Jimmy Stafford once wrote..."She said, 'I don't like spiders and snakes'"---

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Most times, for me, there is nothing more creepy than seeing a snake slithering in the grassy areas along ditches or in a yard. [I remember one morning, early, in our Tucson neighborhood when I was out doing my morning walking ritual, and in the middle of the road---this is near a desert area with catcus and a large pantano- right smack dab in the middle of the road and me walking up to it [almost!] there laying on the heated blacktop surface was a huge, HUGE and fat, diamondback rattlesnake. I gave him plenty of room!!!] Anyway, coming back to two of the most creepy creatures on earth.... snakes AND SPIDERS!! This one, tho, is nothing but a brown spider tie tack I used to wear on Halloween. I haven't worn it for ages; mainly 'cause one year one of the doctors I worked with tried to 'flick it off' - he thought it was real, but I know deep down he wanted to 'cop a feel'. Needless to say, I stopped wearing it back then. Thinking now of doing so this year. It's really not that big as it shows in the macro shot either...as I say it's a tie tack ---about the size of a U.S. quarter.

To be more accurate than the lyrics to Stafford's song...for me it'd be "she said...I HATE spiders and snakes".

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Speaking of Tucson...This week, finally, there is a predicted cold front moving into our area from Canada. Well, a cold front for Coastal Texas that is. It's supposed to get down in the middle sixties at night. Wooohoo!! I'm looking forward to cooler nights. And a lot more drier air. But going back to Arizona and our decade living there. We retired in January on purpose, 'cause we knew we were relocating to one of our favorite cities...Tucson. And we wanted to leave the cold, nasty winters behind us. We wanted to become acclimated to the warm dry and mild weather in the Sonoran desert before the heat of the summer came upon us. Which was a wise decision on our part. I would've hated living there from the 'get-go' if we moved from the Colorado mountains to the intense summer heat of Tucson. But, I'm getting away from my point here. Weather. We lived the first summer in Tucson and then the nights cooled down after the monsoon season....but I was still in a bit of a shock, not the shock of still a warm wonderful climate, but shocked that we had no cold snow storms... when we decorated the exterior of our desert oasis for the 1st Christmas Season [Irene, Dan and the boys were coming]----and while helping Bud string the lights for the eaves of the house.....we both sweated!! And in shorts!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, the blissful dry heat!! Now here, after a couple of temperature drops on the thermometer, it's down-right bone chilling. It's the continual high humidity year 'round here. But I'm lovin' it!!! I look forward to the winters here....actually it's more like a 'normal' Autumn in November and December in the Coastal Bend...comparing it to Colorado---our trees turn Autumn colors here...in the last two months of the year....while others are basking in the sun-drenched snowfall. Unlike Colorado where you have 5 or 6 months of snowfall and below freezing cold...or unlike the two seasons of the desert---hot and hotter, we have seasonal changes here, but no snow.

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Mama Bear at Bears in Exile tagged me with eight questions...

1. Are you a morning or evening person?
    I'm definitely a morning person. Funny tho, when I was a teen it was just the opposite...I used to stay up to the wee hours of the morning and stay asleep 'til 2 in the afternoon...now it's nearly reversed, and I wouldn't miss a morning sunrise if I can help it.

2. Do you routinely go to bed at the same time as your partner?
    It's more or less a routine. Sometimes. Well, most times. But I'm always the last one to shut my book and turn out the lights. Long after Bud's asleep.

3. Who does the driving when you and your partner go out together?
    Most times it's me. City driving. If we take long trips on the open highways and interstates, then Bud takes over. In large cities like Houston neither of us likes to drive, but Bud more so...so, I drive.

4. Who pays the bills at your house and why?
    I do! I need to control the spending...if Bud did, we'd be in the poor house. But he'd have plenty of books to read and no place to go, or anything to eat. I guess you'd say he has priorities. LOL

5. Do you still Iron?
    What's that; iron?

6. Do you use cloth or plastic bags?
    It really depends...if we shop at the neighborhood grocery super center, H E B's, I have the cloth sacks from the store, but if we go mall hopping, then it's normally the plastic or whatever they have.

7. Does your family still take a local newspaper?
    "Take" is the operative word here...No, it's not delivered, but we do read it faithfully.

