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Texas is part of the Southern Bible Belt----

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1. Where are you from? I really want to answer by typing "My mom and dad"!!! But like my sidebar states...born in hicksville---Nebraska.

2. If you could live any place in the world, where would you live? I think I already do...in my own little world.

3. What's your favorite blog? I'll check them out of course! I have no favorites...actually, my favorite blog pastime is reading my comments...so, comment away folks!!

4. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve? Word Verificiation/Captcha...as many times as I've read on other blogs about the 'pain in the butt' they really are, I must agree. It takes away from those who really like to comment but don't have that much time to try and read/decipher some of those!! Some are so difficult to figure out and it takes several attempts to get it right; and if that's the case, I leave without commenting.

5. What's your favorite TV show this season? I need a new show! :) I faithfully watch only two...NCIS [which the season opener left a lot to be desired.] And, Big Bang Theory...omg...it was a bit on the risque side for the season opener, but well done to not disturb anyone. At least I think.

6. What's your favorite 'down' time {nothing computer related}? Reading or Beach...depends on the day, the time and the condition of the weather.

7. Are you a parent? If so, what's your favorite thing to do with your children? HA!!! My 'children' are adults in their late 30's and early 40's....they're not living with us any longer [thank goodness!] If I'm around them, which is very seldom, I like just to talk and catch up on what's happenin'!

8. What about your blog, have you considered changing? Why? I like my blogging style...I change 'decor' but not 'style of blogging'. Yet, sometimes I could say 'Depends'...but that would read like I'm using 'em....Depends/changing? Oh never mind!!

9. What do you do for a living (if you work outside the home or if you work at home)? Retired.

10. What is your favorite song at the moment? What is your favorite song ever? There are WAY TOO MANY to have a favorite. Seriously. I love music...period!!!

11. What is your favorite niche TV channel to watch? Most likely USA when baseball is in the off season....if it's baseball season it's ESPN/or FOXSouthwestNetwork [FSN].

12. If you could have any career, what would it be and why? None....like I said, retired and lovin' it.

13. What is your favorite outfit? Blue jeans and a T-shirt.

14. If you could tell your teenage self something, what would you say? I can go back to a younger age...just have fun without harming anyone!! Keep the child in you!!!

15. What is your biggest blog pet peeve? At this very moment while filling this out...I could easily say "repetitive" meme questions!!!! That is a recycled question I believe...SEE #4

16. What is your favorite recipe? Take love, add sugar and spice, stir in some fun, and mix well!!!

17. What is the funniest joke you've ever heard? I think that's impossible to actually put here...it's not a joke per sé, but a cartoon...from Playboy many decades ago. I tore it out and still have it...but I won't scan it as it's falling apart....I'll try to explain it tho for ya'----There is a judge in his robe behind his desk...the jury box is filled, the accused is standing in front of the judge---naked and a man---the judge releases him for "LACK OF EVIDENCE". Get the picture?

18. What is your favorite vacation spot and why? I always loved going to the beach resorts in Old Mexico, from Cancun to Puerto Valarta to Mazatlan and others...but I wouldn't go there now if they paid me!!!

19. What are you most excited about with fall here? Cooler weather so we can get out, drive the countryside and enjoy the milder temps...too hot to go anywhere far in the summers.

20. Did you envision yourself to be where you are today ten years ago? If not, what did you envision? First, I don't look that far ahead...that way if nothing pans out, I'm not disappointed. Second, my life is where I want it to be.

21. If money were no object, what would your dream house look like? We've had similar questions such as this before....and my answer hasn't changed...a huge open floor-plan house with glass walls facing the Pacific Ocean on a hill...with no neighbors or obstructions for miles and miles!!!

22. What is your all-time favorite Disney movie? PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN - Black Pearl. AND!!! National Treasure.

23. What's your favorite blog to read? Or a blog you think isn't getting enough notice? Again, redundant from another question above ---Number 3. Which makes me wonder just what the meme'r was on when making up the questions we stole!!!! And it's NOT Judd....these are stolen, remember-----copied and pasted into Sunday Stealing!!!

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Remember what you learned when just a little one? Y'know? Make a fist with your fingers entwined below in the palm of your hand...and your recited as you pulled your two index fingers up..."Here's a church, here's a steeple....open the door and see all the people"...as you twist your wrists up and all the remaining fingers wiggle to show 'people'? Here is a 10 second video of the little ditty---

Do you remember that?

