remember the warning from your mom-when you find something>>

My six words...


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...especially in this case!!

washed ashore on beach
with tentacles - the size
would measure about a 1 1/2 feet or a little over... [18" to 20"]

kinda 'obscene-looking' if
you ask me; of course
that's just the way I am LOL

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...and P S...yesterday, with many times wondering if I even should post my thoughts on the subject I posted, or should I not post, I'm happy to have received several emails and a few comments on my other Friday entry regarding the Sept. 11th upcoming event that triggers so many mixed and angered flair-ups in my soul! I'm glad to know there are others out there that feel the same!!!


  1. Anonymous9/11/2010

    ROFLMAO!!! Obscene is a good word to describe it LOL It looks like a whale lost its...oh well I'll leave it at that ROFLMAO!!! I LOVED your rant yesterday. It was right on the money. And I have to say it is all about religion which I don't understand at all. I never ever will. Enough said. Great weekend funnies my friend. Have a great Saturday :)

  2. Squids are our family's food of endearment. When Mum was pregnant for the 6th time, her craving was BBQ squids. and I was number 4, and I was at home to enjoy this delicious but stinky food.

    I managed to upload Emily's song.

  3. Hi again!

    My 64U:
    So agree: angered flair-ups in my soul too (oops = 8!)


    ”A Girl Needs to be Classy and Fabulous”

  4. Anonymous9/11/2010

    lol Ok thats uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly sucker there rofl

  5. Ucky! but did get a smile out of the joke

  6. Oh Anni.. EW!! I have to admit, upon first glance, I did not THINK that was a squid!.. And I'll just keep to myself what I THOUGHT it really WAS!!.. But thank you just the same for my first LOL/laugh-out-loud for the day! LOVED the Squid Row comic!!!.. Have a great weekend! ~tina

  7. Mom's advice is usually worth heeding!

    6WS: Calling

  8. Magical Especially in THIS case!!! rofl

  9. Ewwww...squid really are kind of gross.

  10. I haven't heard any that Florida pastor staying with the decision to cancel the burning of the koran? I heard yesterday he was considering going back to the original plan. I'm with you, I blame the media. It would have been wrong no matter what if he did it, but unreported it may have offended a few locally. What the media did to the story turned it into a matter of international importance. What an ego boost for that pastor, eh?

  11. Anonymous9/11/2010

    You are too funny...but how cool is that gives me the creeps a little, but is still fascinating!

  12. "Don't put that in your mouth...ya never know where it's been!" Yup...I remember mom saying that to me.

    Happy Saturday!

  13. That is one ugly squid!
    I was going to comment yesterday too, and tell you good post! I agree too.

  14. Squid are quite odd looking and I can imagine why sailors of old turned them into monsters.

    I too read your rant from yesterday and agreed. I find it sorrowful that such self-righteous people continue to gain so much press and propagate their hate.

    And Christians vilifying all Muslims as terrorists really gets my goat. Do you not recall Abraham's conversation with God regarding Sodom and Gomorrah?

  15. Nessa "propagate hate"....that is such a good usage, I wish I'd thought of that!!!

  16. You can find all manner of strange things when walking on the beach.

  17. Happy Saturday Anni and Family.
    Mr Squid is well Mr. Squid...not much to be said abou him. I do love walking on the beach looking for shells and what not.
    Madi and Mom

  18. We must be the same age. My mother always said the same six words. LOL
    And, as I just mentioned to someone else, people who aren't talking about September 11 are still thinking about it.
    Alberta, Canada

  19. strange post... the title/link you left on the cc site was enough for me to skip the order and see what this was all about! You supplied me with my morning laugh - thank you! :)

  20. Love the Squid Row bit! That one cracked me up.

  21. I prefer the cartoon, lol !

  22. The squid does look yucky. They're good fried though, with some chili sauce. Mmm...

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  23. You are way to funny, lol

  24. Anonymous9/13/2010

    i loved your 6 word Sat post !! gives you a lot of ideas :)


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