 still.

2. Do you allow your pets on the furniture? It's rather the opposite here...it should be do our pets allow US on the furniture? We recently bought a couch and loveseat...and before we had the last of the cushions placed in place, BOTH CATS took possession!!!

3. What were your final words for September? "Tomorrow's October"

4. What are your first words for October? "Today is October"

5. Do you think you’ve ever seen a ghost? I haven't, but Bud swears he has!! In our Colorado home.

6. What is the one color that represents this time of year? Aspen Gold

7. Which of your senses do you think is most sensitive this time of year? Smell...the smell of apples baking, pies, cool fresh ocean breezes...scents of outdoors!!

8. What is your favorite thing to do at the county fair? Since our county fair here is held in February, I love to walk around check out the crafts and check out the 4H animal exhibits...blue ribbon predictions!

9. What do you like when you have a cold? My warm wuzzy BED!!

10. Are you willing to spend over $100 for a piece of winter clothing, like boots or a coat? I have. But that's our little secret....I don't think Bud knows.

12. What do you have too much of in your kitchen? Too many cooks spoil the broth? Nah...don't cook much....I guess it'd hafta be dishes that need to be put in the dishwasher....that's Bud's job.

13. What gripes do you have about this time of year? None whatsoever....this is a favorite time of year from now 'til it gets hot again in May.

14. Other than yourself, are you responsible for getting anyone ready in the morning? Who would that be?

15. When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? There are no gutters around here....with hurricanes, gutters are something you don't see on homes.

16. So, it’s after Labor Day. Will you still be wearing white? Perhaps....which makes me think of an old jingle...oh you wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.

17. What shows are you most looking forward to this Fall? I WAS looking forward to two...NCIS and The Big Bang Theory, but so far, sorely disappointed in both. Actually, more so would be the Baseball Playoff Games. League Championships, and then WORLD SERIES. That's my final answer...and I'm sticking to it.

18. What three things have you just not gotten around to from the summer, but probably should do before snow flies? Snow? It doesn't snow here. Thank gawd!!!!! And I'm laughing myself silly for all those who like it....my sister told me yesterday the high country is getting snow....awwwwwwwwwww, poor thing! [she lives in the high country on the western slope of the Rockies]

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Sunday's Summary

Nuttin' Honey!!!
From Monday of this past week, it was a bit boring. Nothing was crucial in getting done. Mostly watching a new storm developing below the island of Cuba and becoming stationary for some time. Predictions are it {named storm, Richard} will be heading into the Gulf waters soon. The path is still a bit 'unknown'...I guess it depends on pressure areas and temperatures. There will be a chance it heads to the Texas coast, but for now, a slim chance of it being a STRONG storm...

Bud and I had planned on going to the opening of the new Matt Damon movie, "Hereafter". But, after reading the professional critics' critiques and the movie goers reviews, we changed our minds...I understand there are a lot of subtitles and such...I personally don't want to READ a movie!! LOL And of course, our walks along the beaches. We stopped at a new section. Well, new to us anyway. We've never pulled off the freeway to stop at this particular area near Nueces Bay ---the park is AT sea level and floods easily. Each and every time we've driven by the park, it was always a bit 'under water' from storms. It's not worth getting the car stuck in the mire and pay for a towing job. Since it's been dryer these past few weeks, we decided to go by and see if it was 'safe' to drive into the area.

The book I've been reading [and finished] was really good. It really wasn't a crumby book from the beginning, but slow to begin. After the queen was beheaded, I didn't want to put it down. How I love to read about this era. In fiction of course. And this author, tho I've not read any previous writings of hers, is just simply super. With this particular novel, she has written it in first person, which is the best for me anyway...it's like sitting at the hearth on a cold wintry night and the person is regaling to me a life experience. And in Old English style...her chapters are even marked....Chapter the First, Chapter the Eleventh and so on....unique. Heck, it doesn't take all that much to please me. LOL The book is "The Queens Governess"...it begins with Anne Boleyn and her lady...and the lady is now the governess of the daughter, Elizabeth, the Queen. Wonderful. I highly recommend it for those who like England's historical novels. I'm trying to decide which book to begin reading now...I have three I'd really like to start reading. Two books, one, a long time hunted for book that I found in Books, Ink. over in Portland a couple of weeks ago, when we drove over to attend the Fall Festival...on the way back home, we stopped at a little 'corner' bookstore of used books...and I found it. My mother in law highly recommended it years and years ago...and I FOUND a copy and bought it!!! The Silver Chalice---since it's so very old [first printed in the early 1950's] it's out of print of course, the only way to have found it is to look in used book stores ---I did see a copy of it quite a while ago at Abe Books [online book finders], but never ordered it. The 2nd of the two books I found there was a novel on Lizzie Borden [the infamous 'ax girl'] which is entitled "Lizzie". The third book is one I found at Half Price books the other day is Archie and Amélie. Of course they're all novels of historical value, The Silver Chalice is about a silversmith commissioned to produce a silver holder for the 'holy grail'...while Lizzie is a novelized version of Lizzie Borden and her lifestyle; the third one is a novel of the Astor Family, the rich, filled with scandals--love, marriage, drugs, with a bit of his psychiatric tendencies and time spent in an asylum....