Well, as Bud and I were doing our morning walking on a Sunday [he goes with me on Sunday's for sure...sometimes once or twice a week otherwise when we go to the beach.] Anyway, while walking along the Shoreline Drive on the Marina/Yacht Club area a couple weeks ago, I happen to look toward the city instead of the bay waters because the sound of church bells rang out to us while we were down below the bluff...and I was scanning the panorama; seeing all the church steeples. I, personally, like the more 'Gothic' architecture...the old world style; and the Southwest "mission" architecture --or even the unadorned, wooden, 1 room "prairie churches" as apposed to the modern designs of today---there ARE churches just about every city block in this city...we ARE in the Bible Belt!!

This is for you: Madi [and Mom!]--------

This is the one that had the chiming from the bell tower....notice the black arrow?---I've always wanted to stop the car and photograph the bronze statue, but the traffic sometimes - it's too dangerous to pull over and snap photos. So, while we were walking, I crossed the boulevard [from the sea's side] and took close up photos of the statue---

These photos below are ones you'd see from the shore...but they're all up on a bluff in about a three block radius. The upper bluff and street is Upper Broadway. From the entry doors of these churches you'd see the views of the bay and the bayfront. The first one, the one with the whitewashed stairway to the top of the hill is the Catholic Church---


- - -

As for today, Sunday, it's still soggy outdoors in the yard, and we still have a lot of landscaping repair to do once it dries out more. Our huge Lantana bush was literally pounded to the ground. Once it dries out some around it's roots, we'll have to tie it up and support it against the privacy fence to 'retrain' it and make it a bit more sturdy. A few landscaping timbers were washed out from the foundation flower boxes in the front yard. While I was out in the storm I happened to notice a couple 6 foot timbers floating across the yard toward the flooded street and lugged them back retrieved them placing them on the front porch. But, again, it's still a bit too wet to be out there doing the repair work....so, it'll have to wait. Bud played plumber this week....Joe the Plumber!! Showing me his butt crack once while on his knees sopping up the leak as I was supervising. rofl I did another teeny Halloween project for the entry door and finished that in no time flat. I FINALLY completed reading the book "The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"!!!! It sure was a slow read. But enjoyable. Enough for me to WANT to finish it, but just not so 'exciting' that I never wanted to put it down. It was a thick novel...and I was only reading a few pages every once in a while. It sure took me long enough to finish it. Now I started reading The Queen's Governess... which 'sounds' of great interest to me 'cause I really enjoy this chronicled era. And historical novels of such always catch my eye at the book store; this book was on my book list to buy. I was lucky enough to find it at the half price bookstore!! I've read the first few chapters and being written in 'first person' always makes it so good for me. I've not read any of Karen Harper's books before 'til this one. Usually, on this subject I'd prefer Phillipa Gregory or Alison Weir novels. So far, so good tho. She may just become another of my favorite writers. Time will tell. The novel is about Elizabeth I's governess...placed there in Henry VIII's court by Thomas Cromwell after the days of Anne Boleyn's beheading, Katherine Ashley. Altho not much has ever been written on Miss Ashley, an imaginative epic should hold relevance. Online, I found this written in a quotation from the author: "The movie rights to Queen’s Governess have been sold in the UK, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Turkey. Harper says the time is ripe for another Tudor blockbuster like the Cate Blanchett Elizabeth films or Shakespeare in Love. Or, it could be adapted for television to provide fresh look at the popular characters of Showtime’s The Tudors." I say, whoo hoo!!! As I love MOVIES of this time in history also!! Hope it comes out in America soon.


  1. Enjoy your day sweetie.

  2. Anonymous9/26/2010

    OMG...my mom and dad...what was I thinking when I did my answer LOL :) I so love the Pirates of the Carribean series. It rocks. Seems like everyone is picking up on the same question in this meme LOL Poor Judd LOL Love that video and those pictures are just awesome. Have a wonderful Sunday :)

  3. Thom Well, from what I understand, it isn't Judd who repeated the question at all...it was the one from which the meme was stolen. It isn't his fault.

  4. captchas are annoying indeed. but i have to double check...i think my comments section has it too.

    i loved your answer for # 2.☺

  5. Thanks for the photos and filling us in on things.


  6. Love the answers :) ur dream house is so like the kind i want :)

    And amazing pictures i loved them :)

    Enjoy ur sunday :)

  7. Morning Anni, Lovin your blog...finally am getting to reading your posts other than memes. You and I share a love of photography. My fav cartoon joke is a picture of an amplifier. The top half (called MAN) is one switch UP (ON) or Down (OFF) and the bottom of the amp is covered in dials and knobs and indicators and it is called WOMAN. I'll post it on my blog. : ) Pretty cool that your life is where you want it to be. So many people are not "there". Have a great weekend!

