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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

all kinds-a wrong....MHO

...this is wrong!
September 11th 2001-2010
It's insanity
It's degrading
It's self righteous b------- like this
that ruin the world!!

read here

Once again, the media covers and hypes up wrong-doings to the point it's over-saturated and the 'culprits' are getting air time and press to boast their egos and insanity to an extreme...which in this case, it is just plain degrading of the Christian religion AND Americans who are more forgiving than some. I must apologize for name calling...but this?!! -I'm normally one who 'lets live'...but this is one instance on which I can't keep my mouth shut. It's insane and so troubling and dangerous to do. I think of the histories of Ku Klux Klan ---when I was growing up, it was Russians and it's Arabs and Muslims...and other many troubling times we've seen in our country; and I know all too well the hatred still many instances that makes me think this guy is not thinking like a Christian should, and making the entire nation suffer for his outburst of defiance. People who think like this one preacher, ones who call themselves good upstanding Christians; well they're not!!! I just hope that if this does take place, that the media -in any shape or form- doesn't cover the issue and it's not televised or photographed. Oh the consequences this just may cause for our troops and our country. And as I've stated many many times, you just don't mix political media coverage and religion........ever, and no good will come from it!!! It's an American right tho, he does have that right to do what he wants as long as there is no physical harm done...but oh I just can't help say...there were Muslims [And they ARE Americans!] who lost their lives on Sept comes to mind, a fireman in NYC who died saving others...his body was found in the rubble, he was still holding the medic bag!!! Those who died on Ground Zero --of Arab descent. And while I'm on this 'touchy' subject, I have to ask..."If the terrorists from 9/11 were Americans that provoked and harmed us-- volumes of harm and strife...and they wanted to build a church of some sect of Christianity near ground zero like the proposed mosque...would there be such an uproar?" Again, the good, and upstanding - - fighting this all the way, or are they? I think it's doing more harm than's not accomplishing anything but instigating more fighting and wars. What happened to turning the other cheek? or vengeance is mine say-eth the lord? Or part of the lord's prayer....forgive those that trespass against us.

Now this morning I read that the event is canceled. True? Why was it even planned to begin this fiasco? It's against good judgment and not Christian-like in the first place! What kind of man and preacher/pastor is he?

Comments are shut off on this post as I'm not after what anyone's opinion is on this, I just wanted to rant on the ordeal.