8. Do you recycle?
    Yes!!! Papers, plastic, and aluminum. Most definitely. The city charges us property tax and a monthly statement for such ...so, if I have to pay for the luxury of curbside pickup on that....you're darned tootin' I'll set out all for them to pick it up.
PS...I would anyway. Even if I had to take it in myself.


  1. what a big fellow!
    great macro!

  2. GREAT!!! It looks so real!!!

  3. I'm not overly fond of spiders either, and your's is one of the "good" ones! LOL
    Happy MM.

  4. It's a neat looking spider for those who like spiders! At least it is not plastic -

  5. So now I have that song running through my head!
    That spider does look pretty realistic!
    Your winter sounds perfect. I like the season change but could do without the snow. :)

  6. Lol ! I also thought it was a real spider ! but for Halloween it's nice to wear. I don't mind snakes but spiders are disgusting ! I even can't stay in a room together with the tiniest spider of the world. Fortunately I have Pookie the cat who loves to catch and eat spiders !

  7. Your spider certainly had me fooled...I too am a morning person and I can finally remember to take my clot bags in when shopping...Wishing you well and thanking you for your kind words! Cathy

  8. great photo. It looks like it's legs are made of string LOL. Not sure I would like to meet a snake that way either

  9. I'm with you, I hate snakes. They just creep me out!

  10. Strange we both posted spiders. The Chinese say we have YU YERN aka fate.

    Just watched tonight's TV, a documentary made in Australia how a man almost died and was treated with an experimental serum.

  11. I say bring the spider out of retirement. Fun awaits! I'm a morning person, too. There's no better way to start the day than with a beautiful sunrise.

  12. Anonymous9/27/2010

    what a beautiful shot of that spider!

  13. I don't like snakes or spiders even though I often spy them in the garden.

  14. I thought it was real...Great shot

  15. Morning Anni...I don't like creepy crawlies either...here are my answer you your questions
    1.morning, 2. we go to bed at the same time,3. hubby, 4. hubby because he is retired, 5.can you say wash and wear, 6.we have 5 cloth grocery bags..every so often not enough for all the groceries, 7. we take the paper on weekends only 8. yes I'm recycle Queen
    Happy Monday,
    Madi and Mom

  16. Poor Kristen had a black widow hanging in her kitchen Saturday - about sent her into cardiac arrest.

    I may snow occasionally once a month in those 5 or 6 months - you're remembering worse than it is!! Except last winter was pretty bad. Ha!

  17. Dawn No, I'm not remembering the worst of it....I did not like having to stay in the city 'cause the highway was closed because of blizzard conditions and phone lines out ...no communication and it was all because of working in town and living in the mountains. Driving was hazardous for a long time after the snow...and it most often started snowing in late September early October....and not stopping the winter [off and on snow sure, but continually snowing over the time period of October through May!!---that's 9 months actually!!!] You had it a lot easier in the city than in the mountains and the access roads.

  18. Mea Culpa - I didn't know you lived in the hills. I would never want to be higher than we are - pretty moderate most of the time. Right now - crazy - it's 46 in the mornings and 86 in the afternoons. I'm ready for some high 70s for awhile!

    Enjoy your cooler air!

  19. I don't like spiders at all! But a great macro it is!

  20. That's quite a spider you've captured!

  21. I love that song!!! Thanks for making me smile!! Have a good week! Oh, and Hello from Lubbock :-)

  22. Oh my that would freak out a lot of people. Me I am so fearful of snake not much of the spider. And now I have an idea what to decorate on myself this coming halloween. Hope I could find a lot of spider to pin on my dress hehe. Thanks for the visit!
    Macro Monday

  23. Anonymous9/27/2010

    Beautiful spider my friend. And I'm with you...what's an iron except for something to be used on the golf course or so they say LOL

  24. I agree the spider is creepy even if it isn't real!

  25. For a moment I thought it's a real spider! I'm not afraid of spider, but for snake I would give it some room too, with a camera in hand of course! lol

  26. oh wow that spider looks so cool for your macro Monday shot :)

  27. Another great post.

  28. Really, only a tie tack? Looks pretty real! I cannot imagine having to avoid a diamondback - scary!


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