- - -

We did attend the 50th annual Jazz Festival over the past weekend. But the time there was cut short because of the daytime ballgame. Heritage Park and the City of Corpus Christi each year holds a terrific festival of many many nation-wide jazz bands attending for the festival held over three days. There are three different bandstands within the park along with food, historic homes to tour, craft booths and drinks!! All three days, the times are from noon 'til the wee hours of the morning. Each band has a time slot to perform, usually about 45 minutes. Some with encores.

This one band in particular was local, and as Bud and I toured the grounds, their music was superb, so we stopped and enjoyed the ambiance their talents poured out. So many 'jazz' bands are NOT jazz to me, but either modern jazz [more of a rock genre] or BLUES. To me, Blues is not JAZZ. This band [the three top photos] were the good 'old time jazz'!! The older gentlemen performing for us were playing the oldies but goodies...at the time of the photo shoot...they were playing "I Love You for Sentimental Reasons" with a fabulous 'jazzy' rhythm...quite good...I used to love listening to Nat King Cole sing this very song! While the last photo taken at another bandstand was more blues....we didn't hang around much longer after that. And the third bandstand was more Latin rhythm jazz...this other one we walked over to see, the program was nothing exciting...In the past, I've found that the 'best bands' are playing at night when the crowds are much larger. And there is something quite special when the lights are strung from tree to tree, around the bandstands, and through the grassy areas of the park...it just has an old tyme atmosphere of the days past. Quite fun and the demeanor of the attendees are more relaxed and enjoying the surroundings.

Well, the Texas Rangers Won the AL pennant!! I was so excited. Either team in the playoffs for the American League winning would have pleased me. Tho the Yankees lost, and deservedly so since they played like Little League to me....the Rangers are IN!! The first time for a long time that a Texas team has gone this far....wow. The way they played the past couple of weeks, I think they have a biting chance of taking the Fall Classic Trophy. Exciting.


  1. Anonymous10/24/2010

    Yeah those of us in tropical climates well...we have basically the same answers LOL Go figure. That jazz festival looks and sounds like a great time. When I lived in Houston we would go all the time. It was great fun. And then there was a great Jazz club in Montrose that we would all go to after work. It was in a swanky hotel and just a great place all the way around. Well the Phillies couldn't pull it off. Shi. But oh well. I'm just glad the Rangers did and I'm rooting for them. Have a great Sunday :)

  2. I love your blog so much.

  3. hahaha I like number 2. if pets alowed you hahaha nice answer here..

  4. Your critters crack me up. WOW, I don't think I could handle 80s in October. I like you selected Aspen Gold...such an artist! I love the smell of apples and cinnamon cooking also. I think a man wrote that question about $100 coats...they have no clue what real clothing costs. lol I am with you at the fair checking out the crafts and blue ribbon stuff. I love the chickens tent...so many varieties! Have a great Sunday Anni!

  5. hi anni, thanks for the comment. happy sunday stealing to you! cheers!

  6. Naughty cats you have there LoL
    Hop here from SS and follow you. Thanks for your comment.
    Anyway, kebaya is traditional dress for woman in Indonesia (some even considered it as national female dress already).
    Happy Sunday :)

  7. Looks like you had a good time at the Festival. The Silver Chalice book sounds like a good one.
    I laughed at your comment about your cats and the furniture. You really can't keep them off!

