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Again, this week just flew by. It's been so hot in the afternoons that I tend to sit on my touche way too much. The only outdoor time I've had is early in the morning hours. Walking, then getting back home and trying to keep all the flowers, trees, and bushes alive during a drought period and the inferno. If it weren't for the humidity around here, I'd think I was still living in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona! The past month the sun has been white hot!! The heat index has been anywhere from 100 to 110. [Those kinds of temps are normal summertime temps we had in Tucson without the humidity factored in; and yes, Tucson has high humidity during the summer monsoon season to where the indices shoot up above 120 degrees Fahrenheit] Yet, everyone else [the smaller towns on the outskirts of Corpus] is getting rain showers...not us'ns!!! For the last couple of weeks I've been keeping a close 'eye' on the tropical depression #5 along the coast of the began near the western tip of Florida, and moved into the Louisiana area; to make landfall there, and then lo and behold, the booger circled around to the east and came back out into the Gulf...I thought it would at least bring us some rain this time, but it once again made landfall near the same area and petered out on us! LOL We've only had a 20% chance of rain coming our way, and so far, nil...nothing but a sprinkle or two. Thank goodness for the soft sea breezes here in the morning. I want rain...without hurricane force winds. The drier air of Autumn sounds heavenly right now -mild temps without humidity --but, rain. Does that make sense? There is just no pleasing me. Last time I prayed for rain...we got a deluge of days, weeks; so much rain that the water table rose so high, the area around here was flooded for some time! Now, I always ask for a couple days rainfall. I've learned to be more specific! BTW, as I type this there is another storm building off Africa's Cape Verde that needs to be watched by all of us who live anywhere near a coast line in USA. Late yesterday afternoon it turned into a tropical depression...with a westerly track.

So, while I'm staying indoors with the air conditioner running full blast, I took four days to work on and update the Bloggers Over 50 blogroll! That was a chore....I visited every link in the list of over 200 blogs and if I didn't see a direct link from the sidebar/on the blog ---I deleted those!! There were about 10 or 15 links that were no longer in existence...and a couple had 'members only are able to read'. Yet, there were several that haven't blogged in two years!!---still they had the link...I can't tell them how often to blog, now, can I? No link on sidebars...deleted. If you see that your blog has been deleted and you want to continue being listed...let me know, and make sure you have a direct link back to the homepage of Bloggers Over 50. It's done!!! Going from over 200, now down to about 140 members...that was a nearly a week's worth of work for me!!

I'm still reading a chapter or two once in a while of the book, The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [the dude just can't stay out of trouble, can he?]...rofl. And crocheting my new afghan. I have four rows done...and three to go to finish the main part, then there will be finishing it off and joining the rows.

I've also been sketching now and then on my Wizard of Oz to frame it. It's nearly done.

It's like I suffer from ADD sometimes, I guess...while crocheting, I'm thinking of sketching, while sketching, I'm thinking of some other project I can start...or reading, I'm thinking of what to cook for dinner. All the while, I'm listening to a baseball game. Since the All-Star break, the performance of the players haven't improved much, and the trading of players didn't show any promise. I know, it's too early, next season they'll show better I'm sure. And to think, Bud and I haven't gone to one game this year...we should, but I just can't muster the thought of sitting in the bleachers with the heat index/and heat advisories being posted as warnings. LOL But none-the-less, the week drifted to another Sunday and I'm now thinking of what I can do to occupy my time during the next week of the long hot summer!!

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  1. We had a 4 day reprieve from the heat this past week, but now we're back to heat and humidity. I'm about to go in to work and am not looking forward to the warmth there!

  2. It has been so hot and I don't like the heat. I find it hard to stay focused on what is right in front of me too. There's so much I want to do. I hope you show your projects when you are done.

  3. I think I'd be dead in that kind of heat! Isn't it even hotter to be crocheting and have an afghan in your lap? You do indeed keep yourself busy. I'm quite sure I'd be sitting somewhere cool with a Diet DP and a book!

    Thinking of sitting at a baseball game sounds like being some cannibal's well done dinner! I hope it rains and cools off a bit for you!

  4. Anonymous8/22/2010

    Nice new theme my friend. I couldn't be in the bloggers over 50. I mean some of my conent, is well not oriented to children and people tend not to read the warning I put up if I feel the post warrants it. But oh well, maybe that way I can think I'm not in the over 50 group. But there again, why the hell do I care...pffft It's just a number or so I keep telling myself LOL Boy that heat must be something else. I can't imagine it. Been far to long since I've experienced it and I tell you I don't miss it :) Happy Sunday :) Ooo I have my next two Thursday Theme songs ready to go :) I really like that meme and thank you for starting it :)

  5. At 49, I'll have to link next year. Chicago has been hot, hot, hot all summer too.

  6. I love your new header, very cute.