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A cuppa o j, a cookie and You-oo!!


For the last couple of days, my blogging is nearly at a stand still...I have nothing in draft other than a few of my Thursday Themesong photos, nor do I have much to show. For that matter, not much to 'tell' either. So, while I sit here at the computer trying to figure out what to post, I'm sipping orange juice. I thought, what the heck...I'll show y'all a bit of my morning ritual. From my new cup. I saw this at Marshall's the other day in San Antonio while we were up there...and couldn't resist not taking it home with me. Love the 'old world' blue and the style. I do know for a fact tho, it won't be used often. It's NOT dishwasher safe [the price tag hid the manufacture's details] and the two of us aren't all too keen on hand washing these days. Bummed, I am.......


Picture this - FLASH FICTION 55:

It was quiet...whilst watching National Geographic on TV after dinner. Daughter was readin' a book...Son was buildin' with Lego™. Two parents; relaxin'. We were learning about rain forest monkeys! The narrator began describing their natural instincts, when, all of a sudden...out of the blue, son says:
"I know what stinks...monkeys stink!"

- - -
We all burst out laughing and son got up and took a bow!
PS...photo of monkey I borrowed from my personal Photo Blog, and the conversation one evening really DID happen. Long, long ago, but never forgotten.

- - -<><><>- - -

Just look at the rain bands headin' my way!!!! And most all of the Texas Coast! --- Hurricane Karl built in fury over the morning hours. And, as of 8:30 this morning..he's gonna hit big time with being in the category "3" range...heavy, strong winds. Vera Cruz [a resort city] on the Mexican Gulf Coast is in a near direct path of the eye. It's predicted we'll get a lot of heavy rains and scattered rains by mid day up through Saturday evening from Karl. Ya, like we NEED more rain. LOLOLOL [you just can't please me...just a couple weeks ago I was asking for rain.] I'm thankful that he's not coming up the northern tier of the coastline tho!!!!!! [I live in the pink outlined area in the picture]


  1. Anonymous9/17/2010

    ROFLMAO. That 55 is a riot. Did you give him a piece of banana cream pie as a reward for such ingenuity? LOLN great one and your photos are real pretty. Have a great Friday. :)

  2. Nice cup ! Kids make the best jokes, without joking, lol !
    I also have a leak of imagination today and hope it comes later !

  3. I love you my friend.

  4. Considering you were out of blog fodder you did well. I'm lucky as I have lots of photos from my trip to Canada. You might like to pop over and have a look.

  5. Thank you for you lovely lovely comments over at Red Ted Art. Kind Lady you are you!!

    Love your Show & Tell!! Sometimes, the simple things in life make us smile and your beautiful cup did just that. Go on use it LOTS, nevermind you have to wash it by hand?! Your tea will taste all the better for it!!


  6. Love your 55 and the teacups are gorgeous!

  7. Hello sweetness. I love your darling cup. I am with you though, if it can't be dishwashed its not for me. Although, this one is so pretty, I might take the extra time if I were you.
    Squishy Hugs,

  8. A funny 55. Enjoyed that :-)

  9. haha. cute. funny what comes out of their mouths at times...nice 55.

    mine is up.

  10. lol - children are fantastic!!

  11. G'morning..I love your new cup..I don't like handwashing dishes, either..aren't we spoiled rotten. One of my best memories is drying dishes while Mom washed them. That was our bonding time, I guess.(I feel a new post coming on)

    I think I have over 2 weeks of posts in draft..seems I think of another before I can finish one. I do a lot of tablescapes, tho, and I also cook a lot....so I gets posts from them. My favorite part of blogging is creating pretty posts....I am not talented in any way and I guess I am finding my creative self in photos, editing, and preparing posts for my blog. I just love it...:)
    Have a really great day..
    xo bj

  12. That is a beautiful cup - but I wouldn't want to wash it all the time either. Love the monkey story.
    Keep an umbrella handy!

  13. Hi Anni...
    Monkey's do more than stink, thank God that wasn't shown!
    Loved Your 55 My Dear...
    I love having you back!
    Thank You for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  14. I really liked the cup. I know what you mean about hand washing anymore.
    I sure hope that you are safe from that storm.
    I guess sometimes if I didn't have the weather to complain about, I would not know how to act from day to day.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Well Anni that was one excellent post off the cuff!!!
    What a darling story about the monkey...
    out of the mouths of babes..
    Madi and Mom

  16. Hey, Anni,
    We finally got some rain last night, at least enough to wet the porch...most of them lately didn't so that's something anyway...Maybe we will get some from Karl.
    Your cup is dainty and probably hand painted which is why no dishwasher...Honey Bear says he wouldn't have anything that you couldn't wash in there but I do have a few that I do by hand.
    Have a great weekend.
    Mama Bear

  17. Anna Please be careful!!

  18. I'm a sucker for that old world blue. Gorgeous!

  19. Nice new cup & saucer Anni! If it were mine it would be living safely tucked away from male hands. I live with 4 men who don't really share the appreciation for fine china.
    Love the monkey story too! Have a hootin weekend Anni!

  20. Love your 55....and not just because it had a monkey in it. Very cute story.

  21. simply a lovely cup... thanks for the comment on Ewitch to my post... appreciate the support.

  22. An adorable and funny story.


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