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shrimp boats returning
while the birds ready for hand-outs
sailboat leaving


If you'd like to skip over my Blogging Tip on how to get the word verification [that only shows half way] to WORK for you, you can


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Oftentimes, I have stumbled into a Blogger Blog that has word verification enabled and there is only a partial comment form that is visible...like the sample image above. While doing some research on the subject I learned how to get around it...and I tested it the other day when it happened to me once again...it WORKS!!! This is the 'fix' for anyone that comes upon such a thing. Don't leave frustrated after you've typed your comment!!!---Just continue by doing these steps.

After typing your comment, you'll see only a partial word verification. Next step...click your tab button on your keyboard. The entire word will show up...if need be, when you don't see the small 'publish comment' button...just hit tab again! Continue to do so...until your comment goes through.

I actually believe it's the blogger's html and the iframe. Sometimes, the dimensions of the iframe's height and width in their coding are not sufficient. With it being too low in pixels, the word verification doesn't show completely. Now, with the blogger to give it a 'fix' for their blog....if you desire to have the word verification enabled...make sure your iframe height is large enough [at least 425px but more is better]...you'll find this by going into your edit html...clicking on expand widget template html and look for the coding below in the text area frame ---find the iframe dimensions in the comment section of your blog's admin/editing

...changing the 'height' to at least 425 or above!!


We had a slow day for bird watching yesterday, but spent a lot of time going from one birding area to another along the coast. At one area, a migratory bird sanctuary, we did get treated with one bird that, according to the Texas Birding List, is uncommon to see...tho migratory. We saw two, I lucked out and zoomed in on just one. I have a photo of it and will add it when I have some time to do so. There was another area that we had planned on stopping at, but the auto line for the ferry crossing was extremely large---and there were five ships waiting for a pilot boat to get them through the channel which meant we have about a 1/2 hour or better to wait to cross. So, it was a 'no-go' this time. We'll hit that spot 'on the other side' some other day. OH! And I got a pretty good photo of the lighthouse too. Yay. Speaking of "yay's"!!!!------------THE TEXAS RANGERS WON THE DIVISION ALDS!!!! OMGoodness...NOW who the heck do I cheer on? The Yankees or the Rangers....I love my Yankees, but being Texan......well, umm---------


  1. Wow, are those birds around the boat?

  2. Evelyn Yep, those are birds, pelicans and seagulls....they await the hand outs from the fishermen.

  3. Nice photos, especially the second one. It seems they have caught some shrimp. A lot of seaguls. :-) May I ask why you choose to use k instead of c? ;-)

  4. I like those pictures of the shrimp boats and was trying to figure out what was going on with the birds. Now I get it!

  5. Such a beautiful day. Boats. Water. Sun.

    Here's my WW:

    I tried a Linky this week.

  6. Wow! I can see God's hand of that photos. God's creation is very nice. I like it. Happy Watery Wednesday! :) Thanks for commenting my entry too :)

  7. Wow, are you ever in the spirit of things! Good on ya! Nice photos and I like the blogging tip too!

  8. Happy Wednesday Anni

    The birds are visiting us more frequently now that the nights are cool. No hummer spotting in about a week. I continue to put up fresh nectar just in case we have a straggler.

    The male cardinals have their bright red
    feathers...all the gold finches are about the same color now. I do so enjoy the males in the spring and summer
    Madi and Mom

  9. I love the pictures - what a riot with all the birds hovering overhead waiting for a snack - or dinner. Love the streaks coming from the sun. Beautiful.

  10. I will be back to catch up on your posts but right now I just wanted to invite you to my birthday party on my blog...get ready to do the jitterbug:-) xoxo

  11. what a lovely sunny day to sail!

  12. Beautiful "silver" pictures for all Wednesday's memes, lol ! How intereting the thing with the half word verification. I never had that, but sometimes I can't see my Google address the space is too small. Then I reload the page and it works.
    Anyway I don't see the reason why loosing time with word verifications. It's easier to delete spams, but before I read them, lol.

  13. Loved your photos as always.
    I can't wait to see the birds you got.
    I'm going for the Yankees all the way. I have been a fan since I was 9,can't change now.
    Have a great day.

  14. Anonymous10/13/2010

    Awesome ocean shots! Beautiful!

  15. Yeah, sometimes I just leave the comment because I can't see the word verification or the send, thanks for the tip.
    I love shrimp and I hope this fishermen had a lot of catch. Thanks for the visit Anni!
    Watery Wednesday-The pond

  16. Thank you for the tip. So far I have had no problems. Sorry it has been I while since I have stopped by. Lots going on in my life.

    Love and Hugs,
    Joyce from Creation In Progress

  17. Gattina Oh I agree....it's easier for the blog admin/owner to delete from their comments, and simpler for us visitors that they DON'T have the word verification,......but so many do! It's a shame they don't realize how many visitors leave because of it.

  18. wow..so glaring..

  19. Anni, nice photos and a great tip on word verification. Thanks so much.

    You missed Thanksgiving on my blog. Canadian Thanksgiving was Monday, my birthday was Tuesday and today is Pea's birthday. Such a busy week.

    Take care and have a great day.

  20. Festivals are one of my favorite things about this season.
    Mama Bear

  21. Do you dress in a costume to hand out treats on Halloween or have a costume party? I really enjoy dressing up as a character...for years,I dressed as a witch..I spent some time looking at costumes at the store the other day..
    I like your photos for Outdoor Wednesday.
    I have FoxNews on, watching the mine rescue and they just broke in to tell about an earth quake in Oklahoma.

  22. thanks for the info. I actually have experienced this too many times in different blogs..

  23. That last one of the sailboat is my fave.

  24. Thanks for the helpful tip.

  25. Anonymous10/13/2010

    What beautiful photos my friend. I really love them. So bright and sunny. :) Good advice for Blogger blogs :) You rock. WOOT!!! I gotta tell ya I want the Rangers to win...I'm just not a damn Yankee fan LOL :) Have a great day :)

  26. Anonymous10/13/2010

    You always have such great watery photos!

  27. Anonymous10/13/2010

    very nice shots anni! enjoy your wednesday.

  28. i love the ocean photos. there's something very soothing. thanks rose

  29. Wonderful water shots, Anni.. I hope there are no pirates floating around on the dark mysterious seas.

  30. Lovely pictures ... love the reflection! And thanks for visiting!

  31. Loved your photo's but greatly appreciated your advice about the Tab button and word verification. Glad I visited.

  32. I posted about the shrimp boats a couple of years ago when we stayed at Port A! Loved the way the birds flock around it -- loved even more buying fresh shripm from the boat when it docked.!!!

    Tx for the hint on blogger comment -- I've had that happen and also many times when the word doesn't show up at all. I'll try the tab for that too. I always thought it was because Google didn't like me because I blog on Typepad. ;>))))

  33. What a great spooky spirit and love the pics & verses.

  34. Great shots, Anni! Love your photos so much. Thanks for sharing.

  35. The picture of that bright sun going down in the water - awesome. sandie

  36. Great shots - love how the sun is so huge on the water.

  37. Hi dear Anni! Thanks for visiting my post. Your my wonderful friend here who do not miss to leave kind message. Fantastic WW you have I love how the sunlight reflected into the water. What a glimpse of God's goodness!


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