  8. nothing better than beating the Yankees and was overjoyed it was the Rangers who did it.....

  9. I laughed out loud at some of your answers to Sunday Stealing...Our AC is still coming on too. I enjoyed reading about your week.
    Mama Bear

  10. Your cats are smart! They know a good spot when they see one. :)

  11. Just knew the Rangers were would be slipped in there... :)

    Have a great Sunday.

    Join us for Monday Mayhem

  12. I've just been going to write you and ask if you still feel the same way about our favorite show - only one has been up to par so far. I am just so disappointed, since I only discovered it, watched all the old shows, and looked forward to it so much all summer. New writers? Boredom on the part of the players?? What in the world is wrong? It has no pizazz this year. NCIS LA was disappointing this week, too.

    I read Silver Chalice many years ago - congrats on finding a copy. I am sure I read it from the library. I remember really enjoying it.

    Have a great week!

  13. Good Morning Dear Anni. Your week sounds like mine. It started out boring then got some better huh? I have never really understood the Sea Level thing and guess I never will. I do love watching about the weather and would like to be a weather person someday. LOL. But that isn't the only thing I would like to do either. Oh well, guess I'll always just be a stay at home Mom. It don't hurt to dream tho. I love going to festivals as well. Our town here is having their Harvest Festival this coming Saturday afternoon. It won't be a big one like some towns, but it will be something to go to tho. I sure wish Richard would bring some very much needed RAIN here our way. I'm beginning to think that they don't even make rain for us here anymore. LOL. It's been a very long time since I have been to a movie. We always just wait until they come out on DVD and watch them or lately wait till it comes out on Cable T.V. to watch it. LOL. Nothing better than watching a good movie in the comfort of your own home tho. Take care my friend and your blog looks really good.

    Love and hugs,

    Karen H.

  14. Anonymous10/24/2010

    I dont like the rangers lol
    lol kinda odd coming from someone when I was little was a HUGE Jim Sundberg fan

  15. Ha ha ha! I live in Arizona, so I can sure relate to your comment about the "'heat is turned on' when we open the door"!

    So true! :-)

    Have a great one!

  16. Anonymous10/24/2010

    It is wrong to be so jealous of you because you live where it's warm all year? Doesn't matter, I still am.

    Ive been known to sit on the floor cause all of the seating is occupied by cats and confused dog. That ain't right as daddy would say!

    Happy Sunday and thanks for the visit.

  17. I couldn't agree more with your answer to #2. We don't own cats, we live among them, don't we? Happy Sunday.

  18. My GF loves NCIS. I had never seen it before. I love it now. As for The Rangers, well I'm a Yankee fan. :( But it's very cool & good for baseball to get a teen in the WS the first time ever! I'll be rooting for them...

  19. #2, LMAO. I know how that goes. The kids (cats & dog) own the couch here too. You should have seen the dirty looks I got the other day when I dared to sit on it.

    Of course, they also immediately take over my chair when I get up to either let the dog out, or get something out of the kitchen. I'll turn to go back...and there be cats. Guess I knew what I was doing when I bought the sign: "For the best seat in the house, move the cat."

  20. I love that you review your week, such a great read. I remember that jingle! Visiting from Sunday Stealing! See you next Sunday!~Lisa

    I am all a twitter about life

  21. Happy Sunday Anni!!!
    What a great POST!!! Well done...
    Here in NC we are flucating between heat and and a/c which is normal for NC. We had low 40's at night last week w/70 in the days.
    This coming week they are predicting 80s and w/humidity. As we say in NC if you don't like our weather wait 5 minutes it will change.
    Madi must be related to your kitties all the furniture is hers expect the leather she doesn't like it.

    Madi and Mom

  22. Thanks, Anni - or does that mean I just talk too much?? I do seem to do best at story telling!

    I guess I'll keep giving Gibbs and the gang chances to get back to normal.

  23. Anonymous10/24/2010

    Wow- I wonder what it would be like to have no gutters! We had them in Virginia- we lived on the coast too so we got our share of hurricanes. Loved your answer about the dishes! I wish I thought of that one :)

  24. lol @ # 2! Loved reading your answers!
    Have a wonderful week!

  25. i am a week late to leave a comment!! but did went through your sunday stealing even though it's one week after you posted it!!! yikes!!! gr888 answers!!! luved it
    take care!!!!


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