  8. I hate word verification too and I wonder how many comments people lose when they have it.
    I love the joke, and remember the steeple finger play too. Love the church pictures too!

  9. Hi Anni and happy Sunday!!
    Fantastic post. We enjoyed learning a little bit about you today too.

    Madi and I love all the steeples.

    I hope you all dry out soon...I'd be really happy if you could send us your extra water.
    Madi and Mom

  10. Keep the child in you. I love that. May we all never forget.

  11. Love the pictures of all the different church buildings on your walk. And I love the sound of church bells.

    I understand the economic reasons for "sanctinaseums" these days, but am thankful we have a lovely sanctuary rather than having to worship in a gym or warehouse.

    Have a great week!

  12. #10, yeah that's typically me too. Usually when people ask who I like I tell them 'Pretty much everything from Abba to Z.Z.Top. Excellent choice of Disney movies, love them both! Can't go wrong with either Johnny Depp or Nicholas Cage!

  13. I'm with ya on the word verification. However, WP blogs are really prone to spam that contains embedded Trojans and since it's on your server and not Google's, you gotta prevent them from happening. My spam comments get nearly obliterated when I switched to the crummy captcha.

    Have a great day!

    Join us for Monday Mayhem!

  14. Good Morning Anni. I am back again for another Sunday visit. First of all, I love your Fall Decor here on your blog. You do such a wonderful job and I have forgotten how to even put pictures on my blog. LOL. I so remember doing your fist that way like in the video. I used to do it with our girls when they were little. Such a great memory and one that I will never forget and hopefully our girls won't either. The pictures of the Church's are so beautiful. I need to be in Church every Sunday myself, but I guess I'm just too lazy to get up and get ready to go. LOL. I'm not much into reading, but every once in a great while, I will get a wild hair up my butt, and will want to read. I have always loved reading books about Christmas for some reason. I hate that yall had some landscaping damage to your place, but hope you will be able to get it all fixed up soon after it dries up there. We got a very small shower here a little while ago. Things have just been so hot and dry here this Summer and I'm ready for the cool down we are gettint this week. Now, if we could just get some more much needed rain. Take care my dear friend and have a great Sunday and week.

    Love and hugs,
    Karen H.

  15. Good Sunday Morning Hoot! I am trying to get back to the blog once again..... I am looking forward to the fall.... I need the year of 2010 to go away........ I so enjoy the colors of fall and the cool evenings to sit and read..

    Thanks for coming by and the sweet comments about my Mom and Dad.....

  16. As always, I enjoyed this Sunday visit.

  17. Loved your pet peeves and favorite recipes :D

    Loved the church too. There's something about the serenity of a church :)

  18. I just love ya, Anni! NCIS is a great show but I also felt cheated with the season opener. It felt rushed. And my poor McGee looks like he needs a two piece and a biscuit! Too gaunt.

    Have a wonderful week!

  19. Blue jeans and a tee! That's the ticket. Thanks for playing... ;)

  20. So reading AT the beach would be your perfect afternoon, right?

  21. Thanks for visiting my Sunday Stealing! I haven't watched Big Bang yet, but it's in my queue of DVR'd shows to watch.

  22. Hi Annni Madi and I had to come back you made us LOL/MOL at your question about the right to upchuck for several reasons...
    1. No there isn't one listed but we can create one.
    2. One time we had to wait at a cafe to eat. They took our name. When our table was ready they said Upchuck Party of 4 your table is ready. Mom and Dad almost didn't move they didn't want anyone to think I name was Upchuck! MOL
    3. Our last name is Upchurch...at first Mom miss read upchuck as Upchurch and was wondering what in the world...you knew our name. Then she she blink a few times got her contacts (in the right place)and we we realized it was upchuck as in hair balls!!!LOL'd too funny!!! Thanks for the smile...
    The Upchucks (lol)

  23. Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows. The other is Bones. Of course they put them on at the same time this year. Grrrr! I watched Bones because it was longer, figuring it wouldn't be bad to watch BBT online. Still haven't found time, though. IT WILL HAPPEN BEFORE THURSDAY!

    Have a great week, Anni!

  24. Hey, I was such a smart butt, I actually put from my mother's womb for my answer, though the first thought was a little bit more on the off color side. :)

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed seeing me, I hope to see you next week!

  25. Mom and Dad is a good answer hehehe

  26. Hi Hootin' Anni...hahaha i enjoyed your answers..I agree with you on Q # 4. and # 17 is so funny hahaha.

    Thanks for the comment anyway. I'll see you next Sunday.


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